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    TEAS!! Other favorites include: clove, cinnamon, and other miscellaneous spicy notes; aquatic notes; citrus; lavender; and "green" floral scents. I've also become quite fond of blue and white musks, much to my surprise.In regards to specific blends, some of my favorites include: Bengal, Clemence, Kumiho, Katharina, White Rabbit, Thalia, Silver Phoenix, Uranus, Sea of Glass, Lady Lilith, Lady of Shalott, Desdemona, and many others - mostly depending on the season and my mood. ;)

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  1. You guys have all been so helpful! Thanks so much for your suggestions. I have really enjoyed perusing the threads y'all posted, and I have some great ideas for new scents that I am absolutely dying to try! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to give me some advice. Also, since a good deal of the scents that were recommended to me are now discontinued and whatnot, what is the best way to go about tracking them down? Or is it better not to fall in love with a discontinued scent? Any thoughts? ~*~ Kat ~*~
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Ayelienne I am looking to track down a decant of that now, actually. As far as the suggestion for Kumiho, that is actually my current staple scent. It is the only big bottle I've ever purchased, and I have worn it every day for a couple of years. I have never tried Plunder, so I'll have to give it a go. You forum folks are always so helpful
  3. Thanks so much for the advice. I had no idea there even WAS a tea thread! LOL. Shows how long I've been away. I'm off to check that out. Funny you should mention Scherezade: not five minutes before reading your post, I was thinking of how perfect it sounded based on the reviews ~*~ Kat ~*~
  4. I am desperately seeking any tea/spice scents. I want something sexy, but not powdery or overly sweet. (Think Dorian without the vanilla.) I love ALL kinds of tea scents, but I am mostly interested in red, white, and black teas. I must admit, when it comes to the more exotic Indonesian-type scents. I like the spicy tea roses as well, but not the over poweringly sweet "rotten" red rose smell. As far as scents I cannot stand, I hate anything even slightly powdery, and I don't normally care too much for vanilla. Dorian is the first vanilla-dominated scent I can EVER remember liking. I know I'm picky, but I think I'm among like-minded people who understand the difficulties in searching for their perfect scent, lol. If anyone has any recommendations for scents, please let me know! If you'd like, e-mail me directly at DeusDexMachina@aol.com. ~*~ Kat ~*~