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  1. Alexis Trout

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Not a GC, but Alleviate the Frenzy reminds me very much of Monsterbait Underpants for some reason.
  2. Alexis Trout

    Do All the Good You Can

    I wanted to LOVE this. It has everything in it that I love, especially the almond. But this is my least favorite of the lot that I bought. The initial scent was french fries, saltiness, something weird. A fast food restaurant. Even when it's left open for a few minutes, it doesn't get any better. It almost makes me have that gaggy lump in the back of my throat. What the frig? I want a do-over! (haha)
  3. Alexis Trout

    Snowball Fight

    I wanted to love this, and I do like it, but only on the dry down. I was hoping that out of the box it would smell similar to the Snow White(s), but.... Gah! B.O. and light camphor! Lavender? Fir? The longer this was open, the more it grew on me. Definitely a wintry scent. Not Xmas. I could wear this.
  4. Alexis Trout

    Valuable, Powerful, Deserving

    Dry. Some kind of nut? Intriguing! On initial application the smell of the vanilla was strong. I didn't get any amber from this at all, but that's just me. I was hoping for the amber! This is a lovely autumnal scent.
  5. Alexis Trout

    Do You Like Clowns?

    Cloying. Purple, candy, the faintest shred of Midway with raspberry(?) and sweetness in a richly scented treat. The dry down allows the strong candy scent to fade a bit, but this is still to gourmand for me.
  6. Alexis Trout

    Closet Raid

    Clean, but not Cotton. Like clean, soapy skin. Light lavender.
  7. Alexis Trout

    The Spectral Flower Girl

    The ghosts swarm. They speak as one person. Each loves you. Each has left something undone… With love to Rae Armantrout for the poem. Black lilies, red roses, and baby’s breath. A mild light flower scent with a shot of something metallic in the background. Vanilla? Midway? The dry down is a lightly warmed gourmand scent. Clean soap, roses. After 2hrs it faded to a faint rose-soap scent. This is bottle worthy for me.
  8. Alexis Trout


    A little floral, a little green, a little 90's perfume-y, very very light earthy.
  9. Alexis Trout


    Very light sent of coconut, that leaves me with the fading memory of TKO. Mild lavender. A little Midway on the drydown. Finishes with a whiff of the vanilla in Antique Lace.
  10. Alexis Trout

    Cemetery Creep

    Mmmmmm!!! Lovely, delicious, Beth perfume-y scent. Think the lightness of Zorya P. There's a long, strong scent of old school rubber doll head on the finish. Like baby powder and rose and plastic. Love that!
  11. Alexis Trout

    The Goddess of Mischief

    Dark soapy scent. Lavender. Metal? Medicine? Not a fan of this one.
  12. Alexis Trout

    Dancing Among the Tombs

    White, dusty, mild scent. Dorian in the finish.
  13. Alexis Trout

    Little Photojournalist

    Lightly wine-y grape-y mixed with a mild perfume-y scent.
  14. Alexis Trout

    Gas Masks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    Sweet, dark pink candies. Leaves a lingering, faint breath of midway.
  15. Alexis Trout

    Vampire Princess

    Warm, deep. Had an initial whiff of dill.