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    It's funny how these things change over time. Right now, I'm in love with: Snake Oil, Faith, Morocco, Love's Philosophy, Katharina, Beaver Moon '05, Tiki Queen, Jester, Velvet, Antique Lace, Hunter Moon '07 & Peacock Queen.

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  1. tasty

    Blossoms in Springtime

    BEAUTIFUL! I knew when I ordered that it was going to be lovely. I just didn't know exactly how lovely it was going to be! It's a luscious honey-ed vanilla. It's sexy and grown up and YUM! Long throw - I feel like I only need to wear half as much perfume as I normally would. I've picked up a second back-up already and am pondering the need for two more. It's that good. Seriously.
  2. tasty

    When the Winter Chrysanthemums Go

    Ugh, this one's disappointing. I was expecting spicy chrysanthemums, instead I get a strange minty aquatic. This one does not make noses happy. :/
  3. tasty

    Mother Shub's Pfancy Pfefferneusse

    I'm undecided on this one. I think that the spices in this blend translate to anise on my skin and ever so often I'm get a whiff of black licorice which is not anything I would choose to smell like. Other times though, I get a creamy, flour-y sweet scent, like cookie dough before it's been baked.
  4. tasty

    Countess Willie

    This is a sophisticated foody dream! Starting off on my skin it smelled like Dr. Pepper, fizzy bubbles and all. Later on in the day, it morphed into Eat Me (I think it's the candied fruits doing this) plus Tootsie Rolls with the musk in there making it classy and grown-up instead of childish and all candies. Delicious.
  5. tasty

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

    [Disclaimer: My decant may not be completely accurate to how other bottles may smell. My decantress wrote a letter saying that the bottle she received may have been an unfortunate batch variation, so with a grain of salt on this one...] The oil in my decant is thick and luscious. It's very stick to apply; almost like syrup. Putting it on is a little difficult and I think it'll stain my skin. All of this is such a shame because this is a BEAUTIFUL scent. The cocoa absolute makes it smell like a decadent chocolate cake batter but the tobacco and musk grounds it and keeps it in check from being a foody disaster. If you've tried Arcana's Morphine, this is in the same vein: dirty, sultry chocolate except BTBT doesn't have patchouli. I'm in love. ...which is probably a very good thing because this thick oil is probably staying on my skin for a while.
  6. tasty

    Lick It Til It's Sticky

    Oh yeah, hello peppermint. This is DEFINITELY the most peppermint-y of the Lick It series. It's sweet, but without vanilla as other versions had to my nose.
  7. tasty


    This is deeeeelicious. Absolutely delectable and gorgeous. It's a slightly spiced apple drenched in creamy vanilla cream with a slight honeyed edge. It's flirty, fun and girly without being too juvenile. I love this!
  8. tasty

    Scent for Halloween?

    I always wear Bon Vivant to weddings. Strawberries + champagne for the celebration of lurve!! I don't know what I'm wearing today for V-Day. Maybe something floral?
  9. tasty


    I love lilac scents, but sometimes they seem a bit one-note and boring. This one isn't that. At all! It's a sophisticated lilac scent that's got a lot of depth and weight to it. I like the "butched up" description. It really is like a pretty floral made less girly with the addition of leather.
  10. tasty

    Scent for Halloween?

    Tonight I think I'll wear Faith. Last year I wore Hope because I had a lot of things I was hoping to happen. A lot of them did. Now for 2009, I'm looking to have more faith in myself.
  11. tasty


    I'm just getting the wildflowers over a slightly spicy, sorta resin-y base. This isn't bad, per se, but it's not the creamy plummy goodness I was hoping for.
  12. tasty


    Yummy! Dry cocoa with a soft hint of amber in the background. This is really gorgeous. The amber keeps the chocolate in check, so even though it's foody, it's not sickeningly-sweet and overdone.
  13. tasty

    Red Musk

    Anyone have any ideas for a Red Musk + Amber scent? I bet this would be unbelievably sexy on me!
  14. tasty

    Dragon's Milk

    I really waffle with this one. Usually I LOVE it to pieces. It's a delicious, nougat-y, vanilla dessert. It's lovely. But then sometimes this one goes right to my head and makes my stomach turn a little bit. I am definitely a foody lover, but at times this is just a titch too much. Today though, it's gorgeous...
  15. tasty

    Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream

    Initially this is fresh. bright blue, BLUEBERRIES like whoa. Later it morphs into softer, yet still sweet, blueberries with a mix of something tart - I'm getting lime, how strange. As the day goes on, it becomes more foody and more like blueberry baked goods and I'm wondering if that's the ginger coming out to play. Very lovely.