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  1. WoolyBee


    I’m just going to echo everyone else. It’s gorgeous and sexy. The vanilla husk is extremely reminiscent of the vanilla husk/hay trio, but the sandalwood/tobacco reeeeallly works wonders to set it apart. I love this one, it’s super wearable and I always always get compliments when I wear it out.
  2. WoolyBee


    I f*cking love this one!! This starts off as a beautiful, light floral. I’m not well versed enough in my floras to know if it’s peony, hyacinth, or tulip, but it’s really light and beautiful. The musk really grounds the florals. As it dries down, the vanilla really makes its presence known. It’s really stunning and quite ethereal. I agree that the vanilla is NOT the dominant note, but I think I may be getting it more than some of the other reviewers. I suspect it would pair beautifully with Zorya P to amplify the vanilla a bit more.
  3. The tea combined with vanilla bean reminds me of grape salad. Ya know? The one from the Midwest that has marshmallow fluff mixed in. But all that to say, it’s actually really nice. Smelling this makes me realize I can definitely tell the difference between vanilla husk and vanilla bean. I’m not getting incense smoke at all really, but we’ll see how it is when it dries down even more. It’s much fruitier than I thought it would be (wasn’t expecting fruit). But I think overall I like it. Ope. As it dries down I’m definitely getting the incense, it just took a while.
  4. WoolyBee

    By Day She Made Herself into a Cat

    If Haunted is amber dominant with a touch of black musk, By Day She Made Herself Into a Cat is definitely the opposite. I get a very rich, intense, dark, spicy black musk that blends seamlessly into amber.
  5. WoolyBee

    Rose Red

    This smells of red, icy roses. The ice notes are kind of like a minty fresh gum, but without the mint. I had no clue what a chilled rose would smell like, but it smells exactly like this. It’s nice, but I don’t think it’s my thing. I am just now starting to experiment with rose notes and I think I like mine deepened with darker notes like patch or incense or wood. Or amped with other florals. Orrrr paired with something green and fresh. But that’s just a personal preference. I’m glad I finally tried rose red, after all these years.
  6. WoolyBee

    A Breton Sorceress

    I’m getting the almond first, with the allspice and cedar/oak notes in the background. The almond fades quickly and the ambrette and tonka move forward. I’m not getting much bergamot. And the vanilla isn’t really identifiable, but I like knowing it’s there. Overall, this is a really warm scent. I don’t think this is too gourmand for non-foodie perfume wearers, like myself. Although I do understand the chai, or spiced cake comparison. It has all the warmth and spice but none of the cakey notes that a lot of gourmand scents have. It’s very wearable. I think the tonka is the overall shining star in this one, a keeper for sure.
  7. WoolyBee

    Fleece Skeleton Onesie

    I love this one! I’ve worn it fairly consistently since I first got it. It smells of warm, cozy, clean fleece with the ever so slightest, sweet floral note. It doesn’t smell detergenty or of dryer sheets, just a good clean scent. It’s not a sterile sort of clean, but that of a still warm from the dryer fleece onesie. I love wearing this before bed. It’s super comforting.
  8. WoolyBee

    The Love Potion

    This one starts off potent! Like bam, in your face, somethingggg I can’t put my finger on. I think it’s the gilded part of the gilded rosewood, actually. It doesn’t quite smell metallic, but like a sharp gold note. I can definitely smell the neroli peaking out. The rest of the fruity notes blend together as one. And once again the rose musk is ground everything. I’m not getting a whole lot of incense notes. This one packs a pinch upon first application, but settles down quite fast. It’s pretty, but I think it’s slightly too candied for my tastes.
  9. WoolyBee

    Carved Wooden Soda Shop

    This will be a fairly simplistic first impression… smells like a root beer float with cedar! Haha okay to be honest, I did not get any mint notes at first. Reviewers kept saying mint, and I had no clue where that was coming from. Buuuut then my brain did a shift. It’s wintergreen, not peppermint. I don’t know if I’m going to ruin someone’s day, but in the US wintergreen is one of the dominant flavors used to create root beer. In present day, at least. (Seriously, think of this the next time you have it and you won’t be able to “un-taste” it). So after my brain shift, there was no denying the wintergreen note. Wintergreen, root beer, creaminess with a sturdy backdrop of cedar. I am kind of surprised that I enjoy this one. Foodie is not a place I normally gravitate towards for perfume. But the cedar notes bring it out of being too sweet. It’s not my favorite, but I definitely like it more than I thought I would!
  10. WoolyBee

    Hearts Are Not Had as a Gift But Hearts Are Earned

    The first standout notes are definitely rose and labdanum. To me, the labdanum and the patchouli kind of blend together as one. It has a peppery note to it, but I don’t know if pepperberry actually has pepper notes?! I’m not really getting any vanilla. Just rose and labdanum with a peppery patchouli floating somewhere in the back. If anyone has smelled Labdanum 18 by le labo, it has those vibes mixed with a strong rose.
  11. WoolyBee

    Cherry Red

    I have a couple cherry forward scents from bpal, and this is by far the sweetest. Sugary sweet cherry with a background note of musk. The bright maraschino cherry note is the first to fade on my skin, but it is definitely front and center upon first application. What’s left is generalized sugar cherry with musk. The sugar plus musk combo is slightly reminiscent of Smut, but in an extremely toned down way, and obviously with cherry.
  12. WoolyBee

    Dulle Griet

    Spicy. Definitely getting the cardamom and clovey notes to start. With a nice, grounding backdrop of oud. The oud is more prominent as the scent dries down. This is a deep, spicy, warm perfume with hints of sweetness.
  13. WoolyBee

    Poolside Perfume

    This one evokes a feeling more than anything. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the florals really shine through as the dominant note. But dang.. I feel like I’m instantly transported. It’s summer, a swelteringly hot day followed by a warm summer night. For me, the jasmine is more prominent than the peony. But that could be because I’m much more familiar with the jasmine note. The lavender is present, but not overpowering. And there’s a background umpf to it that has to be the blue musk. I’m not getting much vanilla tea. I admittedly haven’t worn this one much, but it’s going to be absolutely divine in the summer. It’s really heartbreakingly beautiful.
  14. WoolyBee

    Snow White Rabbit

    This is a clean scent, to me. I wear this a lot before bed because it’s clean, comforting, and not too abrasive for bedtime. I’ve never smelled Snow White before, but I have smelled White Rabbit. The notes that I’m getting for this blend are clean linen, cool snow, honey, and an unidentifiable floral. I normally can’t do honey scents, but it’s very well blended and isn’t too in your face. I don’t necessarily get coconut from it, but I can understand where that note is coming from (if that makes any sense). Overall, it’s clean and comforting and I think like it more than the originally White Rabbit.
  15. WoolyBee

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    I don’t have too many snake oil variants, but this one is the most snake oil forward (to me). It’s snake oil, plus yeasty/bready & warm/fresh baked goods. The scent straight outta the bottle smells more sugary sweet (almost almondy, but not quite). But I don’t get a crazy amount of sweetness on application. This one is my first sufganiyot, so I can’t compare it to anything else. I’m not a typical foodie/gourmand lover, but this one is soooo good since it’s snake oil dominant.