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  1. Meg

    Villainess and BPAL

    Ooh, I love combining these, too! Here are some I've tested or I think would work well! Grampa Joe + Midway Gloop + Gula + Bliss (chocorrific) Absinthe + Frenum + Squirting Cucumber (cucumberlicious) Decadence + Creepy (fave autum combo!) or O (yum!) Smashing or Embargo + Shub Niggurath Embargo + Urd Silver Violets + Antique Lace I think Paradise Misplaced would do well with Obatala, Embalming Fluid and possibly Snowflakes or Snow White. Actually I've mixed some Embalming Fluid into my Whipped because PM didn't do so well on my skin. ... now I need to take a Villainess soak!
  2. Meg

    Destroying Angel Claw Polish

    (click here to see bigger version) Colour: One application will yield a nice milk chocolate brown. A second application will give you a beautiful 75% cocoa black chocolate brown. Another comparison would be with shiitake mushrooms, with a really pretty dark brown top. It's very slightly purple, with reddish or bluish tinges in turn, depending on the light. Texture: Perfectly smooth, shiny. Hold: I've worn 2 coats of Destroying Angel *without* a topcoat, and it's held for 3 days until it finally started to chip very slightly on some edges (I type and take notes a lot, they got decant-circle labels stuck to them several times, and I cooked, all very intense for the nails). Touch-ups are easy, it doesn't make the layers go all soft and smudgy underneath, and they are barely visible. Drydown: BPAL nail polish dries in a matter of seconds. I think about one minute and you're OK for a second layer. Unlike many nail polishes, it doesn't go gooey or soft once you've added a second layer. With most polishes I have to be SuperCareful about not going to bed or doing anything too strenuous with my hands, lest I get bedclothes-imprints on my nails, or various other marks. Nothing like that going on here, thank goodness!! Synesthaesia? Destroying Angels are white, not brown-topped, but from what I remember of the scent, it had this dark earthy mushroomy goodness that I definitely associate with a similar shade of brown. Conclusion: This is the best nail polish I have had in YEARS. I'd been trying browns and ended up giving up because they were too coppery. This one is perfect! It goes well with most colours, especially purple. And of course, the texture is perfect.
  3. I'm allergic to frankincense, and it's a respiratory allergy, not a skin allergy. When there's frankincense in a blend, I get a very dry, sore throat in a matter of minutes. Some people have posited it's the beginning of an anaphylactic reaction, and, well, suffice it to say I avoid frankincense as much as I can. (this isn't just the BPAL frankincense, Lush products with frankincense essential oil and burning frankincense resin do it too)
  4. Meg

    Trick or Treat

    In the bottle: Sweet, buttery and a bit spicy. Wet on skin: Smooth, sweet and spicy, a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. Drydown: Hmm, this develops stronger spices - unsurprising, I amp them - mostly cinnamon and something slightly citrusy, over a creamy vanilla-ish base. There's something slightly effervescent, too. Overall: A very pleasant, gentle blend. Honestly, it smells very much like Chimera in the vanilla-cinnamon department, but it's less invasive and powerful. A warm, homey scent, maybe not something I'd wear, but it's very pleasant.
  5. Meg


    In the bottle: Apple and coconut in equal measures. Wet on skin: Still apple and coconut, with butter. Drydown: The apple comes out stronger, and the caramel is very similar to that note in Midway. That note that I can happen to wear! It definitely smells like caramel apple, the coconut has gone to the background and I only smell the rum as a hint of boozy bitterness in the background. Overall: A very pleasant nutty and buttery foody scent, with a lovely caramel. Unfortunately something morphs in it at some point, making it more bitter and less pleasant. I'll stick to Midway, I think, but this would have been a nice alternative.
  6. Meg


    This review refers to the 2006 version of the blend. In the bottle: Oakmoss and balsams along with vetiver. Deep, masculine, complex. Wet on skin: Pungent, sharp balsams, mostly, and the scent of dead leaves. It's refreshing. Drydown: It's a deep, masculine scent, mostly balsams with a bite, possibly also some geranium. There's something nearly mentholated about it, and definitely lots of leaves. Mmm, leaves! The oakmoss warms it up but doesn't take over, giving it a deeper feel, and clove is barely there, just adding to the mix. Overall: It's not at all something I would wear, but it's absolutely one of the most sexy masculine scents I've smelled. It's very autumnal, cool and spicy at the same time. I'm keeping this one on hand as a room scent or to spread onto someone.
  7. Meg

    All Souls

    This refers to the 2006 version of the blend. In the bottle: Sweet incense. Wet on skin: Frankincense liek whoa. Also, a slight berry note. Drydown: It's very soft frankincense, perhaps with a breath of tonka? It has a nice smoothness to it. Then it becomes very very sweet, not foody at all, just very sugary frankincense. Overall: Frankincense blends waft a lot for me, this one is no exception - so, good throw. I'm sure it's good if you like frankincense, but to me incense blends like this all smell the same (Meshkhenet smells nearly identical, to my nose). That, and I have an allergy to frankincense means that I'd never wear this.
  8. Meg

    Sugar Skull

    This refers to the 2006 edition of the blend. In the bottle: Boozy, syrupy fruits, possibly like plum. Wet on skin: The scent is bitter from burnt sugar and perfumy from booze, but it's still sugared fruits. It reminds me of a slightly burned plum pie. Drydown: There's a hint of dried leaves in this, probably the only note in the blend I can wear without making it foul. Behind the leaves, this boozy sweet plum scent. But mostly, it actually smells like burnt rubber. Sugar smells just don't work out on me. Overall: I think this might be a rather adult, deep plum-and-sugar scent, on the right person. Alas, I'm definitely not the right person because my skin hates Beth's sugar notes, so this will be swapped.
  9. Meg

    Pumpkin Queen

    In the bottle: Pumpkin, cardamom and ginger, and mandarin. Wet on skin: Amber takes over completely, then lets a spicy pumpkin and orange through. Drydown: This smells very much like a shop where they sell scented candles, but there's a bit of a cakey feel to it which, I think, comes with the pumpkin note and possibly the ginger. There's something rich and more complex than just "foody", though, there's the orange and amber that give it a more regal, deep feel. Overall: A spicy warm pumpkin cake scent. I'd like to eat something that smells like this, but I wouldn't like to smell like this. It smells really orange, if that means anything to anyone. It's pleasant, but not really "me".
  10. Meg

    Black Lily

    In the bottle: A very light, honeyed lily. Wet on skin: Sweet lily, a teense aquatic, pretty perfumy, and slightly headachy. Drydown: It's a rather spicy lily scent, with another floral in there, perhaps narcissus. There's also a tang of lemon which makes it very refreshing. Actually it nearly smells like tea, hmm. Then a resin comes out, I think it's benzoin, and it adds a smooth musky darkness that ends up taking over the blend. Overall: This is surprisingly like Embalming Fluid Meets A Floral. It's definitely a very strong floral at first, but then citrusy tea notes come out. And at the same time there is something darker and a bit musky too. It doesn't smell black, but it smells smooth and light and somber all at the same time. It also combines a floral I don't like with a resin I don't like and still manages to be a blend that I wouldn't mind wearing. Very good.
  11. Meg

    Devil's Claw

    In the bottle: Smoky burning vetiver and a hint of sulphur, I think. Wet on skin: Still dark smoky vetiver with a hint of something bitter and green. Drydown: It doesn't change very much from the bottle: gritty vetiver and sulphurous smoke. It's very much like a bonfire, which is nice. Overall: Vetiver and I have a mixed track record, but this one stays pretty true. It reminds me of Agnes Nutter without the rusty nails, and adds itself to the "gunpowder" category, to me. Definitely an interesting blend. However, not one that I would wear.
  12. I wasn't wearing any BPAL when I went to buy my copy, but I was wearing Penny Dreadful in my mind, cause that's what I was planning to wear when my sister hurried me out of the house. Edited because I was OT
  13. Meg


    In the bottle: Tobacco and very very sweet milk! Wet on skin: Condensed milk and aquatic notes, which I can't really explain, except that they are rather pond-like. At one point it smells like wet wool. I also get the tobacco I had in Elegba. Drydown: I get aquatics, still, sort of salty and still mixed with linens. I get some of the tobacco and sweet milk, and it has a bit of a cologney feel to it, because of the aquatics that are decidedly oceanic. The tobacco and milk take turns dominating the blend, it's a bit foody and smoky and aquatic. Overall: This reminds me a little bit of Elegba, for the coconutty milk note and the tobacco. Unfortunatley on me, tobacco quickly goes to stale cigarette smoke. However it turns out pretty okay on me, stabilised by the milk note. It really smells like a very sweet men's aftershave, it makes me think of something a bit old-fashioned, which works out well for Shadwell. It really has a musty atmosphere, stuffy, with this pervasive milk scent over it. I wouldn't wear this, but it would probably work on someone who can do ozony aquatics.
  14. Meg


    In the bottle: Cologne, leather, oakmoss, lemon rind and various dark, musky components Wet on skin: Musk, lemon rind and leather, with smooth mahogany peeping out. There's something very slightly foody, like cinnamon vanilla, but it's very discreet. It reminds me very slightly of Geek. Drydown: The drydown is very smooth, I definitely get smoothness from mahogany, vanilla, and oakmoss, to make it more elegant I can sense some very discreet cologne, while leather and musk, and probably patchouli which is present but not obvious, add a devilish heat to the blend. Overall: The overall effect of all this note is a hot, leathery blend with a deceptively gentle exterior. It's a more civilised version of Geek, which hides its truly explosive nature under a vanilla exterior. An absolutely perfect interpretation on Crowley, who isn't the rugged demon type, on the contrary, but a very civilised one. It's not the kind of blend I would wear, but on a guy - it would by mighty sexy!
  15. Meg


    In the bottle: Dusty cedar Wet on skin: Ooh? Musk, very light and cologney. Wood slightly peeks through, but generally it smells fresh and ethereal. Drydown: cedar slipping through very light musk. This musk is soft, like none I've ever smelled before. It has a definite papery quality, actually I don't smell it but I can taste it - it makes my tongue and throat dry. Or perhaps there's frankincense in there that's playing with my allergies? Yep, it's a definite possibility and it would go with the "old Bible" concept. It settles down with the cedar lifting and the parchment note becoming more prominent and leathery. Overall: A gentle, civilised but rich musk with soft sweet cedar and incensy old parchments, complete with hints of leather from the binding. This is one of these perfect librarian scents, that works very well for Aziraphale. The books are there, and his kind nature is represented by the warm light musk that I really like a lot (for once). Not something I'd wear, probably, but comforting and lovely.