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  1. TheLampades

    Feast of the Rose

    I didn’t want to further the Luper stalking thread & I learned about blogs earlier today, so I thought this was a good time to try one. @doomcookie it’s a game called “Fallen London” & it’s part of a universe of games made by Failbetter Games. It is the original hub for the lore, but since then there is Sunless Sea (for the Zailer in you (underground we call it the Zee, not the sea) & Sunless Skies (a sort of “what if” with the same lore & behaviour, but if trains could fly & we all went to space). Feast of the Rose is our Lupercalia. It lasts longer though & while hedonism is not discouraged (in fact it’s a “quirk” you can build up like a stat [it’s one of my characters highest], along with some other vices & virtues), it revolves around love stories & tokens of love. Granted, those tokens are not always a box of chocolates (can be, but why stop there?), sometimes they are roses (from Hell), or a display of fireworks (in colours you can see & in ones you can’t... unless you’re asleep, wearing special glasses, insane, or maybe you can only taste them... stick out your tongue & taste the flickers like snowflakes). But, it’s about love, so not everyone loves the same. Maybe your beloved is not entirely sane? Jar of teeth! They can be sane for that too. Maybe a beautifully engraved skull? How about a one way ticket to Hell? Don’t worry, Hell will sell them a ticket back. Perhaps you’d rather send them an assassin? Don’t worry, they won’t die. Permanently. It’s love! During it all, the Bazaar collects all this love like a blood transfusion. At Christmas it weeps some of it back out, buts that’s a different deal. Hi ho go, indeed. The honey thing is because of Hell too. London went to war with Hell when it first fell (why? Who knows. The traitor empress is a brat.) & lost. But eventually the devils were like, “no hard feelings, may we come in & speak you about our lord & saviour? Just kidding, we heard you have tea?” Then they started seducing souls out of everyone. Sometimes you can get them back, but really, do you need it? Not really. If you feel like you need a soul, there’s 100’s available... maybe just not yours anymore. But there is honey to soften the blow. It’s a drug. You can dream in the most amazing ways. It’s spoken of like opium but I am pretty sure you never physically disappeared when taking opium. There are no visibly apparent bees in London. There are devils. Who are literally bees. You won’t notice that though. It’s a thing no one notices until someone points it out. Then you realise that it’s been said in literal terms a number of times. Fun, yeah? Welcome to London. We currently have a cat for the mayor, we’re building a train line to Hell (because we never learn), we may or may not be at war with Not Snakes that live in mirrors & this Feast of the Rose, make a rubbery man your Rose bearer (how you kiss them with all those tentacles is your business but we don’t judge). I didn’t even mention religion, the space bats, the other holidays, the monsters, the fact that you can come back from the dead if you win chess games, play The Marvelous for your hearts desire (that’s actually a lot harder than it sounds), & poison yourself for fun! There’s a lot more, but I mean, really, the first 10% has to be a bit interesting? Also, I've been very immersed in a game where honey is a whole THING & right now, we are dealing with a culture? species? race? that values honey because secretly, they are bees. The flip side is, we are all coming from a city that collects love stories as if they were food, fuel, the only thing that gives it LIFE & the Feast of the Rose is a HUGE deal (for both sides). So.... honey. Oh man. Honey & brass. Honey & thistle. Honey & roses & fire... This is me (you can read my “diary” if you’re bored): https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/the amber eyed hyaline
  2. TheLampades

    Blood Popsicle

    Wet: Not frozen, not blood. It almost smells like a flower? Maybe a very generic floral deodorant? Dry: Still has a floral insinuation, but there is something else there. Something dark & a bit sharp. I want to say blood, but it’s closer to actual copper. Copper & some kind of night flower, maybe a night blooming jasmine? It’s not strong though, so I don’t hate it. It’s all subtle & quiet. Like the silence of driving at night when street lights flicker over head. It smells like that. Maybe that isn’t a smell to anyone else, but it is for me. Also, there is nothing cold about it. This is more like Blood Showers Bring Bleeding Heart Flowers. Warm, juicy, you’re-probably-bleeding-out blood. Nothing frozen at all. About 3 hours later I almost smell a medicinal fruit. Something really tart, like a lingonberry or pomegranate, but closer to lingon. The medicinal crack is almost like when you walk through a hospital & you’re in the “family friendly” areas. Waiting rooms, the front entrance halls. The places they want to look nice & when they clean them, they sometimes have a scent or they spray the air? When I was in hospital, they always had this odd floral cleaner. I could never figure out what flower the cleaning company had smelled & then thought, “Let’s try for that.” Somewhere between a lilly & a very cheap candle that only thinks it’s a rose. Weirdly enough though, it still smells good. Like… it’s not gourmand, but I wanna lick it. I WON’T but I want to. Maybe this is that point it becomes a blood popsicle. Still no cold notes, but I do want to lick it. It stayed this way till it disappeared after about 8 hours (in the times I’ve worn it, it’s gone from 4 at the shortest to around 9 or so at the longest). Throw is ok, nothing far. Wear length is average, around ~7 hours. Final thoughts: I like it. It’s not my normal fare, but it’s very strange & interesting. I’ve had a couple bottles over the years & really, it can vary depending on hormones, but for the most part it stays within the same idea of the review. A few times my body chemistry was weird enough to swing it more blood notes or the complete opposite & it was a very weird meat flower. Addendum: On my brother this does, in fact, smell like frozen blood. Like exactly like frozen blood (I have been around frozen [I do not remember what type, so you got me there] blood. Not a popsicle, but it was frozen blood). It was slightly creepy & we all kept smelling him. It only lasted about 2 hours on him & then all that was left was a sort of subtle old blood smell. Like there was dried blood SOMEWHERE on him, but where? Who knows. Maybe he killed someone, maybe he knicked his finger…. Who knows.
  3. TheLampades

    In Templum Dei

    I am unsure which release I am reviewing, at a guess, it would be the later release. Wet: Subtle, nice. It smells a bit like dry dirt. It almost disappears entirely, actually. Still there, but barely. Hidden. Which is odd for the wet stage. Dry: About 10 minutes later, it decided to show back up. Which seems oddly appropriate for a scent about being in a temple. Faith, gods, even commitment to anything in a temple can sometimes come & go. It starts out coming back very dry & powdery. Fairly sure it's the sandalwood with the frankincense attempting to overpower. About an hour later, surprisingly, it's the liquidamber that comes out on top. The sandalwood is still there, but that lovely honey-like resin of the liquidamber took over & mixing with that spicy sort of wood note that sandalwood has on me, it's quite divine. My little temple is throwing well too. Not too far & still a subtle scent, but I can smell it with my arm outstretched. I like that it wants to be oman frankincense, but it doesn't have that funny little citrus? snap to it (I don't know what else to use as a way to describe the difference of frankincense to other things except it wants to have a citrus snap in it & not just stay as a sweet woodsy resin that screams "I am in a censure"). I can't find the cistus (bummer, it's a favourite of mine & I quite miss rock roses where I currently live, so I love finding the scent in BPAL's; all parts of a rock rose, bottom to top), but that's O.K. In the end, it's definitely a temple & not a church. I cannot take Hozier here. Decent wear time too. Almost 12 hours. Final thoughts: It feels like a temple with torches flickering. A place you'd be at night in a place you wouldn't really understand. A place far away, in time & not just distance. I've always thought this was beautiful (I've had about 4 bottles over the years, which is why I am fairly sure this is the later release as this is most likely a replacement buy) & I have no idea where it fits in the movie, though I've heard the song a number of times & it matches the tone of that perfectly, but I can imagine the idea of two ancient creatures in an ancient place for no reason other than it reminds them of something that isn't there anymore.
  4. TheLampades

    Blue Moon 2020

    In The Bottle: It smells very soft & quiet but otherwise, I can't identify it beyond a "perfume" smell. Wet: I have no idea, but it's gorgeous. I love it. I may wear this everyday (though a few of my staple scents might cry). Ironically, I accidentally ordered two of these & Puddin' had to rescue me. He switched out the mistake one for a different scent I wanted & so I only got one, but now I think I'll have to get a second bottle so I never am without. Dry: Still perfection, but I am noticing SOME scent notes, but not easily. This is blended so well on my skin chemistry. I amp elemi pretty easily (it's a fav scent too), as well as juniper. So I can smell both (though they are mixed in well). I can also find moonflower, iris, & the general woods scent. I have to hunt for all & it works best if I can smell the item then the perfume on my arm. So, it's easier to trigger my brain to remember those scents & find them, I can't for the others. Otherwise, it's just a wonderful blend that invokes a cool night time walk that makes you wonder what flowers bloom at night (it also made me think a big of night blooming jasmine, but those are so much more cloying). Wear: About 4-6 hours. Throw: Seems about a foot for the first few hours, then gradually reduces & the last two hours or so, you need to be right next to me. Final thoughts: Love it. When I bought it, I was so worried because that's a lot of things in a scent, but they blend so well. It's just perfection.
  5. TheLampades

    Rose-Tinted Mirror

    In The Bottle: I am no good at this game & all my mum said is "flowery." She said it with concern though, like I wasn't sure what I was getting into. I was wearing it out for my birthday & it was the one she chose out of the three options she was offered (I had just received my order.... on a Sunday..... what kind of black magic..... anyway....). Wet: Pretty, I can smell the honey & the frankincense (I always find that). I can smell the lovely green of the violet leaf in there as well (I THINK that under current is the benzoin but to be honest, I really am not sure what it is meant to smell like, as I've only smelled one other perfume with it & it was not on me). Also, I can't help but notice there may be rose in this. Dry: Yeah, I am pretty sure this MAY have rose in it. This is not a knock on it for me, but for those of you who do not like rose, you MAY not enjoy this if you amp rose. I usually do not. So, that has been a bummer in some other BPAL scents with rose as I like rose. It was there, but I kind of had to "listen" for it. This? No. It slapped me in the face like a kinky Valentine & it DEFINITELY called me pretty. It is not my grandmother's rose, it is more a soft, sensual rose as the honey is still there to stop that powdery tip over. This also stays free of dear grandmama because of that background greenery that just warms you up. The Balm of Gilead, Franky, & the violet leaf. All quietly humming a little green tune in the back. I got told three times (bar my family) I smelled pretty, so WIN! Wear: Well, it's about 12 hours later & it's still insisting on explaining it has rose in it. But all that is left in the bar with it, is frankincense. (One day, I want a BPAL with frankincense & myrrh to review where the myrrh outlasts something so I can say it's trying to myrrh-der it. Like rose is trying to do to the frankincense right now, 12 hours later, but it's yet to happen.) Throw: Right now? No clue! For the first 2 hours... no real clue, but the whole house smelled like roses & "a hidden Christmas tree." I don't think my mum knows what Gilead smells like, but she can obviously smell it more than me. Once we got to where we were going, a solid 6 feet. We were outside at one point to watch the ISS fly over & one of the people who said I smelled pretty was at an appropriate social distance & could smell me. If orris or mallow were ever here, I don't know because I am not familiar with those. I don't know anyone within smell distance of me to ask. Same with the benzoin (I THINK I know what it smells like, but I am not 100% so I am not gonna comment on it). Final thoughts: I like it. I finally found a rose scent that is rose & it's very pretty. It definitely met the "gentle pick me" & "sensuous aspect." I'd like to hope that maybe some of the other things will happen with a few more outings of it. I could use that. (Sorry this was so long. I'm still awake & I really do like it, so I thought I'd try to be a better reviewer.)
  6. TheLampades


    Got this at some point in the last 6 months as a frimp. Just tried it (dumped most in a bath, so very diluted, but all of me smells lovely!) & saved a bit for wrists. Really like it! I try not to read about scenets before trying (some scents will auto make me pass, but I've found a few I would have passed on I liked & some I would have auto-bought as awful) so I wasn't sure what I was picking up. I kept thinking it seemed like something you'd smell in the autumn. The name told me it was most likely not made for any season, but that was what my brain thought. Something dark, but warm. I couldn't quite figure it out but after a bit thought it was kind of sugar cookie, but not quite (not foodie smelling enough, but sugar cookie was all I could come up with). I still am not sure what I am smelling & why I like it, but I saw someone on here compare it to a holiday candle & I realised, that's it! What candle makers think a sugar cookie is. Or what my holiday cocoa & marshmallows body wash is similar to. Whatever that undercurrent is. What stops it being foodie is the leather. I seem to amp that. So, it's a naughty sugar cookie candle (that's fair, better than coal!). Either way, I love this. Will (one day... maybe, when I figure out where to add more bottles) buy a whole bottle I think.
  7. TheLampades


    I got an imp of this a few months ago. I just tried it last night. Imp: Clove. Just clove. But I'm rubbish at noticing things in the bottles/imps. On My Skin: Myrrh & Clove (I am not sure what Dragon's Blood smells like, but I amp resins, so that might be that extra oomphy behind the clove or amping the clove?). The knowledge (now) that this has cherry? I would have told you you were joking. I never smelled cherry (it's been about 18 hours & my wrists are just a subtle clove). I also like that the clove feels dark & smooth & not like I am a pie. I dumped it in a bath. So, basically, I smelled like this for a few hours (diluted, but that clove stuck it's landing, with myrrh cheering). I absolutely love it! It's on my wishlist for a bottle of it.