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  1. waternight

    Winter Stars

    In the imp: Quite herbal and fairly dry. Hints of snow and blue musk, but mostly herbal. Wet: Heavily herbal. It's somewhat bitter - almost minty, but really green and gritty mint leaves with none of that cold minty blast. Blue musk is really trying to hold its own, but it's struggling against the dominant mugwort. This is not a sweet scent at all. Dry: Not much of a morpher. Stays heavily herbal. Quite an odd scent.
  2. waternight


    In the imp: Sweet, honeyed floral, heavy on the rosehip Wet: Same - lightly honeyed rosehips. After a minute, I get a liiiiitle bit more jasmine and a tiny hint of ginger. Dry: This one doesn't morph much, and stays fairly consistently sweet, lightly honeyed rose, with just a hint of jasmine. I was hoping for more jasmine and ginger, so I will be retesting at various times of the month to see if my skin chemistry affects note prominence later. As it is, it's VERY pretty, but if I can't get more jasmine out of it, I don't think I need yet another rose-dominant scent.
  3. waternight

    To-Day Will Die To-Morrow

    In the imp: Lush, bright floral, lightly spicy, a hint of light resin. Wet: Yummy...just...yummy. Lush lilac and carnation, a bit of benzoin, a subtle thread of aniseseed...this blend is just heavenly. Dry: Benzoin gets a bit more assertive. This is a very rich scent - lilac and carnation supported by benzoin and little hints of tuberose and aniseseed. Full, rich, lush...mature and confidant and womanly. Absolutely amazing.
  4. waternight

    Crowned With Calm Leaves She Stands

    In the imp: Fresh green florals Wet: As in the imp - wet, green, gardeny flowers. It's definitely a wet and dewy scent, but it doesn't read as "swampy" to me as it does for others. Very reminiscent of being in a lush conservatory. Just lovely. Dry: Doesn't morph much at all - stays a beautifully fresh and green floral. I will enjoy my decant greatly.
  5. waternight

    East African Black Patchouli

    Yup - deep, earthy, gritty, rooty, dry. Loooooooooove. This puppy sticks around for a good while, too, and without morphing. Some days I just want to huff straight-up patchouli, and this is perfect for that. I will definitely use my decant, and may even have to track down a bottle.
  6. waternight

    Hope and Fear Set Free

    Sniffing from the imp and wet on my skin, this is a truly glorious scent - bright, airy frankincense, dry and light, with just a hint of warm and wonderful bourbon vanilla that's not too sweet or cloying. Amazing. Sadly, the bite of the resin fades and the vanilla becomes more prominent the drier this gets. It's still a beautiful and calming blend, but I wish the way it smells wet stayed longer. I will definitely keep and love my decant, but I will not hunt down a bottle. Then again, if I ever get a scent locket, this would be MAJORLY bottle-worthy.
  7. waternight


    Oh, Siren. We had so much potential as a couple.... In the imp: um...nail polish? Wet: vanilla spiked eith ginger, but with an undercurrent of something overripe and stanky, which I have to assume is apricot, since jasmine loves my skin. This smells almost like camphor, with a strange root beer note. Very much not what I was expecting in the least. Drying/dry: The root beer note never goes away, but the apricot has lost its rottenness, and everything smells much smoother and more cohesive. Quite sweet - vanilla and...stuff. I want the ginger to be spicier, the apricot to be drier, the jasmine to be, uh, jasminier. This scent is unsettling and strange, and yet there's something that keeps drawing my nose back to my arm. Not in an "I want to smell like this" wagy, but in a bewitching and almost reluctant way...very evocative of the inspiration. Without the apricot this could be a killer sexy scent on me. *weeps*
  8. waternight

    Lilium Inter Spinas

    In the imp: White floral. When I sniff deeply I get the sandalwood and fig underneath. Wet: Green! Much less floral. A base of lily, with creaky fig and cheerful apple blossom floating on top. I really like it in this stage. Dry: Sad face - the fig and apple blossom are totally dominated by sandalwood and lily soapiness. Not for me.
  9. waternight

    White Noise Fragrances

    Black Opal, definitely.
  10. waternight

    Fresh, Fruity Florals

    Glasgow. Out of the hundreds of blends I've tried from the Lab, Glasgow still remains my number one favorite. Gorgeous, light, gentle fruity-floral, not overly sweet at all.
  11. waternight

    Halp! Recommendations for an absolute Newbie

    For a light, clean berry scent, I highly recommend Glasgow. Blackberries and the suggestion of light rose...just gorgeous. Seems like it might be up your alley.
  12. waternight

    Black Annis

    Imp: Anise! And something dark and spicy. Wet: A loooooooot sweeter than I was expecting, considering the notes! Strongly anise, though there is also something cool and minty to this - damp lichened cave walls indeed. Not getting vetiver. Possibly some oak leaf. Strong throw! Dry: Strong, sweet anise. Slightly spicy. Not my style.
  13. waternight


    In the imp: Resinous and spicy-sweet from the red current. Wet: Sweet, spicy musk, juicy red current, and heady kush. A slight drizzle of honey. Yummy! Sweet but spicy, slightly smoky, thick and resinous but not sticky. Really sexy! Dry: Sweeter. Sweet incense, with an edge that is red musky. Sadly, red musk haaaates me. Sad face. Edit: About 8 hours later I woke up and caught a whiff of my arm where I'd applied, and HOLY CRAP if all the iffy notes haven't burned away, leaving behind the most drop-dead-sexy musk ever. This is what I wanted Smut to be like.
  14. waternight


    I admit, I did NOT have high hopes - or hopes at all - for this blend. Vetiver is usually a note of doom for me, and most fruits don't work on me at all. Oh how wrong I was. Imp: Cedarwood and olive leaf. Very woody, with the light oily creaminess of olive leaf. A light sweetness running through it that might be raspberry leaf. Wet: Initially, almost identical to as it is in the imp. I get the raspberry leaf, and it's definitely sweet and fruity, but it's not going all sticky-candy like so many fruit notes do on me. I also get a thread of vetiver's dirty darkness, but it's behaving for once. Dry: I'm very pleasantly surprised with this blend! Based on the notes, I would've sworn this wouldn't work on me. But it's a beautiful dry, woody, slightly dark-spicy, planty-sweet blend. If you're a woods lover and generally shy away from blends with fruit notes, try this one out. She breaks the rules.
  15. waternight

    Sleepytime BPAL

    I love Sudha Segara for a soothing, calm mood. Great for sleeping.