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    I love cinnamon, dragon's blood, cloves, sandalwood, cedar (any tree scent really). Occasionally I like citrus scents but I almost always dislike floral scents.


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  1. belenen

    Black Lotus

    on first sniff: CANDY on wet: strong cinnamon apple candy after a few minutes on my skin: still a bit of candy-ness but has quieted down to a rather Christmassy cinnamon, like the scented pine cones some places sell around the holidays. I'll keep this one just for the holiday season. ;-)
  2. belenen


    I got this even though I hate vanilla, because I was intrigued by the description and some of the reviews ;-) I did end up liking it okay but it was too 'feminine' for me, and too much like your average perfumes. If you're like me and you like your scents to have a bit of bite, this will probably be too dull for you.
  3. belenen


    For use only by women. An extremely potent passion blend, used to great effect when you're converting feminine sexual energy into power. In the bottle: BIT MY NOSE, couldn't make out anything. Very strong. Wet: still extremely strong, a woodsy scent After a few minutes on my skin: quiets down, but still a biting forest scent, woven through with honeysuckle and some other sweetness I can't identify. I really love how this combines the fresh woodsy scent with the much sweeter honeysuckle. Definitely an androgynous scent. And quite captivating! I can't help sniffing myself! yum. Reminds me of being in the woods in summertime, when all the scents are at their strongest.
  4. belenen


    When I first put it on, it was overwhelmingly floral, but now that it is dry, it has faded to a pleasant, sweetly woody scent. A little too sweet for me, but okay. To me, this scent isn't like Bastet at all -- too sweet and plain. If you're like me and you think Bastet would have a more complex scent, try Chimera