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  1. ImperatrixMundi

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    Why is my bottle so different from the imp I had? First - The Imp: I ordered a lab-fresh imp. It was a bit cologne-like and herbal at first but on the skin the leather really developed and formed a dry base and the vanilla and musk sweetened the blend enough to make it smooth and sexy. The dominant notes I could pick up were leather, vanilla, white musk and sage. The carnation was there but very light. Now - The Bottle: Could not find my imp but I wanted a bottle anyways. The bottle smells like a mix of vanilla, white musk and carnation. The herbal elements and the leather that made the blend smooth, wickedly elegant and sexy in a very unisex way are nowhere to be seen. It is still a pleasant scent but the carnation is very overwhelming and after it fades a bit I am left with a slightly empty, sweet scent. It is probably not just my nose or chemistry, the scents already differ in the imp or bottle. Both were lab-fresh! The bottle is just missing most of the gorgeous leather note and has loads of carnation. Meh. I think I might hunt for an other bottle to see if it is me or batch varations that cause the difference. But overall I really loved this scent in the herbal and leather-heavy version and want to smell like the Antichrist all the time!
  2. ImperatrixMundi

    can anyone help me find the sexiest animalistic musk?!

    Czernobog is scary. Well, he is supposed to be. It smelled absolutely horrible on me but on my boyfriend it was a great, sexy musk scent. Maybe you get lucky and it works for you, otherwise find a male specimen to try it on
  3. ImperatrixMundi

    can anyone help me find the sexiest animalistic musk?!

    Ummm... I'll go for a very obvious one: Smut It is a Lupercalia LE that has been released a few times in different years. Not exactly natural but it hardly gets any smuttier than Smut. But it might not be quite the right thing if Lust already reminds you of a porn shop. Smut is far worse. Also Dragon's Musk is one you should try, especially if it is aged a bit. I love it and it always gets a good response Wulric, the Wolfman from Carnaval Diabolique is also intensely musky with a cocoa note. And if you like the red musk scents like Fenris Wolf definitely try Mme. Moriarty. Edit: And I forgot to mention Sed Non Satiata, that might be a candidate as well.
  4. ImperatrixMundi

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    Actually - add Goblin or one of the other GC recs to that list and you would have a great imp pack for her to try. It would contain fruity, floral, woody and resin notes paired with the patchouli - which covers a big part of the perfume spectrum.
  5. ImperatrixMundi

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    Is the Body Shop oil just straight patchouli? The notes listed with the product description were not very helpful: Top notes: warm Middle notes: herbaceous, patchouli Base notes: earthy The search function on the Lab website brings up 70 blends with patchouli that are currently available. But in most of them the patchouli is just a complimentary note or a base note. http://www.bpal.org/search/index.php?term=...=1&search=1 It might really help if you could find out what other notes she likes and dislikes, so you know what direction to take - or not to take - when you chose Bpal scents for her, because they will not exactly be straight patchouli. If all else fails - if the Body Shop oil is straight patchouli you can get her a bottle of high quality patchouli essential oil in addition to some bpal imps. It is fairly inexpensive, even in high quality, and is supposed to improve drastically with age, it gets considerably more mellow and smooth with time.
  6. ImperatrixMundi

    The Musk Thread! Need to know what type is for you?

    Warm weather and musk go together much better than i would have thought. Especially the white and egyptian-type musks and even red musk because of that fruity aspect it has. And stuff like Dorian or Zephyr. And by the way - does anyone have any recommendations for a mostly pure skin musk scent? I loved the note in Ebisu but the oakmoss and mandarin in there with it were not that great.
  7. ImperatrixMundi

    Mimosa scents?

    So sad... Mimosa is such a wonderful scent... I hope the Lab finds a new source for mimosa soon because I had to resort to Lush for my mimosa fix. Of the BPAL ones I tried before their discontinuation none had a strong and dominant, fresh mimosa note. Marianne pairs it with a lot of Red Musk, Madrid is mostly bitter red wine and clove and Tannin'Iver was a somewhat fruity and rather complex blend but the main ingredient remained dragon's blood since it was an Ars Draconis line blend.
  8. ImperatrixMundi

    Where is my order? What is Click N Ship? How long does this take?

    Picked it up today, it really was my order. I think I'll go post in "IGMO" so other Europeans know too
  9. ImperatrixMundi

    Where is my order? What is Click N Ship? How long does this take?

    D'oh. I knew it would arrive as soon as I started complaining... Today I got a notification from the post office that I got a parcel to pick up and it is definitely my Bpal order. Woohoo! The decants are here... I hope you get your order soon as well, mimosa! Thanks for your reply. It was so long since I ordered anything from the lab, I guess I forgot how long it takes.
  10. ImperatrixMundi

    Where is my order? What is Click N Ship? How long does this take?

    Where is my order??? I ordered on Feb 2nd and have not received a cns or anything as of yet. Sometimes with previous orders I did not get a cns or my spam filter ate it, but I am getting really impatient here. But I don't want to bother the lab yet.
  11. ImperatrixMundi

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Ye Gods. I hope customs does not open my parcel with Signor Dildo and Beanman and Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina. Nope. I really don't want to explain that to customs. I really don't think I can keep a straight face. Great pictures though, thanks to the people who posted them. The labels look so much nicer if you have all the bottles of a series in a row!
  12. ImperatrixMundi

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    Does anyone know a bpal substitute for Sugar Babe sugar scrub? It is not a good idea for me to use scrubs (sensitive skin...) but I bought it anyways because I LOVED the smell. It is mainly mimosa and some ylang ylang (since when do I like THAT??). But in a recent discontinuation disaster so many of the bpal mimosa scents were axed due to component issues So what is left that I could try?
  13. ImperatrixMundi

    Looking for scents that smell like hugs

    It sounds like everyone has very personal comfort scents But the overall tendency seems to go towards scents with honey, amber, vanilla, milk/cream and musk. Mine are Mr. Ibis and Dragon's Milk and maybe also The Lurid Library. Mr. Ibis helps me when I feel anxious and panicky. Anything that is a little sweet, soft and musky and sort of "enveloping" falls into that category for me. Does that make sense?
  14. ImperatrixMundi

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Himerus is Latin right? And as I remember from my days in school Latin vowels are very consistent and for me the pronounciation never was much of an issue in school because if you speak German you automatically get Latin 90% right because the vowels are pretty much the same. We never had to learn how to pronounce it, there are just some basic rules about which syllable to put the emphasis on - and don't ask me now, that was long ago. The grammar sucks though. So my humble opinion would be Him-er-us. But the us at the end is not an us like in Toys'R'Us. More like u in racoon but shorter. But I am pretty bad at writing English phonetically since that is not my native language.
  15. ImperatrixMundi

    Ded Moroz

    Mint and cucumber?? Huh? I even tried it three times to make sense of the cucumber impression. Where is the amber and wood? This is surprisingly light, clean and watery and never warms up as I would have expected it to do. The amber that I was hoping for stays hidden which is surprising, normally I do extremely well with any kind of amber. Not that it is unpleasant but it is really too light and not what I wanted at all.