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  1. ladyphlogiston


    I get a lot of rosemary in this one, interestingly enough. It's herbal and pleasant, but reminds me strongly of Vick's Vapo-Rub, though it isn't as harsh and sharp as that is. I do like the herbal smell, and I enjoy smelling it, but I'm not sure it's what I want to smell like. Maybe I'll add some to a closet freshener or something like that
  2. ladyphlogiston

    The Caterpillar

    Wet, this is heavily indolic, by which I mean it smells like a dog pooped in a magic forest. So that's fun. It's almost entirely jasmine, I'm not getting much of anything else. Maybe a hint of incense or patch or something in the background. As it dries down it gets smoother and creamier, and eventually (half an hour) the moss comes out. This smell is kind of nice - a little floral, a little mossy, maybe a hint woody - but I'm not sure it's enough to compensate for the poo-pourri earlier. I'm not getting any incense, so it's a little bland. A couple hours later, this has faded to "musty bathroom freshener". Time to scrub it and put on something nicer.
  3. ladyphlogiston

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    Wet, this smelled like fizzy root beer. As it dried, it got slightly more complex, with the vanilla rounding it out and the herbal complexity of the sassafras coming out. I think this will be a fun summer scent! My husband said it smells exactly like the old-fashioned root beer candy sticks his family used to get on vacation in central PA. He's not wrong.
  4. ladyphlogiston

    Queen Alice

    I got almost no florals, wet or dry. On me she was all cider, with some subtle floral tones underneath. It was juicy and yummy, but not very interesting. Eventually I scrubbed it off because it got annoying and I wanted to wear something else.
  5. ladyphlogiston

    Anne Bonny

    I tried this today and love it! It's not salt or cedar at all on me - it's the three notes, perfectly balanced into warm reddish smooth spiciness. I feel like an elegant hippie, which is pretty much exactly what I want to smell like.
  6. ladyphlogiston


    Gomorrah is herbal Fig Newtons on me - it's quite figgy, and a little sweet. My husband thought it smelled like fennel, and maybe it does. It's a nice smell, but not really something I'm likely to wear. It's motherly and domestic and a little bit magic. It would be perfect for a fairytale grandmother, but that's not really who I am.
  7. ladyphlogiston


    In the vial: sharp and resinous On my skin: initially this smells a lot like pine. Conifers don't do well on my skin, so it isn't pine, but still. As it dries, it gets a little deeper and much rounder. The sharpness goes away and some almost floral notes start peeking out. It's a little powdery, in a soft, pleasant way. Once dry it gets more woody, leaving a complex woody-grassy-medicinal thing that's just okay. That's disappointing. Verdict: Sadly, this goes in the "scents I love until they fade unevenly and leave me smelling like a cabinet" pile, which will probably get destashed eventually. Input from family: Husband: that's pretty! I like it (smelled during the round stage) T, age ten: mint K, age seven: Ick! Z, age four: my toy bat says it smells like zebras S, also age four: you're right, it's zebras!
  8. ladyphlogiston

    Looking for complexity

    That would be amazing, thank you so much! (And Bastet was on my short list anyway - I love cardamom!)
  9. ladyphlogiston

    Looking for complexity

    Wow, you guys are awesome! Thanks so much! I'm totally blown away by the time you put into assembling these lists for me ❤️ Time to go through with my husband and come up with a first order. Sadly buying 40 imps at once is probably not in the cards....
  10. ladyphlogiston

    Looking for complexity

    I'm sorry if this exists already, but I tried a few different searches and didn't find anything. Anyway, my husband absolutely loves when I wear Tlazolteotl, and I think it's because it's such a complex, shifting scent with lots of layers. (He likes complex drinks and foods too, so that makes sense.) I'd like to order a full-size of Tlazolteotl at some point soon, and a couple of imps of other things to try along with it. We don't generally like sweet/gourmand scents, and florals are iffy but worth considering. We like spices (our other favorite is a Hexennacht perfume that's very cardamomy) and resins and incense. Spruce notes seem to get very harsh and medicinal on my skin, but otherwise I'm flexible. Any suggestions?