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  1. ScarletGryphon

    Dragon Snugs

    The honey in this was lovely and warm on me, with the beeswax and tea helping to cut the sweetness. The pink peppercorn gives it a lovely spicy backnote, reminding me of the Lower Levels of the Pike Place Market.
  2. ScarletGryphon

    Candles Moon

    I love this scent. It's like a far more chill cousin of Lightning Strikes Literature. If LSL is an art room after a calligraphy lesson, then Candles Moon is like a farmer's market stall selling beeswax candles and goat's milk soaps. The wax and milk notes blend beautifully on me with a creamy warmth. I'm getting a very background note of blackberry, but not as much as I'd like. It's sort of a sharp fruity note. Either way, I'm loving this so far.
  3. ScarletGryphon


    I don't really get the frost note either, but the hinoki and frangipani work so nicely together. I haven't gotten much of the woodsy notes yet, but they may be lingering in the background to give the more delicate notes support. Either way, it's a wonderful scent and one I'm glad to have.
  4. ScarletGryphon

    Water Rabbit

    The bamboo and floral notes in this amp on me in a wonderful way. It's a lovely scent without being in your face with the fruits and the florals. The hint of sticky rice in the background lends it an almost earthy note which I adore.
  5. ScarletGryphon

    Two Women on Veranda Overlooking the Sea

    This was a lovely soft rose on me, with just a hint of a sea breeze near the beginning. I'll need to do a slightly heavier application test, as it didn't linger overly long on my skin, but I quite liked it nonetheless.
  6. ScarletGryphon

    Lightning Strikes Literature

    This scent reminds me of the art room in high school specifically right after or during a lesson where calligraphy ink has been used. It's a very visceral scent for me and makes me feel more productive than any other scent I've tried, including Blockbuster. I got a decant from a friend and knew I immediately wanted to get a bottle of it for myself before it went away.
  7. ScarletGryphon

    Green Cardamom, Irish Fern, and Hinoki

    I love this scent. It's one of the first BPAL scents I got scent unsmelled and it was worth it. I've always loved the scent of cardamom in pretty much any form, and this is such a lovely green scent that's wonderful on chillier days
  8. ScarletGryphon

    Christmas Pisspot

    I love this scent. It reminds me of those fizzing lemon candies that used to be sold, but with added fruit elements. Definitely a good one to wear when you need something to perk you up throughout the day.
  9. ScarletGryphon

    And Here I Sawe My Whete So Rede

    This scent has been one of my favorite BPAL scents I've ever come across. It's very comforting to me and reminds me almost of how my grandmother's house smelled when I was a kid. I'll definitely want to get a secondary bottle before it goes out of stock.
  10. ScarletGryphon


    The fruits in this really amp, with the champagne providing a hint of a background fizz that's sweet but not cloyingly so.
  11. ScarletGryphon


    The smokiness is really what stands out to me with this scent. I really like it, though, as it's not a heavy smoke scent. The wood delights me in this scent as well.
  12. ScarletGryphon

    An Oiran on New Years Day

    This reminds me of a fancy furniture store in the best way. The polish note is strong at the start on the skin for me, but it chills out to a nice remnant as time goes on. The wood and tea come out after the polish goes down. I don't find a lot of the ginger or cardamom, but I think they're lurking more in the background with the peppercorn to create a subtle spice.
  13. ScarletGryphon

    The Tea House

    This one has been my favorite of the 2023 Lupercalias. I love the bamboo note in it and wish there were more scents with it in it.