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  1. WoolyBee

    Thorns Clove Cigarette

    If I could describe this in one word, it would be: accurate. This smells just like the clove cigarettes from years past. Like others, I even get the papery quality of an unlit clove cigarette. Pure nostalgia for me. On the skin it deepens a little, with clove being the dominate note throughout. I get a hint of tobacco and maybe the slightest (and I mean slight) sense of black leather. But those notes are much more subtle. I don’t wear this one super often, but when I do… it takes me back!
  2. WoolyBee

    Snake Milk

    I love love love snake oil. And I’m recently getting more into milky creamy notes, so this was an instant purchase. Right from the mailbox, I was a little worried that it would be too gourmand for my liking. It was definitely sweet and I couldn’t track the snake oil, just from sniffing the bottle. So I waited and I tried this on the day after receiving it in the mail. When first applied, it smelled so much like sweetened condensed milk, with a hint of butter. I couldn’t find a ton of snake oil, but when it dried down I could find it. I actually mostly found it when I wasn’t sticking my wrist directly under my nose, and instead as wafts when I want searching for it. It was almost addicting, I couldn’t stop smelling my wrists. After a few days I applied again and was surprised at how much the snake oil came through, compared to the first application. It definitely smells like condensed milk and has a strong and steady base of sexy snake oil. Am I in love? Yes, yes I am. It’s not too gourmand for me, it’s balanced absolutely perfectly. My partner also doesn’t really like gourmands, but even he likes this one (on me). He said it definitely smells like scorched milk. And he also brought up that it sorta smells like milk oolong (IYKYK… but seriously, tea lovers should try milk oolong. It’s one of my favorites). All in all, this one is a keeper. Especially if you love snake oil and milky scents.
  3. WoolyBee

    Fenris Wolf

    Trying a frimp of this..! Okay call me crazy, but this instantly smells like a fat ream of fresh printer paper, with a hint of something peppery. As it dries down, I really get the rosewood and musk, but it still maintains that printer paper smell. It’s a super warm scent, with a kind of a aftershavey feel. All that being said, I really like it! It works really well on myself as well as my partner. I understand why some say it leans masculine, but honestly I think it is pretty unisex and anyone could pull it off. Really wishing it was back in stock, so I could order a full bottle.
  4. WoolyBee

    Black Phoenix

    I can’t believe it’s my first time, in all these years, trying Black Phoenix. In the imp I get mostly almond, with a hint of carnation or rose, and maybe anise. On the skin the almond fades quickly and I get a beautiful soft rose, with anise and a tinge of myrrh. As it fades, the rose is the dominant note and the myrrh and anise linger in the back. It’s soft and maybe slightly powdery, but not in a bad way. Overall, I really like it!
  5. WoolyBee

    Brown Sugar, Cream, and Earl Grey Tea

    I was also a little worried, since I too don’t favor gourmands. At first sniff, this almost has a gingerbread quality, but not quite. I definitely get the rich molasses of brown sugar, but the bergamot in the earl grey shines on through. There’s definitely a creamy roundness to this blend, but I don’t necessarily smell cream or milk. As it fades, the earl grey is more dominant, with a slight whisper of brown sugar. Overall, I think this is really well blended. It’s not **too** gourmand, for those who aren’t fans. But it’s also not too perfumey, and I think would satisfy foodie lovers too.
  6. WoolyBee

    The Caterpillar

    The first note that hits me right away is jasmine, then a soft neroli and bergamot, and finally earthy patchouli. I love this scent. It reminds me of lazy, slow summer days that drift into summer nights. It’s definitely floral, but the incense and patchouli are really grounding. I can’t wait to wear this in the summer!
  7. WoolyBee

    White Grapefruit and Black Tea

    I looooove this one! Grapefruit is definitely in the forefront, but the black tea comes through a little bit as it dries down. I think the black tea adds a little bit of that comfort feeling, which means I think this would work well for any season.
  8. WoolyBee

    Gingerbread, Vetiver, and Black Tea

    I looove this! I typically don’t go for the gourmand, but cannot resist a black tea note. First impressions: warm gingerbread with a vetiver backdrop. I cannot stop smelling this. After a little while the black tea surfaces and blends perfectly to the vetiver and gingerbread. I think it adds a slight creaminess to it as well. Overall, I love this! It’s warm and comforting (perfect for Yule). And it’s not too foody for me to wear! I like wearing before bed and hibernating into the covers.
  9. WoolyBee

    Vetiver & Black Pepper

    I bought this for my partner for the holidays, but just now tried it on myself. When I first apply I get very strong vetiver notes. As it dries down the vetiver is still very present, but the warming notes of black pepper come through. After a few hours of wear, it’s soft and smokey with a touch of leather and a whisper of the black pepper and vetiver. This is so soooo good. I can imagine it would layer really nicely with a lot of other blends. And I think it would suit a multitude of people!
  10. WoolyBee

    Laurel-Crowned Skull With Caesar's Band Flyer

    Okay, y’all are going to think I’m crazy. But it’s unavoidable at this point... this one gave me instant scent memory to a bath and body works fragrance for kids in the 90s/early 00s. I looked it up and it’s called Art Stuff in the blazin’ blueberry scent. I don’t know what it is about it. That being said, I definitely get those shimmering, sparkly notes that everyone else has been saying. And I pick up on the amber and cypress/balsam. But I think maybe the fig note is leading me into fruit territory. Actually now that I think about it, I bet it’s the ambergris that’s reminding me of the BBW scent. Overall, I think I like this one. I don’t think it’s too “masculine” at all. And if I get over the scent memory, quite sophisticated. 🥴
  11. WoolyBee

    October 32

    I was a little worried about this one, because of my aversion of leaf scents (I know, I know.. I’m in the minority here). But the tea and wool notes drew me in. I definitely get that leafy scent, but it’s not nauseating to me. As it drys down I get creamy, warm black tea. I’m really glad I bought this! Perfect for the fall.
  12. WoolyBee

    Orange Blossom & Driftwood

    Definitely a salty aquatic. Although I don’t tend to go for aquatics, I loooove this one. It weirdly reminds me of Clinique happy, but don’t let that throw you off... it’s a much better version. Super long lasting on me :)
  13. WoolyBee

    Marshmallow and Black Plum

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my nose but the notes I’m getting from this is exactly of those freezie pops/ice pops popsicles. Grape or blue flavor!
  14. WoolyBee


    I just received a frimp of this with my latest order. I never typically gravitate to foodie scents (I love the scents, I just don’t prefer to wear them). But I cannot resist almond extract, which is what hits my nose first. Immediately after applying I get almond and a bubblegum note that fades fast. Then it morphs into the warm, lovely clove. I adore this and am really glad I got to try it out!