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  1. miri

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    Sweet, very red, and slightly powdery - I enjoyed this! It's definitely cooked fruit, rather than fresh (it's almost jellied fruit, really)... It lasted well, and was fun
  2. miri

    Velvet Panther

    I noted that this was a powdery, ambery, sweet citrus at first, but after a while, I ended up with soap. And it didn't stay around that long... The amber must have been the dark vanilla and musk conspiring to trick me I don't know if this might need to settle for a little while longer before re-testing it, or if I should keep my imp for my scent locket... Or both
  3. miri

    Velvet Tiki

    Velvet Tiki was quite floral when wet, but dried to a nice vanilla with very little throw (though it may have been overshadowed by the O CTV I had next to it)! The next day, it smelled almost like digestive biscuits, which was rather bizarre - but hey, it stuck around!
  4. miri

    Velvet Pink Kitty

    Velvet Pink Kitty is definitely related to Velvet Unicorn. It's less sweet and slightly boozy. If you took a double shot of gin, added half a bottle of apple and raspberry J20, and topped it up in a pint glass with tonic water, you'd get a drink I'd really like something rather close to this! Definitely one to try again - not sure if it's bottle-worthy, but it is fun!
  5. miri

    Velvet Nudie

    I don't get the lemons from it - a very light, sweet, almost furry vaguely floral scent. I quite like it (it's sweet, clean, feminine and gentle), but I get virtually no throw from it at all, and I put on a decent amount...
  6. miri

    Velvet Unicorn

    Very, very sweet pink sugar (possibly pink Nerds candy (limited edition strawberry, perhaps?), with a very slight edge to the sugar). As it starts to dry down, fresh red berries come out of it (seriously, like somebody got a bowl, put some fresh, tart fruit at the bottom, then filled it up with candy/pink sugar, to try to trick kids into eating the fruit!) and the sugar lightens a bit to a meringue/candy floss sort of scent (berries still peeking out every so often) Rather pretty, but it would be nice if it had more throw... But I think most scents, even the ones that stick around (I still had scent 24 hours after application, up close - then I showered) stick right to my skin...
  7. miri


    Lascivious, flirtatious, and vampy as hell. A true heartbreaker’s perfume. The innocence of orange blossom tainted by the beguiling scents of ginger and patchouli. When I first applied it, I got a very, very light ginger over sweet flowers. The ginger went away, leaving me with a reasonably heavy sweet floral. Not a distinct "orange blossom" - I'd have guessed "jasmine" if I had to, because it's got that sort of sweet, heavy, enveloping-ness to it. Four hours after application, still a sweet, heavy, jasminey floral. It's not unpleasant, but I wanted ginger and orange and patchouli from it!!! I think I'll have to try it again at some point with different expectations, because I can't get over the "but I didn't want it to be like that..!" factor today! ETA: 7 hours after application, I'm getting sweet patchouli with a hint of ginger spice!!! Of course, I do need to huff my wrist with my nose practically pressed to my skin... But now I can see the Karma similarities at least (though I personally find Ravenous closer)...
  8. miri


    In the wet stages and for the first couple of hours, I wouldn't have guessed floral. (I'm trying to test all my untested imps - a different scent a day. Reach in, try to remember if I've tested it before, sniff, if I like, apply (if I really like - like this and Kubla Khan yesterday - apply somewhat generously!). Look up notes afterwards.) I had a sweet, smoky, spiced but not spicy mandarin - if Carnal and Sin had a love-child, this would have been it. After a couple of hours, it started to go more floral - I lost my mandarin and started to suspect rose. I've now got a rose, sweetened by jasmine and rendered very slightly smoky by myrrh. I might try this in a scent locket as the wet stage was very nice, but I'm not a fan of the scent of rose (my boyfriend got me two dozen a few years back for Valentine's Day - I sniffed deeply and said in delight, "Yay - hothouse flowers! No scent!" They're very pretty and I like stroking them coz the petals are all soft and velvety, but the smell doesn't do it for me - from the blooms or on my skin).
  9. miri

    Kubla Khan

    Oh wow - this is not one I'd have picked for me from the list of notes (leather's usually an automatic dealbreaker for me - I don't like the scent of the real stuff, or the notes that mimic it! And I'm not a fan of rose), but I only get ones I like!!! This is a very well blended sweet, slightly smoky, golden vanilla/amber scent. I've caught little whaftlets of sandalwood, maybe a slight hint of ginger... But the florals and leather haven't made an appearance.
  10. miri

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    Do people find that their skin condition affects how long it lasts, so that when their skin's a bit dry, BPAL goes away quicker? I'm 95% certain I've heard this as a theory before, to add to the personality type/body temperature debate..!
  11. miri

    Hay Moon

    I quite like this, but I do think it's a bit outclassed by Mead Moon. I first tried Hay Moon and Mead Moon at the same time (different wrists), and really loved Mead Moon (it's such a match for Lush's Honey Trap!) but wasn't blown away by Hay Moon. I only put a little dab on each wrist to re-test it, but have been really enjoying it. It starts off as quite a green scent, like cut grass waiting to dry, but sharper, but as it dries the honey comes out to play, the grass turns to hay, and it ends up a warm, gentle, sunny scent, with little wafts of honey, lemon and mallow. My biggest problem with it is that it doesn't have much throw and goes away quite quickly. I put a load more on to see if it was a case of quantity, with the same results.
  12. miri


    Amber, cream accord, white honey, apple blossom, skin musk, caramel, and teak. I tried this on after reading the Mead Moon and SGA reviews and almost thought I was imagining the scent - a deep, dark, complex honey, with a little apple edge. Looking at the notes: nope! It really was a case of 'reach into Grindhouse Ladies bag because I need to start testing them, pull it out, take imp cap off, breath deeply, slather'. This is good! The caramel and white honey sure do play nice together! And I did actually put enough on to be able to feel it as a layer on my skin... *whistle* The cream accord and apple blossom give it a - err - creaminess. I think the teak's staying in the background, adding to the depth of the blend but in a subtle, refined, unobtrusive way. This scent is GOOD. (Edited to add description.)
  13. miri

    Mead Moon

    I'm a little amused by how many people have compared this to various Lush scents - and have to agree with the person who said that it's Lush's Honey Trap lip balm! It's definitely a predominantly honey scent, but I think the rosemary, lemon and nutmeg are notable temperers (in that order), cutting the sweetness and giving it a general creaminess with a little edge. It's a good one!
  14. miri

    Pickled Imp

    While this made my brain bop and go "Chimera! But more throw!", I think it's actually closer to Gingerbread Poppet - it doesn't have the copal dry-down, at any rate... I really like both of the aforementioned scents (and have bottles of both), so I intend to enjoy my Picked Imp decant and think hard about whether or not I need a bottle. It's sweet, spicy, almost sticky/syrupy and rather gorgeous!
  15. I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but Hermia is basically Rock Star plus pink pepper. Given that Rock Star is one of my favourite soaps...