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  1. I found myself craving Persephone last summer.
  2. ajwong755

    Now Winter Nights Enlarge

    The first time I tried this, it smelled similar to Indian curry. Maybe fenugreek or something? The second time it smelled more sweet and like caramel. I made my mom try it and she also thought it smelled like curry. (Which is pretty interesting because she usually never agrees with my interpretations of scents...)
  3. Thank you, arsenicsauce. I don't think I'll grab a bottle then unless I try it and love it.
  4. I've been thinking about getting boomslang, but I have some questions. Is the chocolate in boomslang warm and smooth or dusty? Does it smell medicinal like fresh snake oil? How does it change after aging? Also, many of the reviews said it smells very similar to snake oil, is boomslang actually worth getting?
  5. ajwong755

    fizzy, sorta carbonated, sparkling blends?

    I got Dr. Pepper from fresh Mme. Moriarty.
  6. ajwong755

    "You can't afford me" scents?

    I'm trying to enable a friend of mine, but so far she only likes the commercial perfume samples I've given her... She likes them because they smell like a "rich lady." (Guess Gold and Vera Wang Princess) I don't think she'd like sexy/haughty scents, but more upscale and fancy ones. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  7. ajwong755

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    For the first few months I had Mme. Moriarty, it smelled exactly like Dr. Pepper on me. Now, after aging for a while, it smells like rich, musky, red fruit with a hint of incense. It's a little sweet, but not overwhelming. ETA: After aging some more, it now smells like candy. For me this is not a good thing because it reminds me of those super sweet teenage perfumes they try to sell you in clothing stores or something. So sad...