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  1. ObliqueRed

    Flor De Muerto

    I don't like the scent of actual marigolds much, but this scent was a surprise hit out of my Weenie decants - a gorgeous, fresh, sunny, sweetly fragrant golden floral. I adore it.
  2. ObliqueRed

    A World Where There Are Octobers

    I really wanted to love this scent because of the Anne of Green Gables reference (OMG, if there were an Anne of Green Gables GC section or LE group I would be FORCED to buy ALL THE BOTTLES) but alas, woody scents are always iffy on me, and this one is no different. Sigh. It just went in a way too men's-cologne direction on me.
  3. ObliqueRed

    Alice in the Pumpkin Patch

    Really nice. The spiciness of Alice's carnations plays well with the pumpkin spice, and the creaminess goes well with the creamy pumpkin note. It would be a nice daytime pumpkin patch, in contrast to the more nighttime Snake Oil and Morocco pumpkins.
  4. ObliqueRed

    Moroccan Pumpkin Patch

    A really delicious complex spicy fall scent. On me this one is really well-blended and not many notes emerge alone, it's more a spicy, exciting melange of yummitude.
  5. ObliqueRed


    Wet and in the early drydown, this is a lovely, ethereal, hauntingly delicate white floral. Almost as lovely as my late lamented Moon Rose. Sadly, it started going powdery/soapy on me after an hour or so. I think I need another test before I decide whether to go full bottle, because I love the early stage SO MUCH.
  6. ObliqueRed

    Snake Oil in the Pumpkin Patch

    So, regular Snake Oil doesn't work on me, but Snake Charmer does, so I had hope for this one. Indeed, the pumpkin makes it a touch foodier and mellower and less head-shoppy on me, like a Snake Charmer cousin, and makes it really nice. I still have a nearly full bottle of SC:Res, so I don't think I need a whole bottle of this one (especially since I am in love with a TON of Weenies this year) but I will definitely keep/age the imp to see how it matures.
  7. ObliqueRed

    Dark Pumpkin Mead

    Thick sweet boozy honey pumpkin. I like the scent but it's too heavy for me to wear... it would be really nice as a room scent though.
  8. ObliqueRed

    Autumn Fancies

    Nice, dry, grassy/woody. At least on my skin, it feels very masculine, but goes powdery on the drydown. I may have to test this on my husband to see if it works better for him.
  9. ObliqueRed

    Goblin Market

    FRUIT! Fruit fruit fruit fruit fruit. Juicy plump fruit. Smells very pleasant to me but doesn't work on my skin, alas.
  10. ObliqueRed

    Dorian in the Pumpkin Patch

    This smells amaaaaaazing. Dorian plus spicy warm creamy fall pumpkin goodness. I LOVE IT.
  11. ObliqueRed

    The Dormouse

    Beautiful, fresh tea, with a sweetness that feels plant-y rather than sugary; lovely, light, versatile and refreshing. A real winner for me.
  12. ObliqueRed

    Butterflies, Flowers and Jewels Attending

    My favorite of the Lilith scents this year. Very well-blended and pretty. It actually reminds me of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, but a version that I can actually wear without getting a headache. None of the notes really jump out on me, and it doesn't morph much; it's the same beautiful scent from beginning to end, lovely throughout. Definitely a bottle purchase for me.
  13. ObliqueRed

    The Future Ball

    This one's a morpher; it starts out very resiny but then after an hour or so turns into a spicy rose with a little bit of sweet fruitiness underneath.
  14. ObliqueRed

    Lilith's Bubblegum and Roses

    When I first put it on, it was SUPER sticky pink bubblegum, but as it dried it morphed into a really nice fresh pink rose scent. Not terribly long-lasting on me but a very nice rose variant; I think I'll be getting a bottle of this one.
  15. ObliqueRed

    Lilith's Feel Better Flowers

    A pleasant herbal scent with a sweet undertone. The lavender comes out strongly but the other flowers keep it from being too strident as lavender sometimes is for me.