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  1. Redillon


    I know! I miss Samhainophobia sooooo much!😭
  2. Hello!!!!


    I was hoping you still had Samhainophobia 2013 and Witchblade? 


    Thank you!



  3. Redillon

    Anne Bonny

    Named in honor of the most notorious female pirate to ever set sail. Wicked, cruel, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and dangerous: a true role model. A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense. A million thanks to Juliana Williamson-Page for inspiration! In the imp it's nice and spicy. Oooh goodie!!! On the skin it very woody....well on me at least. I'm getting a lot of "cedar" and I don't know why. Maybe the Frank and Sand mingle and have a cedar baby. I'm not complaining because I dig that. Not a BIG throw but more than some in the beginning. It gets eaten up on my skin but unfortunately most do. After 2 hours the scent is all but gone on my wrist. I can still get the scent of woody spice but it's very faint. All in all I really like this scent. Eventually, I may need to purchase a bottle!
  4. Redillon


    The Lab frimped me this! It's a beautiful dark red color. At first sniff, I get resin but not a spicy resin. Must be the opium which is darker smelling but not SPICY. Rubbing it into my skin it has a very.....typical smell for headshops. Not all head shops mind you.... I can honestly say I'm not digging it. It's sweet smelling but not CANDY sweet. On dry down it turns to wax on my skin. Ehhh.... I'm glad I got to test it but it's not for me.
  5. Redillon

    Dead Leaves, Raw Leather, Bourbon Vanilla, and Clove

    I bought the bottle straight from the lab! I loved all the scent notes in this one at first read.....except for the dead leaves. I tried it one year and didn't love it but I thought with all the other notes it HAD to be good. Well, as most sniffers have already stated at first sniff it's SO LIGHT. I couldn't discern any clove, leather or vanilla at ALL. The blending of all 4 scents combined into something else..... On the skin it was more of a CLEAN scent. Not rich or heady with clove or leather at all. I was bummed. As it sat on my skin the scent stayed very close. Not much throw at all. It didn't change much on me from wet to dry. It's not bad. It's just not what I was looking for.....
  6. Redillon


    I was frimped with this little baby and I'm so glad I was. In the imp it's resiny which I love! I got a hint of dirt but it went away pretty quickly. It's Patch but not really HEADSHOP patch. It could be if not for the vanilla that seems to be hiding in the background. I know there isn't any in it but the combination of scents morphs into vanilla. On the skin it's vanilla and woody which I'm really digging. And there really isn't the true COCONUT scent which is good because it can be very fake and suntan-like. This is a resiny/woody vanilla scent that's very earthy. I really like it. Bottle worthy.
  7. Redillon

    La Ronde du Sabbat

    I just got this in the mail and I love it! It's clove and more clove. I ordered 2 more bottles. Love at first sniff!!
  8. Redillon


    I was frimped this little number. In the imp it definitely smelled like a version of absinthe. Yes, I've had it. And it's not bad. It had a minty, anise scent with a hint of CHOCOLATE? Humm... On the skin there was no chocolate but the anise was stronger and cleaner. I don't get much lemon and that's good because I'm not a fan of the lemony scents. As it melts into my skin it's minty without being really harsh. It's blending very nice with my skin and isn't being eaten up as a lot of the scents do with my chemistry. It's fresh and sort of clean. I'm enjoying this very much. I keep getting wafts of the scent from the front of my shirt and it's SO LOVELY. I can see a bottle of this in my future for certain!!!
  9. I am a FIEND for Achulophobia in the 2013 Weenies! Is there ANYTHING in the GC that is close?? I will cry when my 2 hoarded bottles are empty. Even though the scent gets eaten up on my skin, I LOVE it and end up making sure it's in my clothes to make the scent last longer. Notes are Black patch, tobacco absolute, opoponax and inky black musk
  10. Redillon


    In the bottle and immediately on skin is smell is....sweet. Candy-like. The more it sits on my skin I can smell the berry and the amber and possibly the iris. It's smelling like a berry cough drop. I can smell the powder in the background. My skin is just eating it up. Not my favorite.
  11. Redillon

    Belle Vinu

    I really wanted peach but all I got was rose. All floral rose. *sigh*
  12. Redillon


    I was so excited to try this one so I bought a bottle "unsniffed." Unfortunately, it was not what I had hoped. In the bottle is all red musk and dust and I LOVE dust but not in this unification. So I put it on and all I could smell was.....ROOTBEER?????? What?? No like it, no like it. I didn't get much leather at all and I LOVE woody notes and it just....wasn't. *sigh* Off to the swaps.
  13. Redillon


    WOAH MOIST DIRT!!! It smells like my cubby hole underneath my parents house! I ploughed thru....as it warmed up on my arm the cloying dirt smell subsides and I'm left with something kind of pretty. Sort of floral but still mossy and green. It doesn't have a lot of throw and on my skin type doesn't last very long. I do like it but not enough for a bottle. My husband and dad said it was nice from the bottle. They didn't get the heavy dirt scent like I do. maybe it's a guy thing.
  14. Redillon


    I really like the spiciness of this scent. It's nice and deep. The woods are sweet and grounding. I was nervous about the rose but it adds just a hint of floral to lift the scent and not be so basey. I could detect a smidge of chocolate when I first put it on but as it melts into my skin it rounds out the other scents. I'm really liking this! It doesn't last long on me but very few really do. A winner for me!!!
  15. Redillon

    Theme in Yellow

    Well, I put it on and got the thick buttery note but as it warmed on my skin it turned into a real squashy scent. It was as if I rubbed a gourd on my arm. But it didn't last long at all on me and it turned to straight up candle wax after an hour.