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  1. Garbazhul

    Typical time...

    Ok, thanks for the answer. I think that shipping to Germany and Finland will take the nearly same time. Good luck for your order.
  2. Garbazhul


    Woaaah, this one is great. Reminds of a weaker Malediction somehow. Nice, light and very woody. Seems to be very present, I was shopping a few minutes ago and 2 people asked what perfume I wore. This is quite a masculine scent, definitively worth a bottle!
  3. Garbazhul

    Typical time...

    I just (one month after I ordered) received a mail which says "Click-N-Ship® Notification" from USPS. Is that my BPAL? I didn't order anything else in that time and on May 2 I was told by someone from the lab, that my order should arrive shortly since they "shipped out a batch of international orders last week". It that is my BPAL, how long will it take it to be here in Germany? Does anyone know that?
  4. Garbazhul

    Isaac, the Living Skeleton (2006)

    In the imp: Somehow alcoholic, I smell a little tobacco (like one of my grandfather's pipe tobaccos) and something aftershave like. Wet, right after putting it on: Rum, tobacco and aftershave. Smells good on me, I think. Maybe worth a bottle. A masculine, light scent. 30 minutes later: More boozy, the tobacco is as strong as in the beginning. My mom complains I'd smell like a bar. 2 hours later: Isaac has become weaker, not powdery, but almost. You're still able to make out the different ingrediences a bit. Very thin though, maybe not worth a bottle, I have to think about that. Edit: 5 hours later: Amazing, Isaac has changed from nearly powdery to a quite nice scent; a bit thin, sweet but still masculine, still boozy and a bit of tobacco is to make out.
  5. Garbazhul


    Evil incarnate. Revel in your dark side with this romantically cruel scent. Contains red patchouli and vetivert. I like this scent very much, it's one of my favorite ones. In the imp: Earthy, woody, heavy and really sharp. It stings in the nose. Fresh on the skin: Wet earth, a dark and evil forest on my skin, that kind of forest where people disappear and never come back again. Sharp and stinging. My mother complained that when I'm walking by next to her or standing near her, it's so heavy and stinging she can hardly breathe. She totally hates it, but I love it. Seems to be one of those scents which contamine everything around you. Half an hour later: Nothing really changed. Two hours later: Still as strong as after putting it on my skin. I sat in a car for 5 minutes and came back after 10 minutes, the whole car was filled with Malediction. Six hours later (now): The smell as become less stinging and sharp, but I still can fully smell it while walking or sitting, I don't have to put my wrists up to my nose. All my co-workers and the patients still notice it when I walk past them and tell me how good I smell. I put this on a week ago and it was still noticable after getting up the next morning. Final thoughts: Definitely worth a bottle, not only because of the smell itself but also because its heavyness and sharpness and the fact that it's more than present after more than six hours. I would suggest this highly to a male, but I think that it would also be nice on a female. Not right after putting it on but after 3 hours it would be quite nice on a female.
  6. Garbazhul


    I'm totally dissapointed by this scent. In the imp: Just great. If I close my eyes, I imagine to have a jar of absinthe right in front me. Smells alcoholic. ;-) On my skin: For ten seconds, it was totally awesome, but right then it became just soapy and smelled heavily like lemon. Not the way I imagined it would be. I knew there would be lemon inside, I also knew lemon has nothing to do with absinthe. But I accepted it because I thought it would be great to smell like absinthe. But where's the anise? Where's that nice alcoholic smell? All gone and pushed away by soap and lemon. Way too much lemon.
  7. Garbazhul

    De Sade

    In the imp: Very masculine, awesome smell of leather. On my skin: Not just leather, but something else, like smoke. Still very masculine. I F***IN' LOVE THAT SCENT! AAAAAAH! Need a 5ml bottle of that...! Edit: No! A bigger one!
  8. Garbazhul


    Tum really made my day. I hardly can tell any of the scents in it, but it's like a mixture of wood, flowers and honey. My co-workers like too, also the patients. Reading the description (I read it after trying the scent), one could think of Tum as a feminine scent, but I think males can wear it as well. Also Tum seems to change from "more wood + honey and sun" to "more flowers + honey and sun". Just awesome. Edit: It's still there after nearly 11 hours. Just great!