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  1. LdyKnight

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

    This smells super sweet and sparkly in the imp--other people have said Sprite or 7Up and that's pretty much it exactly. Wet on my skin it smells very clean, like expensive handmade soap, and then once it dries it smells exactly like a bottle of bubble blowing liquid. It's a really specific and nostalgic scent, but not one I necessarily want on me. I might try this just in my hair on a hot day, because I really do like it wet.
  2. LdyKnight


    I just got an imp of this in my Lupercalia order, randomly enough. In the bottle it's woody and reminds me of ...I think Foundation of Fortune? It smells very familiar, and I'm pretty sure it's reminding me of a TAL money blend, but I'm not 100% certain which one. On my skin it's sweet amber, which I tend to amp to the exclusion of anything else.
  3. LdyKnight


    In the imp it's a very masculine stone/metal smell. On me it's all leather, as I have come to expect from any scent with any amount of leather. My husband is currently running an all-dwarf game, so I gave it to him for~inspiration~.
  4. LdyKnight

    The King of Hearts

    In the imp it's a bright POP of cherry with a slightly herbal undertone. I tend to amp woods, so wet on me is all rosewood--nothing else even coming close. Unfortunately, once dry this is straight-up original scent Avon Skin-So-Soft. It's not unpleasant, really--it's a sort of nostalgic childhood smell for me. It's not something I really want to smell like though.
  5. LdyKnight


    I haven't tried this one for years--probably since I got it--and it's been lingering in what was my swap/sale bag back when I was still active enough on here to have one of those. I pulled it out on a whim and gave it a test. In the bottle it's still a sort of dry almost-spice that doesn't really do much for me. On my arm though, it's all musky vanilla and sugar and smells almost exactly like Dorian does on me. I don't get any spice at all, but it's perfectly pleasant. I think it's going to move back into my keep box.
  6. LdyKnight

    Harvest Moon 2010

    In the bottle this is very sweet, I mostly get wine and some sort of fruit, and some lily. On, I immediately start to amp the balsam fir and cedar--I was so, so hoping for spices and fruit and leaves, but I knew it was a risk with the fir and cedar. After two minutes this is all nasty cheap car air freshener on me. So sad.
  7. LdyKnight

    Lilith Victoria

    When I got this fresh, I was a bit put off--it smelled exactly how I remembered Skin-So-Soft bath oil. I kept it to see how it aged, and while it has toned down and sweetened a bit, it is still a little SSS. In the bottle it is all lavender, whereas on skin it is a bit sweeter, with a sort of plasticy note. I was hoping aging would strengthen the Snake Oil part of this blend and tone down the overall Skin-So-Softness, but it hasn't changed enough to really work. I may have to finally give up on this and send it to the swaps.
  8. LdyKnight

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v1

    CXII-- In the bottle this is not like Dorian at all--cucumber I think, and something herbal, maybe lemongrass? It's a bit lemony, but not in a citrus way, if that makes sense. On, there is something floral that comes out--I don't really have anything floral to compare it to, and I have no idea what it is. When it's dry it smells sort of cool and clean, with that floral note a bit more subdued but still there. I am getting a bit more Dorian like vanilla sweetness, but not much. I may or may not keep this--floral is not really my thing, though it is not unpleasant here. This could be really nice in the summer.
  9. LdyKnight

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    CXLIX-- In the bottle this is very sharp and herbal--I'm not familiar enough with herbal notes to really take a guess at which ones--there is something that reminds me of lavender, but isn't, if that makes sense. On me, it holds the astringent herbal smell for a few minutes, but softens in the drydown and I can start to really smell the Snake Oil. Half an hour later, the herbs are nearly all gone, and I am left with a straight-up Snake Oil. I may hold on to this for a couple months and see how it ages, but it may not be for me.
  10. LdyKnight

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Coconut

    This one doesn't quite agree with me--even in the bottle, I can't pick out the notes. Overall it reminds me of some sort of lip balm I had as a kid--some sort of Avon candy flavored one. Sort of waxy and generically sweet. There was a brief moment when it was still wet where I got a strong coconutty marshmallow scent, but now that it's dry, it's waxy lip balm. So sad, I really wanted to like this one.
  11. LdyKnight

    Screeching Parrot

    This one started out as sharp, nasty chemical on my skin--sort of a burning rubber smell. After a couple minutes it turned to bubblegum, then sort of settled into a cross between the two--bubblegum over burning rubber. Not terribly pleasant. About twenty minutes in it has sort of settled to a sort of spicy bubblegum, with the chemical mostly gone. This part isn't bad, but it's certainly not what I expected, and I'm not sure if it's worth the first twenty minutes of nastiness. I had such high hopes for this scent, but I just don't think it's for me.
  12. LdyKnight

    Mag Mell

    Sadly, on me this smells like soap. Expensive soap, but still soap. Verbena always goes soapy on me though. I can get a touch of ginger as well, but it doesn't make it any less soapy. *sigh*
  13. LdyKnight


    This certainly is a shapeshifter--three tests now and none of them smelled the same. Test #1: first out it was a sort of sharp perfumy smell--it reminded me a lot of old Avon perfumes. About five minutes in it started to stink of rubbing alcohol and I couldn't stand it any more so I washed it off. Test #2: I decided to give it another shot a day later, hoping that my chemistry had just been funny the first time. I got the Avon-perfume scent for a couple minutes, but then it turned into the lovely orangy tea that everyone else seems to be getting. Hurrah! Test #3: This third time it started out right away with the lovely warm tea smell, but half an hour in it has developed a sort of sweaty smell, like unwashed gym clothes. I am so very sad. This has so much potential...
  14. LdyKnight

    Scent for Halloween?

    I'm going as a 70s punk vampire, and wearing Mum Moon--it just sort of feels vampiric to me. And I don't have any of the specifically blood/vampire scents.
  15. LdyKnight

    Rain Scents

    I always go for warm scents when it rains-- Three Witches, Gingerbread Poppet, Chimera.