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BPAL Madness!
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12 Days of Christmas Questions 2021

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Is there anything you forgot to put on your Qs you wish you had?

Not that I can think of.


 If you were down with knitted or crocheted items:

do you prefer a wearable or amigarumi? If wearable, is there something you’d really like? If amigarumi anything you love?

Wearables. I'd really love a shawl or cowl. Fingerless gloves are great top because I'd rather freeze as I completely loose all tactile ability in fingered gloves OTL

I'd also be thrilled with fox related amigarumis. 


Teeturtle is having one of their megasales - any tshirts, or whatever, that strike your fancy? Size/fit?

Any of the non-gaming fox/kitsune shirts or pins (except fire kitsune which I own) Shirts are a men's 3X


What are some examples of decorations you would enjoy?

Anything related to foxes lol. Or chihuahuas. Tiny little figurines I can put on bookcases. Small frames for artwork. Hanging wall art that isn't too large. Small means I can fit more lol. 

Is there any kind of accessory or product you'd want for your hair?

My hair is currently pixie cut short. I am growing it out but even as fast as my hair grows it'll be a while before I can do much with it. I do like wide headbands though and haven't had any for some time. They need to not be the type that really curve in at the bottom though as I have a large head and they can cause a headache. (so nothing kid sized! I tried to wear them because they were cuter and I was into decora style a number of years back but gave up due to pain. Now I want more mature gothy stuff)

What is your jewelry style?

BONES. I have a couple of real bone earrings (coyote rib and tanuki fang) that I adore and I'd love more bone pieces. For necklaces I hate fabric cords. I prefer a chain. I wear both silver and gold jewelry. One of my favorite brands for reference is Martha Rotten Jewelry. They're semi-local and is at a lot of the craft fairs in the area. (I have the crow feet heart necklace and the antler bracelet) 

Are you interested in fandom themed items based on the movies/shows you're into?

Only Tamamo stuff. I try to keep my merch collecting limited as I'm a completionist and will quickly find myself in debt if I try to collect too many things OTL

Are you interested in spicy sauces/jams etc?

No thanks, I'm not big on spice.

Are you interested in Thai snacks? e.g. Thai brand crisps, wafer roll type things, savoury small crackers



I make light-weight yarn-and-silk-ribbon hair falls. Would you be interested in getting some?

No thanks, my hair is too short to wear something like that.


What are your favorite animals or mythical creatures?

FOXES!! Kitsune on the mythical side. I also love horses and birds. Junkos are a particular favorite. My mom and I would always compete to spot them first as it meant winter was coming.


I actively support Defenders of Wildlife and am curious if any of these would be of interest?   https://gifts.defenders.org/wildlife-adoptions?price=20-30

As a lover of foxes you can 100% do an arctic fox adoption kit in my name


I'm candying citrus peel this year. Oranges, mostly. Is that something you would like? Chocolate dipped? What about homemade caramel sauce?

Omg yes please. They would make great cocktail garnishes. Also yes to the caramel sauce.


how do you feel about solid perfumes? 

Not really into them


Is there anything in particular you'd want from the UK?

JELLY BABIES!!!!! My dad and I are hooked on them and they're so hard to find in the US. 


Are you ok with paper books at all?


Do you already have expansion packs for your fave card games?

I don't really play any card games 

Are you interested in perfume samples/decants, or only full sizes?

Only if they're in bottle. I tend to forget I have stuff if it's in decant vials. (ironic coming from the decanter lmao)

Are you interested in oracle decks?

How about wax melts?

Love them!

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