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    wrist-sniffing wench
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    Kansas City, KS
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    United States


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    Gambols of Ghosts
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    Hagiophobia, Port Royal, Sportive Sun--generally anything musky, dark, and resinous. Vanilla, amber, and incense.

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    Reading, gaming, sewing, cooking, and general fuckery. Fallout 4 is my current obsession.

    I am also an aging Goth, which means I wear too much makeup and do love all things dark and spooky. Mostly. As my avatar probably gives away, I quite like bats. Especially the fruit bat of Southern Asia. The flying foxes are just adorable!

    I go by Kayako and Purji in other places. If you know me, please feel free to say hello and friend me!
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  1. Morgaine Fey Brindle

    Funerary Papyri

    This one absolutely reminds me of being nestled in tall grasses and then catching a hint of a bakery and a church on the wind. The vanilla is happily not cloying on my skin--it has stayed balanced by the myrrh very nicely. I may need a second bottle as I have very little luck with vanilla scents, but the resin is saving this and making me feel girly and sophisticated... It is not at all a foodie scent to me, even though it is described as vanilla frosting.