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  1. VelvetSky

    Her Strong Enchantments Failing

    I ordered this one because of the "thorny blackberries", and it certainly delivers. On my skin, HSEF stays pretty linear from top to bottom, with the sharp, fruity berries mixing with a dry, woody incense. I expected more fire and smoke, but that's all pretty subtle. More of a warm, smoky aura than individual notes that you can pick out. As the perfume develops, I'm getting an herbal, sweet soapiness mixing beautifully with the jammy blackberries. No bubblegum in the final phase for me, thankfully, but definitely soap. Blackberries is the star here. Thumbs up!
  2. VelvetSky

    The Gambols of Ghosts

    This is a beautifully strong and lasting blend, with the beeswax note predominant throughout. This wonderful beeswax accord is both sweet and animalic, with wafts of hay and amber mixed with the honey. The olive blossom comes through for me about halfway through the drydown. Olive blossom is a great note for people who arent really into florals, as it's relatively muted, in the same way magnolia is, for example. I pick up the moss and violet as green notes mingled with the powdery musk base. This perfume lasted a long time on my skin, with great sillage. If you love Beth's beeswax blends, in particular, I think you'll really like this one.
  3. Henry John Stock Oleander smoke, white jasmine, ambrette seed, and cistus. I knew immediately that I would love this scent, and I do! Sniffed from the bottle, and on immediate application, it is quite a 'humid', light floral, with the sweet jasmine most noticeable to me in the top. Drying down, a beautifully clean, misty smoke accord comes forward, blending with the floral note and muting it - like flowers in a cool fog. The ambrette seed lends an interesting tobacco-like scent to the final drydown, while the cistus helps to ground the base with a sweet earthiness. What a gorgeous blend this is! Cold, ethereal, dreamy, yet utterly wearable.
  4. VelvetSky

    Schrodinger's Cat

    ZING! Minty citrus, bright and refreshing that dissolves down into the pink grapefruit accord pretty quickly. This is good, because I LOVE pink grapefruit. The Cat becomes a bit sweeter and deeper as the topnotes burn off. I was wary of the chocolate, because to be honest, I don't want to smell like chocolate, but it never really manifests on my skin. If this scent weren't so fleeting, I'd consider it full-bottle worthy, but my skin soaks it up at an alarming rate. However, I'll definitely be enjoying my imp and I'm so glad I've had a chance to try this one.
  5. VelvetSky

    The Red Queen

    Cherry, cherry, cherry and more cherry...for me, the only thing that saves The Red Queen from Cherry Overload in the top is the currant note, which gives a bit of a lower-pitched twinge. As the blend progresses, it becomes heavy cherry sandalwood. This scent is indeed regal, but in the end, cherry scents aren't 'me'. (Edited for wonky spelling)
  6. VelvetSky

    The King of Hearts

    When I first applied The King of Hearts, I wasn't sure. The woody notes and the cherry were kinda battling it out for the first few minutes, and cherry-dominant scents don't usually work for me. Fortunately, the rosewood amped up and the (tame) florals and lovely lavender musk pushed forward in the drydown. This smells clean without being soapy, like a field of lavender after the rain. A very subdued, elegant scent that pushes more toward the masculine than the feminine, but is definitely wearable by both.
  7. VelvetSky


    My impression of Plunder is of black cinnamon tea, wonderfully blended and supported by the sandalwood. The smell of fresh tobacco (not dried tobacco as in a cigarette but green tobacco leaf) asserts itself in the middle somewhere along with delicious, warm spicy notes. I really love this one, with my only complaint being that it fades quickly on my skin and loses much of the spicy oomph in the final dryout. Still...Plunder is a beauty.
  8. VelvetSky

    Laurel Honey

    Laurel Honey is a very sharp, green blend that definitely has presence. The honey is there but its buried underneath the strong, sappy green notes. It dries down into powdery musk, and the honey does come forward a bit. An interesting scent but not one I would likely choose to wear.
  9. VelvetSky

    Port Royal

    Spiced rum, wood, salt air, prostitute's perfume...yes yes yes, I get all of this right away with Port Royal and it's great...but I'm also getting...Christmas candle? Like something waxy with cinnamon or bayberry. I think it smells great, but I don't know if this is a 'me' kinda scent. I think I'll pass this one to my hubby and see what he thinks.
  10. VelvetSky


    Fresh on my skin, Skuld is honey and a sharp, candyish floral note (guess that's the ylang). I can definitely see a similarity with O as others have written, but Skuld isn't quite as skanky. As the scent develops, the warm, musky smell of the labdanum amplifies and mixes beautifully with the honey. Skuld is just a little bit too high-pitched to be full bottle worthy of me, but it's definitely a pretty scent and I'm enjoying my imp.
  11. VelvetSky


    Dark soil and peppery vetiver. Out of the bottle, this oil is fairly strong on my skin and then fades back pretty quickly into a pleasantly murky, moldy dirt with a touch of sweetness. I really like the black peppery note in Yorick. It really is evocative of dry bones and grave dirt. I'm so glad I had the chance to try it!
  12. I'm currently loving on The Caterpillar, because the incense blooms beautifully in the heat and humidity.
  13. VelvetSky

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    You could try something with a strong narcissus or hyacinth note... Thanx...will run a search and see what I come up with!
  14. VelvetSky

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    What resembles Asphodel? I adore it, and it's gone.
  15. VelvetSky

    The Little Bird

    THE LITTLE BIRD Traditional Little bird! O little bird! I wonder at what thou doest, Thou singing merry far from me, I in sadness all alone! Little bird! O little bird! I wonder at how thou art Thou high on the tips of branching boughs, I on the ground a-creeping! Little bird! O little bird! Thou art music far away, Like the tender croon of the mother loved In the kindly sleep of death. Night air, wild jostaberry, melancholy thistle, meadowgrass, marsh marigold, and butterwort. I'm first? Yikes! Okay, fresh out of the bottle, The Little Bird smells cool, bright and fresh - I definitely get the grass note, and the 'night air' reminds me a lot of Wolf Moon. The flowers are green and wild - not too sweet - but quite tame and subdued. The marigold comes up in the drydown. This blend does not have a lot of throw on me, nor is it particularly long-lasting...and it's soapy. I like this one. It smells happy - like Spring.