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    Wulric the Wolfman - LOVE. I never ever ever want to be without this. Western Diamondback Snake Oil Eat Me Dorian Bloody Mary Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, LEATHER, cream, anything foody/sweet/sugared, berries, tonka, incense, some woods, cocoa/chocolate, lavender, some earthy blends, some spicy blends (exotic, not cinnamon). Death Notes: Tobacco, orange blossom, tobacco, most florals, most aquatics, did I mention tobacco?

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  1. welcometothefamily

    The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island

    Well idk why I'm not getting milk like everyone else, but this smells like citrus and herb household cleaner to me. Nope.
  2. welcometothefamily

    Anne Beany

    I've been wanting to try this for ages, and Tielan was kind enough to send me a decant in my order. In decant: Oh no no no no. It smells like Boo drowning in rum. A sea of rum. All the rum ever. Wet on skin: Sickly sweet and overwhelming, I can already tell that this will give me a headache. Drydown: Mega sweet and powdery, I've come to realize after trying hot buttered rum that it is the rum turning to powder on my skin. I'm sorry Anne Beany....I have to wash you off.
  3. welcometothefamily

    Zombie Moon Atmosphere Spray

    I really like this one. I get creamy vanilla icecream drizzled in a sweet and tart cherry syrup. It's creamy and fruity and sweet. I spray this on my clothes some days and it lasts all day and I smell delicious
  4. welcometothefamily

    Rose Red Hair Gloss

    This is a deep, rich red rose. It smells glamorous and a little old fashioned to me, it’s the sort of thing I could imagine Marilyn Monroe spraying on in her dressing room. I can’t comment as to longevity unfortunately as sadly, my hair eats scents in a matter of hours.
  5. welcometothefamily

    Dead Leaves, Patchouli, Honey & Warm Musk Hair Gloss

    I'm really sad that out of all the HG's I ordered, this is the one I only got a half decant of. I really really like it. Pressing my nose to my hair, it's straight up dead leaves, but the cloud surrounding me is the most beautiful sweet, smooth musk. It smells masculine to me, but warm and cuddly. I really love this one and I'll be keeping an eye out for more decants. Maybe even a full bottle
  6. welcometothefamily

    White Peach and Incense Hair Gloss

    I don't get much peach from this unfortunately. It turns to pretty much all incense all the time everywhere on my hair, actually smells exactly like gypsy queen does on my skin. It's not bad but I'm so sad about missing out on the peach ETA: Of course it's always the ones that I'm not fussed about that stick around the longest. This was still in my hair the next night.
  7. welcometothefamily

    Rose Petals and Champa Hair Gloss

    I just used 1 spray of this in my hair while I was at work because I was a frizzball, and my co worker walked past and said "who is burning incense?" so probably wont be using this for work again haha. Anyway, in the bottle it smells like syrupy sweet rose candies and light incense. Once on my hair, the syrupy sweetness goes away and its rose petals soaked in red wine, with incense smoke in the background. It reminds me of blood rose except incense instead of dragons blood. I wore white peach and incense HG last night and there was still incensey traces hanging around this morning so that may be contributing to what I'm smelling now. This is growing on me. I'll certainly keep it but probably not my first choice for work scent
  8. welcometothefamily

    The Phantom Calliope

    Oh god no. It's all cherry and cinnamon (must be the cardomom) in the bottle and it's all cherry and cinnamon on my skin. Maybe a touch of the lemon verbena on drydown. The combination is nauseating. I've only tested this once but once was enough to know that I never want it on my skin again.
  9. welcometothefamily

    Boo Hair Gloss

    This does the same thing that Boo did on my skin. At first it smells like caramel flavoured powdered instant pudding mix. Not bad, just very powdery. But soon the powdery-ness disappears and it's soft, sweet, sugary caramel. And boy is this sucker strong. I only used 1 spray in my mid-long, thick hair and I can smell it wafting around me as I type. I probably won't use this for glossing purposes since my curly hair needs more than one spray to behave, but it is *very* good at scenting my hair and it'll be great on those days when I need a sweet pick-me-up. I will happily keep my decant
  10. welcometothefamily

    Frosty Silkybat Hair Gloss

    Sugared patchouli, snowy vanilla, and snowflakes. Hmm. Well I bought a bottle of Silkybat when it first came out and really liked it. I don't like this one as much as the original. In the bottle it smells like a cross between silkybat and snow white which I've never been a giant fan of. Once I put it on the snowy notes fade into the background and the patch comes out to play. I don't know how to describe this scent other than 'glamorous dirt' haha. I like it but not as much as the original. I will however be really impressed if the scent sticks around tomorrow as I put it in wet and my wet hair loves to eat pretty smells we shall see!
  11. welcometothefamily

    The Pumpkin of Conquest Hair Gloss

    Grey pumpkin husk and bruised violets blanketed by creeping white mycelium, black mosses, and toxic subterranean mushrooms. Wtf? It's sweet?? Where are the mushrooms?? It literally smells nothing like I expected?? Tbh I'm not unhappy, I don't actually *want* my hair to smell like mushrooms. I got this purely expecting to never want it on my hair ever but I had to try it because c'mon. You gotta. There's actually a foodie cake aspect to this from the bottle which is really really surprising. And it smells like yellow cake specifically. Maybe a touch of orange zest. Something ever so slightly green/dirty underneath. This is so so not what I was expecting but I really like it!! I haven't tried this on my hair yet but I definitely will be tonight once my hair is washed and will update accordingly! Here's hoping the cake stays! ETA: I finally got around to trying this in my hair. For reference, I don't use a lot of gloss in my hair since the amount I would need to tame my curls would probably knock people over with a wall of scent. I use macadamia oil first and then a couple of sprays of a gloss to scent it. I used two sprays of this which was enough to scent my hair for a meeting I had that night (also scent never lasts in my hair so I can't comment about that). I was quite sad to see that the cake smell disappeared as soon as it went in my hair and I was left with a light, creamy white floral (the violets I'm assuming) I'm not a floral person, but this was inoffensive and pleasant to wear. I will keep my decant, but no need to seek out a bottle for me.
  12. welcometothefamily

    Brainstem Lollipop

    Caramelized grey matter? Sign me up! In the decant: hmm. Sort of nondescript sweetness, I'm not detecting any apple. This actually does evoke caramelized grey matter, it's sweet but in sort of a disconcerting way? Like somethings not quite right. Wet on skin: nope no no. It's just weird sugar sweet with a chemical edge. Still no apple darnit *stamps foot* Drydown: well, this one surprised me quite a lot. I am getting no apple. Repeat: NO APPLE. Instead, the drydown smells *exactly* like Bloody Mary. It has the same powdered sugar, berry'n'cherry smell. Is something wrong with my nose? Possibly but it's dang good.
  13. welcometothefamily

    Butter Rum Cookie

    BUTTER RUM COOKIE '13 In the Imp: Wow. Boozy, buttery, sweet. Hints of almond. Wet: Buttery, sugary, slightly almondy, slightly cinnamony. Drydown: This smells like pure sugar cookies at one stage, and then dries down into a scent that is very similar to Pumpkin #5 '07 on my skin. Verdict: Since I already have a bottle of P#5, I don't need this. Nice enough though. 3.5/5
  14. welcometothefamily

    Snow White

    SNOW WHITE '13 In the Imp: Sweet, ozonic floral. Wet: Cool, sweet floral, with a bit of coconut. Drydown: Gentle, ethereal, sweetly floral, with a touch of cool coconut water. Verdict: This is beautiful. I'm seriously considering a bottle. 4/5
  15. welcometothefamily

    Lick It Now

    In the Imp: Woah peppermint. Smells exactly like a candy cane. EXACTLY. Wet: Whew. Chilly, sinus-clearing peppermint with spun sugar sweetness underneath. Drydown: Mmm. It goes through a sweetly floral stage, and dries down as a pile of creamy white cane sugar with a fluffy cloud of pink vanilla spun sugar on top. Still retains a tiny bit of that lovely floral. Verdict: I love this. I really do. Although the drydown may sound completely sickly sugar rush sweet, it honestly isn't. The sweetness is not cloying in any way, it's just gorgeous. 4.5/5