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    I'm Richelle Mead, author of a number of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. My current series are the Succubus Blues and Vampire Academy series. The debut of my new series, Storm Born, will come out in August.
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  1. Eris


    It took two and a half years, but Penitence has finally been knocked out of my #1 scent spot. That's right. It's Creepy Time. This oil is liquid gold. This is one of the first caramel scents I have ever found--BPAL or otherwise--that doesn't turn to maple syrup. It wraps around the apple, and both seem to give just the right amount of restraint to each other. The apple doesn't get too fruity, and the caramel doesn't get too in-your-face buttery. It's the perfect blend. It dims once it's been on the skin for an hour or so and turns into a nice and cozy vanilla-gourmand type fragrance. I think this is the coconut rum coming out. The only down side is that this one fades more quickly than some of my other BPAL's, but it's well-worth the reapplication.
  2. Eris

    Werewolf scents?

    Awesome. Thanks guys, these are great!
  3. Eris

    Werewolf scents?

    That's okay! She might be able to find some of that one day.
  4. Eris

    Werewolf scents?

    I have a friend who's a new author too, but she writes about werewolves, not succubi! I'm trying to get her to go in on an order I'm about to place and wondered if anyone who knew the GC better than me had suggestions. I was thinking Loup Garou and Fenris Wolf, but I'd appreciate any others out there on wolf or lunar stuff. Must get another convert!!
  5. Eris


    All right, I've kind of put of reviewing this...but, well, it didn't really work for me. I feel really badly about it since we share a name and all, but I guess we both have different ways of interpreting the goddess of chaos. On me, it was really sugary-sweet. It reminded me of orange Nerds candies. Which, I should add, are totally delicious. But, it's just not something I wear on my skin. I had a similar reaction to the mimosa single note waaay back in the day, so it may be that acting up on me again. It does kind of mellow out into the skin as time passes, and the artificial smell drops considerably, but the overall effect is still way too fruity for this chaos minion.
  6. Eris


    I never really knew what plum smelled like, so this must be it--kind of a fruity, lush smell. It does remind of the cherry in...what was it, Kyoto maybe? That one didn't work, but I kind of like this one. It definitely has a sexy edge to it, inspiring images of red and purple velvet for me. I'm not sure it's one I'd wear myself (more of a vanilla gal), but it smells divine in an oil heater.
  7. Eris


    I loooove frankincense and patchouli but the green/pine in this one is too overwhelming. That initial 'whoa' does fade once it's dried on the skin, leaving kind of an herbaly scent behind. It's not anything that really jumps out at me, but I know some people find that kind of thing to be a really nice, fresh scent. So hopefully I can swap this away to a good home.
  8. Eris


    Yes, definitely kind of an elegant, old-fashioned perfume. I can handle rose pretty well, but my chemistry is very picky about violet--which is sad because I love it! And alas, no matter how many I try, BPAL's violet just doesn't want to play nicely with me. I should give up searching...but I just can't...
  9. Eris

    Milk Moon 2005

    Wow, this is...well, milky. I never would have thought dairy could be so encapsulated in a scent, but it has been. In the bottle, I get a strong creaminess that reminds me of what I smelled in the bottle with All Saints too. Unlike in All Saints, Milk Moon's creaminess holds on to the skin, actually intensifying in strength. Over time, a glimmer of mint emerges, which is surprising. It must have been in the 'lunar oils.' The whole effect reminds me a bit of the creamy mint found in Tarot: The Star. In Milk Moon, however, the mint is only a walk-on; milk and cream remain the major players here. Strong and long lasting.
  10. Eris


    I too was interested in the 'opium den haze,' but I've had mixed luck with narcissus in the Love Potions and the occasional bad run-in with poppy too. But, when a frimp shows up, you can't turn it down. In the imp, this had that medicinal smell in Laudanum, but it went away quickly upon application. Then, as expected, the narcissus came out and turned all funny on my skin, mingled with a faintly-sweet smoke scent, much as I got from Belle Epoque. The scent stayed like this then, not morphing into anything else. What was funny was that it didn't fade. It stayed at full intensity until suddenly just being gone; there was no lingering or diminishing.
  11. Eris


    Got this one as a frimp, though I'd been eyeing it for a while. Initial application is very astringent and almost metallically herbal--the rosemary, methinks. That sharpness fades, and the lavendar pushes out to the forefront to create a sweeter herbal effect. This is soon overtaken by a citrusy smell--persumably neroli and verbana. Neither on their own is overhwhelmingly citrus, but united, they push the envelope, at least on me. This is soon subdued by a creamy, almost vanilla-y element (though there's none in the blend), and then finally all notes yield--though the verbena puts up a good fight--to my old friend frankincense. Frankincense always works well with my chemistry, and I'm left with a familiar resiny finish. Lots of morphing! I can definitely see a magical edge to this.
  12. Eris

    Blood Pearl

    Ah, in a BPAL world of notes that often elude me, orris is one I can always spot! Orris is that transluscent white floral note with glimmers of lavendar and aqua swirled in. Or maybe I'm just hung up on pearl imagery. Anyway, in the bottle Blood Pearl smells very similar to Black Pearl: the dreamy scent of orris splashed across coconut. I love it, but I was curious as to what the difference would be between the two. Once applied, I found out. The red musk warms the other notes. I wouldn't have thought that possible, since I think of orris and coconut as cooler, but sure enough, there it is. Unfortunately, red musk turns to static (weird, but that's the only way I can describe the phenomenon) on me, just as it does in Scherezade. Final call: Black Pearl is still the orris pick for me. For those that find that too cool or flowery, however, I think Blood Pearl will be right on. It adds a darker, warmer note that I think will work well for a lot of folk.
  13. Eris

    Santo Domingo

    Neat-o. I really like the way this one morphs. It starts off with what, to me at least, seems kind of like an all-purpose floral blend. Not bad, not stunning. It works. Then...the floral dims, and this wonderful spiciness comes out. It's almost cinnamony, and then it gets just a touch of creaminess with it which must be the rum. Very nice. I bet this would be exquisite on a man.
  14. Eris


    I'm feel like I'm the last person to try this! And boy, have I been missing out. I'm apparently a closet lemon fan, because I get the same soft sweet lemoniness in this that I do in Zephyr, and I love it! Only, in Dorian, it's backed by sugar and cream which I also love! The tea is there, but not too strong on me. All in all, this is a smooth, rich, and sexy scent. It's a perfect summer fragrance. It does fade quickly on me, but I don't mind reapplying. Yum.
  15. Eris

    Hell's Belle

    Wow, I get neither creamy nor spicy from this, which is what I was hoping for. I do get a very strong jasminy smell, which must be the magnolia or oleander. I'm not familiar enough with either to say which. Whatever it is, it doesn't turn artificial smelling like jasmine tends to on me. After about an hour of drying, the whole scent suddenly starts smelling like dish soap. I get the 'soapy' phenomenon all the time, but to turn into soap has only happened once before (with Aeval), and I don't think they have any common ingredients. Alas, this one worked so well on others, but for me, it's off to swap.