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  1. stubbornfire

    In Hideous Darkness

    Vetiver hits first, but is followed quickly by cedar and..what I think is sage + ambergris. The amber and tobacco kind of wait in the background, quiet and sticking very close to my skin. After the first half hour or so, the vetiver starts to lay low and what's left is a low throw* smoky mix of...mostly everything? Tobacco/amber/sage/cedar. It's a gorgeous mix - soft and comforting but with strength. A very comforting Don't Fuck With Me; I'm really in love with it. I definitely have to try to get my hands on some bottles. *ofc, ymmv with throw - everything ever sticks close to me.
  2. stubbornfire


    It smells SO MUCH like The Traveller upon initial application - leather, and something spicy - but where the Traveler keeps the leather and gets kind of a... dusty road smell(?) almost, Kvothe starts to smell like a fresh/clean sort of cologne. The leather is still there, but it lightens. In other words, it's goddamn amazing and I wish I could have afforded like 20 bottles.
  3. stubbornfire

    Taste the Cherries and Look at the Flowers Hair Gloss

    I put a bit on my skin as my hair doesn't do well with oils/glosses. That said... CHERRIES out of the gate! Like a cherry starbust! Then it starts to mix with something floral-y that I would believe included carnations, although it didn't smell totally carnation-y to me? After a few moments the cherry is gone completely (sadness) but I have this nice 'clean' floral? That's the only way I can think to word it as it's not floral alone. It's not soapy, even, not really, just 'clean' I guess. Don't laugh, but I almost want to say I smell rose too, but that may be something else I tried leaking into the smell. (I'd almost swear though..) It's nice!! Kind of surprising me that I like it, since it's not especially my thing but. Like Little Fairy Tales of History, it'd be good to wear on days I want something light and a bit pretty without screaming FEMININE. Def a decant or a partial; I kind of really dig it.
  4. stubbornfire

    The Women's Song of Mourning Hair Gloss

    I put a little on my skin as my hair doesn't do well with oils/glosses. That said... I feel like one of those cheesy shampoo commercials- Yes, yes, yes!! This is the scent I ordered the entire round of minis to try and it is Glorious. Spicy and gorgeous and powerful. You can smell the red sandalwood, clove, and saffron all hanging out together and being excellent all at once. The base/background is definitely not a pure amber- the honey smooths it and they mingle together (literally together as I can't pick them out individually) letting the others steal the spotlight. I really hope I can swing a bottle of this before it goes down because it's the best gloss, period, beating out even Aspen Leaves and Fears. If spicy resin powerful villainess smells are your thing do yourself a solid and give this one a shot.
  5. stubbornfire

    Little Fairy Tales of History Bath Oil

    I put a little on my skin as I don't take baths often. That said.... It's very light! Almost not there! Could just be my dry-ish skin though? It's a lightly sweet scent- more 'nectar' to me than honey, unless the lab's honey note has learned to stop stomping on things. There are some accompanying light floral smells, but nothing I can pick out individually ( I'm pretty weak at those in general though). It's really nice, actually. Not my usual jam, so probably not a full bottle purchase, but maybe a decant or a partial? For days I'm feeling the feminine without needing my scent to scream it.
  6. stubbornfire

    Those Long Winter Days Hair Gloss

    Before I start- I put a bit on my skin as my hair doesn't do well with oils/glosses. That said... Oh my goodness. I wish I had plays-nicely-with-others hair cause wow. I don't get much leather but I do get a gorgeously mixed spicy herbal-y amber & oud-y masculine leaning androgynous scent that is just good! Very good!! It almost smells "clean" as it's drying/absorbing up, to be honest. Maybe like a hot woodsy guy took off his woodsy guy coat and it clung to his skin for awhile but his clean skin smell is showing up now. Gosh I want more of this!!
  7. stubbornfire

    Cold and Bleak Hair Gloss

    Before I start- I put a little on my skin as my hair doesn't do well with oils/glosses. That said.... GARDENIA GARDENIA GARDENIA GARDENIA. Oh here is a tiny bit of what i guess is satly oud. It plays surprisingly well with the GARDENIA GARDENIA GARDENIA GARDENIA. Joking aside, it really does! And while the smell is 99% floral, that 1% really adds to the scent as a whole. I'm not a gardenia person, but I still can't bring myself to hate it. That said, I'll probably be passing my mini on to someone else who is.
  8. stubbornfire

    The Painted Rose Atmosphere Spray

    It's probably the ace in me, but this definitely didn't come off as sexy- more.... Well, kind of like a well used witch's cabinent?? The rose and patch are the only notes I get and, on my linens, the rose is not super strong and is firmly reined in (and well mixed with) the patch. It's a grounded smell, rather earthy, almost spicy sort of smell. Very Woodsy, not floral at all. It doesnt blow me away, but it's definitely nice and my favorite of the three atmos! Worth a try even if you are just 'okay' or 'iffy' with roses, as they do not dominate the scent at all. Worth a try period if you'd like something earthy without being totally dirt-y.
  9. stubbornfire

    Molly, the Reaper of Justice

    Molly officially puts me 4/4 for the scents I've tried from the Pretty Deadly line, and I can't wait to try more! Molly opens with like a POW! - a combo of lime and...well, everything else! I can pick out the brightness from the lime and the lily- with a touch of cedar?? But otherwise it's an incredibly well blended perfume that manages a kind of sweet-tangy-musky thing all at once and I could just smell my arm all day. Molly doesn't quite oust Sarah as my favorite PD line lady, but she's a surefire second - for now anyway.
  10. stubbornfire


    The only down side to this blend is that it basically doesn't last on me at all - half an hour, an hour? Tops. But that's my chemistry's nonsense. Otherwise, this is a perfect blend. Fresh, drying, or dried - I have trouble picking out notes when they blend this well together. It's soft, comforting, and a 'bright' unisex scent with a throw that doesn't go far, but is pretty strong in my immediate area! Honestly this isn't much of a review, but if you love resin scents? Definitely try this one. If you're not sure about resins and want a gentle introduction? Try this one. All elements are present but well blended and none overpowers all the others. I will have to try for a lab order before this comes down - I will definitely regret it otherwise!
  11. stubbornfire

    Pan Twardowski and the Devil

    Oh man this is pretty cool! I get a blend of brown leather (soft not hard), lavender, and bay- sounds weird but it works! The tobacco leaf and oud make the back kinda smokey - feelings wise not like a smoke smell. I was bummed about W&TM but Twadorski here is pretty good! I have about a half bottle I will definitely use up! But I'm not sure if i need a backup
  12. stubbornfire

    The Witch and the Mandrake

    Starts off Apple blossom and coconut milk in the lead,followed closely by something I'm unfamiliar with- mandrake root maybe? As it dries, sandalwood and woodmusk join in with just a touch of soft brown leather hiding & wrapped up in Apple-blossom-coconut-milk. It really is beachy and summery!! I do wish the woodmusk and leather were stronger on me, as I feel it would make this more 'unisex'. It's pretty!! But it's pretty feminine and I'm not sure if I should keep it or not. Anyone looking for a summer scent that isn't super floral-y or super foodie should really check W&TM out.
  13. stubbornfire

    Variety of Pleasing Amusements

    I really wanted to love this because 1: notes, and 2: cute bottle art. Unfortunately it's just too strong! Most of my reviews I have to mention that my skin chemistry eats BPAL up- short wear lengths, minimal throw. This is the OPPOSITE as far as throw goes, and I just can't leave it on long enough to test staying power. VoPA starts STRONG with HONEY and MYRRH. Like, holyshit strong. There is definitely some soft brown leather in the background - my favorite type of leather, usually! But in this blend, all it serves to do is make the overpowering sweetness of the other two that much sweeter. As it starts to dry, the tobacco shows up, but not distinguishably (thats a hell of a word) by itself - it just dirties up the myrrh and honey; makes them a bit darker. It's still LOUD and STRONG and way too SWEET. A little goes a very, very long way! I wish I had this "problem" with something that actually works for me. to sales/swaps!
  14. stubbornfire

    Death Embraces a Young Maiden

    Someday someone may ask me-Stubbs, don't you have enough rose+_____ perfumes? And I will laugh and buy another. It's a soft but strong rose, with wood! And soft but present sandalwood. Theres a bright pretty something in the background I believe is the ambergris. The more it sits the more all the components blend! Although I can pretty much pick them all out still if I look. Its pretty and perfect and I want like ten bottles.
  15. stubbornfire

    Insupportable Misery

    Will come back to edit later as I've been testing a lot of things and am leaving the house soon,but i knew wanted to get a hit of this down. Thoughts upon seeing notes: worried about lilac (cloyingly sweet to the point of smelling like sick when there's too much of it). Initial thoughts upon sniffing: I know this feeling. Fresh on: Lavender, and greens- it's sharp and herbal. There is a bit of lemon to it, and knowing there's lilac in let's me zero in on a bit of sweetness in the background. (The 'floral' other reviews mentioned, which isn't floral at all to me- just a vague, nonfoodie sweetness.) Drying down some: sharp greens, less distinctly lavender but still herbal with a twist of lemon and a - bruised really is a good way to put it! - sweetness. I know this feeling! It's weird to smell a feeling in perfume form. I like it, quite a bit, surprisingly. I think I'll save it for those bad days when I don't want people to mess with me. Between the oil and my resting "bitchface" I should be good to go.