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  1. Mermaid-on-Land

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    A beautiful rose with a creamy vanilla. Oh wait, no, on reading the description that’s the “coconut tinged orris” which is an absolutely beautiful note in this! It’s a very pretty and coconutty light floral that plays perfectly with the freshness of the rose. The musks are a light, sparkly background note. It’s so funny how the orris perfectly invokes the creaminess of pearls and the musk is the crystalline quality of diamonds! I really like this one, it’s elegant and while it’s not quite light in a crisp, clean sense, it’s bubbly and fun for a sweet, warm, gourmand scent.
  2. Mermaid-on-Land

    The Caterpillar

    The florals are of the deep and intoxicating variety rather the light and fresh variety; it's more classically ‘perfume’ floral rather than walking in a garden. Jasmine comes in strong, and possibly carnation or neroli in second. I also get something that reminds me of narcissus, possibly that’s the iris? The incense notes deepen it a bit and the moss, patchouli, and vetiver add earthiness. The patch is fairly strong at first but settles down nicely. Now the florals are, as promised, drifting lazily around with the incense. No surprise, I love this, as I love heavier oriental florals 😂 Beautiful, not too sweet or heavy though. Reminds me almost of a darker version of Moscow?
  3. Mermaid-on-Land

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    This is a beautiful vanilla and sweet pea. It’s soft and snuggly. The sandalwood is in the background and the sweet pea is far more sweet floral than planty floral. Eventually the drydown develops a similar light fresh vanilla to dorian. This is like scent comfort food! A light pink and cream Sherpa blanket to snuggle in by a fireplace. I really love this one, it's one that you could pretty much wear for any occasion.
  4. Mermaid-on-Land


    Lab frimp! The hops are very sweet and floral smelling right on application, they are almost bubble gum-like for a second before settling. That is most of what I get to start. There is a bit of the dusty leather but not much. There's also an undertone that reminds me of the 'thin oil' or bronze note in The Robotic Scarab, that I really like. I never really get the mineral or metallic qualities that everyone else seems to. This is very pretty and not nearly as masculine as I'd pictured from the description. This dwarf is a total girl-next-door type that probably sings Taylor Swift songs in the mines.... I applied quite a bit so it began very strong. It became less noticeable over the course of a couple hours so sadly it didn't last as long as I'd have liked. However I liked this a lot more than I thought, it stood out as very unique! I've never looked much at the RPG line but this was cool.
  5. Mermaid-on-Land

    The King of Hearts

    Very gardeny when first applied, I can see how this relates to the queen's rose garden from Alice in Wonderland lol. It’s also quite strong on rosewood which is a note I’ve loved since I tried Ouija. It’s not overly ROSE rose, but a nice combo of cherry-rose-rosewood with a bite of lavender. Unique. It’s a sweet fresh powdery floral that’s pretty unlike any others I’ve tried, though the lavender recalls Lurid a tiny bit. 15 minutes into wearing, lavender beginning to dominate and goes a bit powdery, but then rosewood comes up to meet it and it creates a lovely spiciness. The overall color impression I get is a dusty medium purple and red velvet. I quite like this, it’s unlike anything I already have! Sadly there’s not as much throw as I’d like and it doesn’t last longer than 6 hours before fading to a skin scent, but it's really unique and cool!
  6. Mermaid-on-Land


    Cool! I was expecting something leafy fresh and super herbal but this has an underlying burnt smoky note that I can really get behind! A bit of darkness because this is an *evil* plant 😈 is it maybe creosote? It reminds me just a touch of Smokestack but more pleasant. There may be a sliiiight touch of eucalyptus which I haven't liked in similar scents but it's only ever very faintly there and only if I look for it so I don't mind it. It smells really good and I love the things that make it not 'just' herbal because I'm not so much a straight herbal person, I like other stuff added. Other than these impressions I have no idea, the description doesn't list notes and my nose isn't quite educated enough to pick them out with any authority. Not much throw sadly and doesn't last long even with slathering as much as I do
  7. Mermaid-on-Land

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    I mostly smell an oak note that reminds me of Black Annis. Another wood, similar to the dryest aspects of Ouija, comes through as well. The farther drydown reveals the dark tobacco sweetened by vanilla. I dk, need to test again. It was very masculine for me. One of the woods is so light it's almost citrusy... I think my chemistry was off the first test day, because the second try was much nicer. The tobacco was smoky and heavy and the vanilla was rich and sweetened it nicely. The woods gave the effect of the box holding the mechanism. Beautiful woods and the heavy darker sweetness and depth of tobacco and vanilla. THIS is what I had expected the first time I tried. The wood notes lend an image of an old desk in a Victorian study. After a couple of wearings I really love this one!
  8. Mermaid-on-Land

    The Black Tower

    Very fresh and windy, this is an airy scent without being imperceptible or too light. It has a similar wine and leather aspect to Wanda, with a very rounded grapey wine note that's fresh and not overly sweet, and the leather is somewhat newish and reminds me of a shoe store. There's a mild powderiness from the ambergris and the rest is mostly that airy ozonic quality. There's also a hint of greenery from the ivy. I didn't get much of the burnt smell, and only a tiny bit of metal in the beginning. It's definitely one that is gender neutral. There was also something about how the wine and ivy mixed that reminded me a bit of Nosferatu's wine and herbs.
  9. Mermaid-on-Land

    Jolly Roger

    Ehhh as far as pirate scents go I prefer Anne Bonny. It had more leather and gun powder and salt soaked woods to add interest to the ocean scent. This is pretty much a salt water scent with a tiny tiny hint of wood. Maybe I get a little of the bay rum but I've never been able to smell it clearly in any scent I've tried with it, it seems to be one that vanishes on me. Either that or it's what smells cologne-like in a few of them. Oh well, it smells pleasant but too cologneish on me, and while I definitely like a few masculine-leaning scents, this one doesn't really stand out much.
  10. Mermaid-on-Land


    Beeeeeergamot when I first apply. Bergamot with the astringency of tea. Sweet lemon cookie. With a tiny bit of the lavender from the fougere. Eventually the tea fades to the background a bit and the vanilla comes out to the forefront. I love vanilla notes, which is very fortunate for me because my skin chemistry also loves vanilla notes and tends to push them front and center on a scent. The musk tempers the sweetness of the vanilla a bit i think, but it's not noticeable so much in its own right, more so as an accent. The fougere was most noticeable upfront with the bergamot, it doesn't stick around on me so much. I like to wear this on days I want a lighter, only slightly sweet perfume. It's a good balance of 'earl grey tea with milk' and a slight bit of vanilla. It's soft and fresh on me and not at all sinister like the description lol.
  11. Mermaid-on-Land


    This smells honey-vanilla and almost peachy close to skin, very sweet and clean. The throw is something else entirely, a very similar (and hella strong) musk to Bastet, which I kinda compare to the smell of a pet's coat that's been sitting in the sun. So far, not sure here. Eventually the musk settles a bit and what's left is lovely. It's a warm, musky honey-vanilla, saturated, almost sticky in texture. It reminds me of the sweetness of Blood Kiss, and the musk that's in here (again) very much reminds me of Bastet. It's strong and more on the animalic side. It's throw is great, and the wear length is great as well. Trying this, i suddenly realize I have no idea what amber smells like in a scent. I can't pick it out in this or anything else. It has to be mixed in there somewhere but I dk where? I don't turn amber powdery so I'm not sure what it actually smells like. Anyway I quite like this! Gotta wear it a few more times and see how often I reach for it but I like how the honey and vanilla combine with the musk. On a second wearing, omg I'm in love, def in my top faves! Also I think I'm starting to notice the amber now.
  12. Mermaid-on-Land

    Waves of Mist

    Omfg this is BEAUTIFUL. It's a musk-floral aquatic. This is simple but captivating. It's got a nice strong throw and do I smell a hint of gardenia? (oh wait *checks list* it's muguet. No wonder I like this) The ambergris is giving it that musky, soft, nearly powdery quality, I think. It's the best I've been able to smell ambergris so far and I love it! This is not the light clear clean ocean scent I was expecting. I thought it would be very light and unnoticeable but the sillage is fantastic and I'm kicking myself for procrastinating so long on trying it. It's ethereal and mysterious, a garden maze in full bloom at night shrouded in heavy mist. I keep sniffing my wrist compulsively. Damn it why are LE's so pretty?! I have zero chance of ever finding more of this, it's from 2012 *pouts*
  13. Mermaid-on-Land

    The Sea Foams Blood

    Very oceany with a dragon's blood scent overlying it. If Dragon's Tears is a dragon's blood scent with an undercurrent of saltwater aquatic, this is a saltwater aquatic scent with an undercurrent of dragons blood. The aquatic seems to be the most prominent note. The dragon's blood starts off fresh and light, the "cherry-floral" side that I see in so many reviews, and over the course of the dry down it deepens into a more resinous aspect and competes more strongly with the aquatic notes. I enjoyed it but want to wear it again to get a better sense of it.
  14. Mermaid-on-Land

    The Sea Foams Milk

    It smells like seawater mixed with cream, which doesn't sound appetizing lol but scent-wise it works! Throw is great. It's a sweet, almost gentle aquatic, as though the addition of cream smooths off all the rough edges. I can see how it might veer into dryer sheet territory for some but on me it stays just on the right side of it. For a little while all I could smell was the aquatic in the throw but a little ways into drydown it balances out perfectly. The color impression is a deep but desaturated blue and off white. I think this is almost cuddly, and like, the closest an aquatic can get to seeming warm (blanket warm, not tropical beach warm, it's not tropical at all) Very unique!
  15. Mermaid-on-Land


    Pure dude's aftershave on me, and way too sharp, like a guy who over-sprayed axe. Swapped away to a co-worker who loves fresh aquatic scents and it wore really well on her tho! She brought out all the subtly floral notes and complexity of the scent. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ skin chemistry is weird. Oh well, I have plenty of other nice aquatics I can enjoy 😊