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  1. PCPal


    Oh good Ole Satyr, my skin loves this blend, which makes sense to me as I have a pretty natural acrid masculine skin ph LOL. In the bottle it reminds me alot of Lé Léthe gone manly sexual, I'm sure there's a blend of musks here put I definitely pick up red musk, very similar to the musk in the aforementioned le lethe, I also pick up what I can only describe as a mixture of beastly musky hair, the forest floor, and the Civet that gives it an almost pissyness lol? I'm not sure how to describe it but it's not strong and stays in the background. Personally I quite like it, but I could see someone being put off by it. Wet application: Yes, YES a strong Burst of red musk, a spiced clovey wintery scent with civet and musks, the main notes for me are the musk and clove spices but the others are definitely noticeable and play off each other very well. As it begins its drydown I start to detect a little more of a sweet vanilla or maybe Tonka note, that compliments the blend wonderfully. Drydown: Upon its dry down it begins to mellow but is still strong especially in comparison to the other bpals I have. The sweet note I spoke of is still there but has started to dance backstage again in such a pleasant way. This stage for me is were the SEX starts coming out. Tmi but it absolutely reminds me of a one night stand I had at a lake party one time where we absconded into the nearby woody area to get the action started. I'm sure there's not actually any smoke notes in this but the clove spice and the sweet vanilla almost Woodyness reminds me of bonfire smoke stained warm masculine bodies in the throws of heady sexual ecstasy upon the forest floor. That's graphic but exactly what this conjures up in my mind. The Civet and beastly sexy atomosphere mingles with male natural musk in such a sexy way. To any of my fellow Masculine gay men, I recommend you pick this up even if it makes you nervous, I can almost guarantee your BF or hubby will be panting over you!
  2. PCPal

    Laurel-Crowned Skull With Caesar's Band Flyer

    This and Mouth So Sweet So Poisonous were the first bpal bottles I bought this Halloween. I had used them and decanted them into some cute antique perfume bottles, but now they've had about a month and a half to settle and begin to ever So Slightly deepen so I thought It's time to write my first bpal review! In the bottle I definitely catch that shimmery Amber and the deepness of the cypress as well as the tobacco creating a darker vibe and air in the background. I agree with the aforementioned greeness. My friend recently got married and the color scheme was gold and deep green, reminds me alot of that combo. Wet: When first put on its definitely the strong amber right at first which gives it a powerful aroma, this reminds me of a classy young man in a suit drinking champagne! I also catch the slightest amount of that fig in there upon application and the ambergris I believe and cypress start to make there presence known as it starts its Drydown. Dry down: This is one of those scents that doesnt change much upon drydown for me, not till the very near end of its lingering on my skin atleast. The deeper subtler notes are definitely allowed to take the stage a little more here. Really catching the slight green fruity deepness of the fig and tobacco. It's got a good throw for me aswell. I've had people ask me what it is I'm wearing even an hour sometimes more after application. In terms of the bpal I have this one tends to last quite a while, and doesn't require much slathering (Although I love it so I do anyway!) I definitely get a big masculine energy from this, I tend to have a pretty masculine preferred skin chemistry (atleast I believe) and this definitely suits that. Overall I really like LCSWCBF. It definitely pushed me into falling deep into the rabbit hole of bpal obsession, and for that I massively appreciate it and have a backup bottle coming in my next order! Oh and I forgot to mention that this scent layers WONDERFULLY with Dee, they just compliment each other so well, Dee likes to stay in the background for sure, but ads a whole new deep green level.