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  1. amaltheagray


    holy shit, i love this! this is my rose! this is my dusty heavy redolent rose! i received this is a sample and had no idea what to make of it in the vial. it smelled weird and sharp and green. but i'm slowly trying everything and i dabbed some on today at work. it blew my mind. a little goes a long way, but it is just enveloping. i don't like the light airy scents - i think my body chemistry eats them for breakfast. this, however? the amber is so warm and the musk blends with the rose. this is so glorious. i think my mom would LOVE it. i'm just so amused that something that smelled so foul (imo) in the bottle could transform to such warm, dusky beauty.
  2. amaltheagray

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    oh i *love* this. it was an extra and i put some on today, more or less forgetting anything about the description. the sweet but not sugary fruits jump out first and they are so beautiful and pure. this makes me feel calm and protective and sheltered. the juicy lush explosion that occurs when wet fades pretty quickly and i was left with, dammit, the usual aquatic sourness. it's not as bad as some aquatics i've tried so i may be able to wear it occassionally, and i think i will reapply right now. this scent is so effing gorgeous.
  3. amaltheagray

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    thanks chupachup! i'm going to order a bunch of them today. i can be a clutz sometimes but i'd so prefer to be able to apply from my 5mls with a wand that it'll be worth it. and i'll be careful. because, duh, the precious.
  4. amaltheagray


    this oil is a pleasant surprise! it's all cinnamon and darkness in the bottle, with a weird tangy aftertaste that almost struck me as being animalistic. it lightens upon application and becomes dusty and soft, but still very powerful. as others have said, cinnamon and clove, sandalwood. maybe pepper is what's leaving that odd aftertaste, though that more or less goes away when it hits the skin. this is comforting yet makes me feel strong, and i like that. the imp at least a keeper, maybe i'll be on the prowl for more.
  5. amaltheagray

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    There's no problem with spillage Chupa? These look great and I'm thinking of ordering some, I just want to make sure they'll fit the bottles okay both in the box and when I travel on occasion <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i second this inquiry. i recently got my first set of 5mls and the reducers are driving me mad. i don't want one of those dropper caps either - i want a wand similar to the imp caps. are they leaky? hee. we're so needy.
  6. oh - dragon's milk. it's sweet, almost like strawberry soda, and a good introduction to the more resiny scents in that while it's clearly dragon's blood, it doesn't hit you over the head with it.
  7. oh, i totally second sarahmarie's suggestion of the unicorn. and what a lovely gift!
  8. amaltheagray

    Dia de los Muertos

    i expected this to be very heavy and strong. it's not. it's soft yet rich. it's like the wind blowing past a bakery. it's also very sad and melancholy. "the last time i saw richard" by joni mitchell is playing as i write this and it fits so so well. i mean, i want to wrap myself up in this and have a good cry. it's very sweet and warm. the rich foody smells come out first and foremost, along with some sweet flowers. a hint of tobacco. as it warms to my skin the incense becomes sharper and the food smells darker and heavier. it seems to get heavier as it's worn. it's beautiful.
  9. amaltheagray

    Black Cat

    oh, how i wanted to love this! in the vial it's all green static electricity- minty and herbal and lightly floral. the description brings up some things i'd love to work with in my life right now, particularly the bit about clearing minor crossings and small hexes. unfortunately, for as wonderful as this smells in the bottle, and as lovely as it is during the first five minutes of application, it immediately goes acrid and sour on me. it smells the same as other aquatics on my skin at this point, like water of notre dame and tears. i really wonder what it is about me and aquatics. sigh. i hope this oil works on somebody, because it truly is gorgeous.
  10. amaltheagray


    the smells like mulled wine. specifically, like the mulled wine a friend and i made at a party i threw on friday night. white zin and apple cider and applejack brandy and cinnamon and ginger and lemons and red zinger tea and allspice. it's madness, really. it also smells like wood and crisp air and wind. other people have given better reviews, but i just wanted to drop a little note. also - the first whiff i had of this almost made me cry.
  11. amaltheagray


    good LORD, woman. i'd like to personally thank you for giving me something to think about whenever i wear/sniff this scent. o_0 yes, this is masculine. um, yes. but i think i could pull off wearing it. the leather comes out after the vetiver has rolled around in the back of my throat like the nutty weird beast that it is. i also get some citrus, like a very light lemon. lovely!
  12. amaltheagray

    Lex Talionis

    The law of retaliation and perfect reciprocity: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an arm for an arm, a life for a life. The essence of blunt justice: dark myrrh, vetiver, cardamom, violet, black pepper, sage, cedarwood and black patchouli with a clarion note of sharp white grapefruit. this is so very strong and masculine. not to equate the two. it's not strong *because* it's masculine, but it is both. the vetiver jumps out first, along with the myrrh and black patchouli. (it is not, however, an omg!patchouli scent, in my opinion. for those patchouli haters out there. ) i can't pick out the grapefruit but the violet gives it a bit of softness. the clean ceder and sage keep it from being drowned in dark muskyness. black pepper and cedar really comes through on drydown. the whole thing smells somewhat nutty and very physical, almost like body odor but not in a horrible way. i'm not sure if i like it for myself, or if i would wear it. it may be too masculine. but it's damn good edit: it lightens up on drydown and becomes less masculine and more all around wearable. it's gorgeous! edit2: i am so in love with this. it's nostalgic for me in a very personal way. i have a 5ml on the way. it's *amazing*.
  13. amaltheagray


    Named after the Roman God of Sleep. This blend helps bring on deep, restful, natural sleep. i have trouble falling asleep so i've been looking forward to receiving this one. it's much sharper than i expected. the only note my unskilled nose can detect is lavender. i'm pretty sure it's lavender, and that would make sense. there are other herbs involved, and it's almost soapy but in a very good way. it smells clean and unfettered. the scent warms up and spreads on drydown. i want to breath deeply of it. i'll try wearing it in bed tonight, and maybe i'll do a follow up if it actually helps me sleep. i'd love to have my sheets smell like this. it's lovely.
  14. amaltheagray

    Blood Kiss

    the first thing to hit me with this is the musk and what must be vetiver. very feral and animalistic. almost too much so. i put some on and the musky verging on muck is immediatly dispersed by the sweet cherry and vanilla. the wine is also there, and the clove is just enough to make it spicy. this is *really* sexy. a lighter version of bloodlust, to some degree, though i don't think there's any dragon's blood here. yeah. sexy, juicy and amazing. would probably smell even more delicious on a man. a long haired man dressed in black velvet. ehem.
  15. amaltheagray


    R'LYEH Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. The sunken city of the Great God Cthulhu. A hellishly dark aquatic scent, evocative of fathomless oceanic deeps, the mysteries of madness buried under crushing black waters, and the brooding eternal evil that lies beneath the waves. dude. maybe my nose is broken from over-sniffage, but r'lyeh is not hitting me with darkness. evil? yes. madness? oh, yes. broody eternity? moo hahahah! as i said in the "i got my order" thread: r'lyeh is EVIL CTHULU GRAPEFRUIT. it is the GRAPEFRUIT OF DARK UNHOLY DEEDS. i think i'm in love with it. o_0 it's also spicy and aquatic in a way that just might not go acrid on my skin and deep and rich and not sunny, no, but still - GRAPEFRUIT. or maybe i'm just insane. EDIT: no, not insane - it's still ev0l grapefruit. unfortunately, it doesn't work on me. when i first put it on this morning it was wonderful and refreshing yet spicy and grounding. i really wanted to love it. after half an hour or so either the citrus or the aquatics went sour and acrid on me to the point that i had to wash it off. but, as someone who doesn't like or have much experience with citrus scents, this is a kind of citrus that i love. spicy and dark citrus. but into the swap pile it goes, protesting all the while.