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  1. shibagast

    2015: Lace Phoenix

    Very incense-y in the beginning, then grows smokier as it dries. I feel like I smell like the back of a metaphysical shop at this point. I don't really get any of the sweetness or anything! edit: I super lied and was impatient - this actually mellowed out to something sweeter somewhere in hour 2, though I still smell like the back of a metaphysical shop. (Maybe a long time ago this was a bad thing for my nose, but I think it's changing and I quite like it as I find it rather nostalgic.)
  2. shibagast

    Who Would Not Tremble Too?

    There must be something about orange blossom that makes it smell like sunscreen to me as this has also happened with an Arcana blend... or maybe I just don't know what orange blossoms smell like haha. It starts off very strongly jasmine, then tempers down into light florals with a hint of sweetness. I'm honestly just getting all sunscreen though. ):
  3. shibagast


    [No additional description provided.] First ahhh I tested the bottle straight from the mail because I couldn't wait haha. In the bottle, it smells like mango syrup, like melted gummy candy. Wet and initial dry down is more of the same. And then! It becomes a little green and less candy like, such as when you eat a mango and you eat the flesh that's closer to the skin. It is now a very ripe mango, perhaps overripe, and it takes on a creaminess that reminds me of...sunscreen? (For whatever reason, this scent reminds me of Disney World, Animal Kingdom in particular.) A few minutes later, no more candy; it smells as if I have my nose to the skin of an overripe mango. I'm pretty happy that I got the bottle. I found this to have fairly decent throw as I only applied the tiniest dab to my wrist and I was getting whiffs of it as I went about the house doing things. I don't find this to be foodie at all. At the end of the day, it's a bit floral/perfume-y on me.
  4. shibagast


    Very green upon first application! Now that it's dried a bit, it's basically just wet soil, as if I've just pulled a plant from the ground. Interesting, but not for my skin chemistry, I suppose!
  5. shibagast

    San Cristóbal de la Habana

    All I'm getting is soap that makes me think ocean. >: Fresh from the mail, though! I hope I get the other notes once it settles.
  6. shibagast

    Screaming Mandragora

    Horrible for me. ): I don't know if mine is formulated differently or what. Nothing sweet at all. I'm not great at picking out smells, but it's very woody, musky patchouli-y to me. No thank you!
  7. shibagast

    Apple V

    Creamy coconut apple goodness. It smells like fresh cut apples dipped in coconut cream. The figs really ground it for me, making it not too sweet. I'm not sure what tiare smells like, but there might be an edge of it since there's something I can't really identify.
  8. shibagast

    Apple I

    Apples and honey with a touch of goat's milk! The milk is sweeter than I'm used to in milk/cream notes. I only get a slight dusting of hay enough to make my nose twitch in anticipation of a sneeze haha.
  9. shibagast

    The Waltz

    It smells a bit fizzy to me! I'm only getting champagne and musk though. The rose has come out! It smells like the roses from London, like there could be something darker lurking underneath. I think that's as far as it's going to get on me. ): I amp the roses in London like crazy, and I think it's going to be the same here. No vanilla for me. I lied! The vanilla musk is there! It smells so delicate.
  10. shibagast

    Edith Cushing

    I was really unsure sniffing this from the bottle, but I love this so much! Wet, it smelled like sandalwood, but as it dried, the vanilla came out subtly. It's a very warm, sweet scent; if I were to attach a color to it, it's a lovely golden amber.
  11. shibagast


    Once again, I was unsure from the bottle! It started out dark on me whilst wet, like the darkness settling in as you go to sleep. Dry, it is how I would picture sleeping to smell. I can pick out the gardenias and the lavender, but it's so well blended that I am not sophisticated enough to pick out the other notes... Ah, this must be the moonflower! So pretty... I can scarcely smell the gardenias now. Morph away, it just gets better...
  12. shibagast

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    It went sour on me. ): It started out lovely, then turned into a sweaty, sour man. I'm not sure what it could be as ambers and fougeres don't tend to do this to me individually. Into the sales pile it goes...
  13. shibagast

    Black Moths

    I only get patchouli. ): I thought the vetiver would carry over like Lucille, but alas, it's too sharp and bitter for me. I'll be selling this.
  14. shibagast

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcake

    So foodie! In the bottle, it's cream cheesy pumpkin goodness. I was sold on first sniff. I liked Frosted Pumpkin Spiced Cookies, but this smelled so much creamier and less in your face spice. Wet, I can smell the crust of the cheesecake. This is like smelling cupcakes when you first pull them out of the oven. I'm not getting much cream though... I can smell.. apples?? There's something fruity coming out as it dries more. No cream at all, though. Sad panda ): It still smells great, but I wish it would have stayed the same as it was in the bottle! How could you do this to me, skin chemistry.
  15. shibagast

    The Witches

    So sweet in the bottle. Mostly vanilla, but I'm willing to try for the pumpkin! All vanilla sugar on first application. I'm getting a little bit of the honey and pumpkin as it dries... I smell the smoked vanilla bean! It's a bit woody/earthy to me. Maybe plastic? It's tempered by the vanilla, but the pumpkin has disappeared. Fully dry, it just smells a bit plastic. ): I still like it, but is it the smoked vanilla bean that's getting me?