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  1. merinette

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I don't know if this is helpful to anyone, but I've made a clean copy of my BPAL spreadsheet available on Google Documents. I don't know where I got the original years ago; I know I've altered it a lot & also copy-pasted chunks of Hackess' spreadsheet on many occasions to update mine more expeditiously. It is up to date through today... with the exception of a few things: - there are a few duplicate entries I need to find and fix - it's missing more than a few dates - I've marked as "Discontinued" very few of the GC scents that have been discontinued in the last two years - the BPTP section is massively incomplete - I think it's missing Coulrophobia, too I'm done messing with it for tonight. Also, one of the sheets contains a half-assed list of scents and descriptions from Haunt and Villainess, the only other two e-tailers I care about. I haven't finished formatting it yet, but it's probably only a ~45 minute project at this point, if you're interested. This sheet is public and collaborative (in real time!). - If you find errors... fix them for everyone else! If something is missing, add it (preferably after checking carefully with the "search" feature). If there is something you would like to change but you feel uncertain, select the text in question and press "Shift+F2" to use Google Docs' comment feature(or, use your mouse to select Insert > Comment). - If it gets too messed up, send me a message & I will revert it back to a previously saved copy. (Hopefully it won't get messed up very frequently... we'll see how this goes!) - If it looks messed up, try "sorting" it by one or several columns before you message me. (To do this, right-click on a column and select "Sort A -> Z".) - Make your own copy or download a copy for private use. Feel free to copy-paste from it; I'm sure I've copy-pasted more than 50% of it myself. Click here: https://docs.google....zBFaEE&hl=en_US
  2. merinette


    Wet: ... Nag Champa Super Hit?... and leather. And something burnt. This reminds me very much of a nightclub I used to go to, which, incidentally, burned down. (Goths, Aquanet, lighters... probably should have anticipated that, right?) Dry: Leather and smoke, warm and bittersweet. It's very androgynous, even with the champaca flower and vanilla. It's also softened a lot and I'm getting worried that I won't be able to smell it at all in a few hours. I like this quite a lot. What a bummer that it's going to be so hard to find!
  3. merinette

    Villa Diodati

    I have a goblin squirt of this also. It came from the Lab Ebay auction last month. I don't feel very confidant about reviewing it, but since it seems kind of rare, I feel like I ought to. I'm also afraid to spray the goblin squirt, because I don't have any goblin squirts and I'm afraid one squirt is going to use up like, 1/4th of the bottle... so I'm trying to sniff the small dribble of spray that I have dripped into the cap. I smell some incense-y resin. Dust, and woodiness. ... subtly, I also feel like I smell a flower, and some citrus, and maybe some ozone. Mostly, it is dark, and 'masculine'-ish, and dusty-dirty, and woody, and cold/damp. It is Cathedral, plus dust/dirt and ______. Some other stuff. It reminds me of Crypt Queen(minus the fruits and pretty) and Dark Delicacies' Gothic Horror(minus the warmth, plus some dirty).
  4. merinette

    ISO / Wishlist / Wanted

    WISHLIST - 5ml bottles only please. Partials are acceptable. Usually swapping my LEs for GCs is not a problem; feel free to ask. Many of the "Lace" scents: Mourning Lace, Red Lace, Tattered Lace, Absinthe and Lace, Pink Lace Snake Pits (any, always, Snake Oil anything) SN India Ink and other single notes
  5. merinette

    Leanan Sidhe

    Leanan Sidhe is aquatic, herbal, wistful, misty-flowery. It is ultra feminine and pretty. It doesn't seem to change very much from the bottle to the drydown. I think it might be a good scent for someone who likes The Unicorn, Titania or The Ghost for their floral properties, although The Unicorn is more citrusy, Titania is more fruity and The Ghost is somehow darker. It's just a few too many white flowers for me, with nothing to complicate them.
  6. merinette

    The Witch's Garden

    It's definitely unusual. In the imp, it smells--don't laugh--like vegan sushi(I think it's the carrot-and-rampion combo). While it's wet, it has all the complex smells of a garden: earthy salad greens and various herbs, distant fragrant flowers. That's the good part about this oil, I think--it does indeed smell like a vegetable, herb and flower garden. It's quite quirky and fun to sniff. However, when it dries, the only thing that remains is a forgettable & generic floral scent of the type I categorize with jasmine and ylang-ylang(I think it may *be* jasmine). Since I am not a fan of super-florals, this probably isn't something I'm going to buy a larger bottle of. For one thing, it's not very wearable--it's the sort of thing you keep around to sniff occasionally, because it does smell amusing. But it goes from too quirky to too boring in 20 minutes flat. I guess if you like florals, you might feel differently, though.