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    acting, air, amber, anatomy, anime, art, beadwork, black phoenix alchemy lab, blood, bodyboarding, books, cats, chaos, chocolate, clocks, colors, comics, corsets, cosmetology, costumes, courtesans, creativity, dancing, dangerous beauty, decorating, design, diablo ii, discordianism, drawing, dreams, earth, eddie izzard, elephant parts, elfquest, embroidery, equilibrium, eris, fantasy, fire, firefly, flirting, flying, freedom, geisha, ghosts, harry potter, healing, hedonism, henna, home, honesty, hot tubs, icons, immunology, incense, japan, johnny depp, kinesiology, knitting, kushiel's legacy, laughter, leather, love, lush, magick, makeup, making people happy, manga, masks, massage, medicine, mirrors, modeling, monty python, movies, music, native americans, nature, neil gaiman, ocean, paganism, paint, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pleasure, reading, renaissance faires, sashimi, scifi, sensuality, serenity, sexuality, shakespeare, shibari, silk, singing, smoke, spirit, stars, sushi, swords, tarot, tea, the bourne trilogy, the game of questions, the sea, theatre, touching, travel, trees, turn-ons, vampires, velvet, water, webcomics, weirdness, world of warcraft, writing.


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    WANDA, Obsidian Widow, PERVERSION, Sin, Jester, BLACK CAT, Honeysuckle single note, PHOENIX STEAMWORKS, Lucy Westenra, LA BELLE AU BOIS DORMANT, WAR, SKULD...I'm sure the list will continue to grow...Me no like lemony, rosy, sweetpea-ish, or sugary blends.


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  1. NoirRosaleen

    Gift Certificates?

    Aw, bugger...I got Employee of the Month, enabling me to choose a $50 GC to the place of my choice, and I was hoping by now they'd have GCs here...*sighs* Oh well, I'll ask for a Visa GC instead
  2. NoirRosaleen

    House of Night

    I'm surprised at how many people are saying green and pine, because I don't get that at any point. It's definitely got roses in it - my skin LUUURVES roses - but it's got enough otherstuff to make it work for me. I'm horrid at picking out individual notes, but on me it smells of spiced tea and tobacco, and a mix of dried and fresh flowers. It very much says "night" to me - like something an elegant lady would wear to a party when she wants to stay in the background; mysterious and aloof. I think this is going to be my fall/winter daytime scent. I need a big bottle...*sighs*
  3. NoirRosaleen

    Juke Joint

    No mint, but definitely sugar, maybe brown? No bourbon either. Not sure WHAT besides sugar...just the usual signature BPAL-ish smell, which I can NEVER describe. Don't think I'll keep it...
  4. NoirRosaleen


    After reading another review I finally noticed the incense-ish scent to Masquerade...before I could just baaaarely smell it on my skin, as sort of a very faint lilac. It's very close to my natural scent, I guess, or maybe I've just burned too much incense in here It's nice, but my boy immediately went "UGH!", so out it goes. Oh, well... Ooh. Actually, I just noticed a bit of Coca-cola in it, too. Maybe that's why he "ugh!"ed? Maytbe I'll try again with him after waiting an hour for drydown - I made him smell it 5 minutes after. Edit: ...you know what, he can bite me, the more I sniff this the more I like it.
  5. NoirRosaleen

    The Hesperides

    Oh, my. On first application, it was lovely and slightly apple-y, fading to a very lovely (but not overly feminine) greenish floral...and was eaten by my skin within an hour. >_< I might try again later and see if it lasts longer...I loved the way it smelled while it lasted!
  6. NoirRosaleen


    Soapity soapity soap soap. For some reason, sweet pea turns directly to soap on me, overriding all other scents, and refuses to change the entire drydown. Bleah...swap-box!
  7. NoirRosaleen


    In the bottle: hard to smell, but intriguing. On my wrists: OH BRIGHT STARS I JUST PUT KAUA'I ON MY WRISTS. I went there exactly once when I was 16, and the minute you step off the plane there's this lush, beautiful, growing-things-and-flowers scent, that is now clinging to my general area. Oh happy dance, I finally found it!!! Up close it's different, weirdly enough, but still dark and yummy and ohh... Must have big bottle. MUST. Wonder what it would smell like on a boy...? *drools* EDIT: Well, maybe not...a few hours later I smell like Lemon Pledge. Baahh...
  8. NoirRosaleen

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Introducing Chaos Theory II CLXXX: This is the love child of Grog and Spooky. Buttery, coconutty, suntan lotion with a hint of pineapple... Unfortunately it pretty much fades into my skin within 15 minutes. If I put my nose RIGHT up against my arm I can smell it, but why bother when I could put on Grog or Spooky instead and get to smell it without a lot of effort? Way too many scents diappear on me. It's sad. I'll try again later, but I think I'm swapping...
  9. NoirRosaleen


    I was absolutely thrilled that I didn*t get glomped by the lemon in this one - it was really mild, with more of the floral than the citrus. I*ve lost my knack for describing scents, I think, but it was just yummy and light on my wrist. Too bad it*s discontinued, I might*ve gotten larger bottles of this...
  10. NoirRosaleen


    ...suck. I*m wholly Viking (Swedish/Irish/English/Norse), so I was really hoping...but it*s nothing special on me. At first it was a cool berries and..incense...? on me, but after awhile it had a distinct note of HAIRSPRAY, of all things. Bah! Tears is currently doing the same thing. I*m wondering if hairspray is just my skin today. I*ll hang onto Vinland and try it again later...
  11. NoirRosaleen


    Juliet is...pink on me. This is bad, as I HATE pink. It*s a nice floral, and I kinda like it, but it doesn*t scream my name, and the pinkness of it is getting to me. Sorry Juli, maybe another time...probably after I have a daughter It *is* a very young-girl scent.
  12. NoirRosaleen


    Heartbeast has the character desc. of this scent dead on. Desi is very much blue-green, pale, watery, sad scent...cool and floral, and yielding in a sense of "whatever I can do to help my lord," with the helplessness of knowing that whatever is wrong she can*t help because he won*t let her. I like it, but it*s just too...sorrowing for me. The characterization is so dead on that I think I*d start feeling like her. Assuming I ever land the part, however, I*ll immediately trade for an imp of it to help me get into character...
  13. NoirRosaleen

    Lady MacBeth

    I had such high hopes for this! It came as a surprise add-in from Oubliette (I think). Unfortunately, though Wanda*s wine works on me, Lady M*s turns immediately into Grape Otter Pop mixed with Grape Robitussin. BLECH! Treacherous lady, indeed. I wish it had gone winey on me and not grapey...*sigh* I had the same reaction from Bordello, actually. Maybe it*s the berries that turns into grape ickiness on me.
  14. NoirRosaleen


    White geranium, calla lily, cedarwood and black orchid. A gentle floral bouquet masks a sinister and black-hearted core. Well, I like calla liily, so I thought I*d try this... In the bottle: ...pickles? On my wrist: Again with the pickles, although there*s some cedar too. The pickles are in the back, but just them being there at all is a bit jarring. After awhile the florals join the pickles in the back, with the cedar staying firmly in the front seat. This does something weird to my nose...I smell my wrist, and right after I take my nose away the inside of my nose feels oddly dry. The cedar is softening up now, getting a bit brighter, and the pickles have disappeared...but they took the flowers with them. Overall, I think this is going away...I can*t stand that weird dry-nose thing it*s doing to me. I*ll leave it on for today, but this is NOT a keeper.
  15. NoirRosaleen


    Well, hel-looooooo, lemongrass! For awhile, that*s all I can smell...then the woods are coming in the back, softening it up...really reminds me of one of the candles at Illuminations in the "relaxing" section. The flowers sneak in after awhile too, mixing among the woods like...flowers among trees, actually. The woods start dominating a bit more after a few minutes, but more like you*ve walked in from a field of lemongrass and are now standing among the trees. So far this is a really nice blend...I*ll check back in a few hours or so.