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  1. reynardine

    The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel

    Usually the marshmallow note works well on my skin, as does sugar, but for some reason, this scent went off on my skin and smelt like stale peeps. I had to wash it off. Pass.
  2. reynardine

    Dead Leaves, Blackberry, and Red Patchouli

    This was my favorite of the dead leaves that I tried. Very nicely balanced between the three notes. None of the notes overwhelms any of the others. Still, the dead leaf note just doesn't work on my skin at all.
  3. reynardine

    Dead Leaves and Maple Sap

    The maple sap blends well with the dead leaves note, but it doesn't work on my skin.
  4. reynardine

    Dead Leaves and Red Carnations

    Carnation isn't my favorite, so I was curious how it would blend with the dead leaf note. Answer: extra aquatic. Not for me at all.
  5. reynardine


    This is the 2018 version. I tried it back in 2010, and thought it was okay, but it works better on me now. A lovely, mild cider. Not as sharp as Punkie Night (which didn't age well anyway). I ended up getting a bottle of this.
  6. reynardine


    I tried a decant of this a few years back, and the 2018 version is very similar. Very boozy in feel. The saffron amped on my skin, which rather ruined the effect. Pass.
  7. reynardine

    Dead Leaves and Vanilla Incense

    Dusty with a touch of sweet incense. However, the dead leaf note just doesn't seem to work well on my skin. Interesting scent, will pass along the decant to a friend.
  8. reynardine


    2018 version, decant. Well, this one worked a LOT better on me than the last one. Blackberry & cream and MAGIC on my skin. No cough syrup this time! Lovely!
  9. We’re running out of room at the Lab, and it’s been a long, long time since we’ve had a trunk show. When Brian and I were rifling through the prototype and snafu shelves a few weeks ago, we dug up two busticated Snake Oils – one that was a mispour of Lemon Scented Sticky Bat, and another involved an Aggravated Vanilla Incident – and we unearthed the very first Samhain prototype from 2002. We don’t have time to do a full-blown trunk show right now, so we’re offering these three for sale. They’re in very, very limited quantity. I happened to like Lemon Scented Sticky Bat when I tried it years ago and Snake Oil is magic on me, so I thought what the heck, give this F@ck-up a try. First impression from the bottle--wow, this smells weird. No other word to describe it. Snake oil with citrusy lemon, but not like Coral Snake citrus. On me, the description is note-perfect. It's Snake Oil...Wait, no! Sticky Bat!...No! Snake oil! It morphs back and forth between the two. Finally, it ends up smelling like the kind of home-made lemonade that you find at county fairs. No tea note at all that I could pick up. I think it would be wonderful in the summer. I like it!
  10. reynardine

    Pumpkin Crème Brulee

    Agree with above, more spice than pumpkin. That being said, it is a lovely blend. There is a burnt-kinda Brûlée note I'm picking up, but it's in the background. Foodies should enjoy this one.
  11. reynardine

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    Pretty much exactly on target with the description. Snake oil with Cream Soda. And they play well together! Definitely Cream soda and not vanilla on my skin, though. My husband wasn't much impressed with it in the bottle, but he said it smelled wonderful on me. This one is a winner for sure!
  12. reynardine

    Pink Pumpkin Floss

    Sweet strawberry candy with a bit of spicy pumpkin. It's a bit of a weird scent but it works. Delightful!
  13. reynardine

    Pomegranate Grove: Snake Oil

    Very fruity in the bottle, but the minute it hit my skin it turned to ... marijauna? The fruit note disappeared and I got this grassy spice scent. Eventually as the drydown happened, the pomegranate note came back, lightly, balanced with the snake oil spice. I'm going to let this one age a bit and see if that improves things. Otherwise, it'll have to be worn in a scent locket.
  14. reynardine

    Obligatory Peach Perfume Oil

    Very light, very pretty. Not much of a throw, stays very close to the skin. Mostly peach and a bit of tea. I didn't get any musk at all (which usually doesn't work with my skin anyway). I really like it, but it only lasted about an hour, so I think I'll just make do with my decant.
  15. reynardine

    Dignified. Elegant. Sophisticated.

    Just as the description implies: BPAL's Snake Oil blend plus bubblegum. It hovered on the edge of plastic on me (NOOOO) but then settled down nicely. My husband suggested I get more, he liked it that much on me. Good throw and longevity. Doesn't replace Snakes in the Pumpkin Patch as my favorite, but certainly a contender. A good warm-weather scent.