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    The Scales of Deprivation
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    MOROCCO! The Bow & the Crown of Conquest, 13 (13 October 2006, Orange label), Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener, The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, Temple Viper, Gelt, Graveyard Dirt, The Scales of Deprivation, Monster Bait: Bloody Mary, Lilith Victoria, Hellhound on my Trail

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  1. spoilsofwar


    I'm not a fan of lavender, as in the flower, but when it's medicinal like this, there's something about it. Within 20 minutes of putting it on, I could NOT stay awake. I have no idea if it's the fact that it was 4am or the Somnus, but I was OUT like a like in a heavy sleep that pulled me completely under. I might have to try this again tonight but at a normal hour to try again to find out. If it's this perfume, Beth's gonna run out of it. I love things that lull me into a natural sleep; I'm a big fan of melatonin for this reason. I hate taking sleeping pills or Nyquil because I feel SICK and that's what makes me fall asleep. Then I wake up groggy. I even woke up EARLY today, and I woke up ready to COOK. That never happens.
  2. spoilsofwar

    Lovers in a Ricefield

    The plum is prominent on me, and it's LOVELY. The second strongest note on me is the vanilla sandalwood, and if there's two scents I love the most, it's vanilla and sandalwood. Combining the two is just heaven on earth. And still, the plum keeps it from going too dark, too foody (which isn't usually a problem for me; I love foody scents). All in all, this is absolutely GORGEOUS.
  3. spoilsofwar

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    I'm usually not a fan of woody scents, but this one is simply gorgeous. Black vanilla isn't as sweet as regular and the tobacco gives it an edge. All around, this scent swooped in and made me LOVE it from first whiff in the bottle until now, hours later. Highly recommended!
  4. spoilsofwar

    Smoky Moon 2009: Tristesses de la Lune

    As a huge fan of sandalwood and musks, particularly pale ones if they're mixed with incense. I was a little worried at first, because I don't know the OTHER notes in this well enough. But I thought I'd give it a go. This scent is so subtle, so sneaky (in a good way!). It's flowery and woodsy and incensey all at once, without being overpowering on any of those. I'd recommend it for those who like incense/woods/flowers but find the scents usually too overpowering (me, I love the darker VERY incense-y scents, and flowery and woodsy almost not at all).
  5. spoilsofwar


    I wanted to love this. I really, really did, but when I got it, there was something overpoweringly thick. I thought if I let it settle a little, it would mellow. First of all, when I dipped the toothpick in, the oil was almost black. It HAD mellowed quite a bit, so I thought since it's been about two weeks, it would be good to test it. It smells just as plastic and thick (in an unpleasant way; I usually LOVE heavy scents). There's nothing sweet about it to me. Alas, this bottle is going to go up for sale or swap.
  6. spoilsofwar


    In the bottle, this smells like a gorgeous little farm. Kind of light and fruity. Delightful actually. I was a bit surprised because I couldn't smell any hay at all. When I put it on, though, all I could smell was molasses. And not just molasses, but BURNT molasses and it was NOT pleasant at all. An hour later, same thing. Two hours later, I had to wash it off. Definitely not for me.
  7. spoilsofwar

    Lick It One More Time

    In Bottle: Holy MOLY is that peppermint or WHAT? Oh yeah, it definitely smells like extract of peppermint, so it's a good thing I LOVE peppermint. I went through a phase (and still do from time to time) where I use peppermint body wash. The tingling sensation is nice, and it FEELS clean. Wet: Like those giant, fat peppermints that my grandfather used to have sitting next to his recliner. Mmm. But after a few seconds of settling on my skin, my skin actually started to tingle and almost burn. I prayed that this wouldn't last because what a damn shame if it did. DryING Down: Still a bit of a tingle, but not an unpleasant one. Definitely cleared up my sinuses, which is a blessing since I think that's one of the things I love about peppermint so much. Dry-down: Definitely fat, sugary peppermints, but the vanilla mellows the sting of it for me. The vanilla isn't too prevalent; it's more like a whisper of vanilla. It's nice. It was still fairly prominent on my skin when I went to bed six hours after application. Vote: Definitely a keeper! Might have to look into the OTHER Lick Its!
  8. spoilsofwar

    Eat Me

    I'm not gonna bother to review this by Bottle/Wet/Dry, though in the bottle, it was a LITTLE bit stronger than I envisioned. But it is LOVELY. As a big fan of foody scents, I already knew I'd love it, and I was NOT WRONG. Like my beloved 13 (Oct 2006), I get asked if there's cake, cookies, pastries around because I smell so good. After I told one person what it was I was wearing, she embarrassingly told me that she really did want to lick my arm (where she sniffed). I'm having a hard time concentrating because I keep sniffing myself. It's light and airy, with enough sweetness for a foody like me. But without the in-your-face sugariness. A++++++ MUST HAVE BOTTLE NOW.
  9. spoilsofwar

    Current Collection

    Man, I finally catalogued and organized all my stuff. I THINK I've got these in the right places. Most are above the top of the label still, too. LE 13 (02/13/09) 13 (10/13/06) Beaver Moon (res 08) B-Horror Blade of Grass Brides of Dracula, The Candy Phoenix Carnivàle Crimson Christmas Faiza, The Black Mamba Gelt Giallo Gladdener of all Hearts, The Goblin Rider Graveyard Dirt '08 Harvest Moon 2008 Hellhound on my Trail Ides of March '09 Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream Katrina van Tassel Kingsport Lady Luck Blues Lick It One More Time '07 Lilith Victoria Lovers in a Ricefield Lurid Library, The Midway: Resurrected Midwinter's Eve '07 Monster Bait: Bloody Mary Monsterbait: Biggercritters MVJBA: Pancake Breakfast Noche Buena '07 Ol' Roswell Cemetery On Darkness Passionate Shepherd To His Love, The Penumbra Phoenix, The Pickled Imp Pit & The Pendulum, The Schwarzer Mond Siamese Twins, The: Faith Smoky Moon '09 Snow, Glass, Apples Sticky Pillowcase Strawberry Moon '09 Sugar Cookie '08 Tabella Tamamo-no-Mae Temple Viper White Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Coconut GC 51 Antique Lace Bilquis Bow & Crown of Conquest, The Buggre Alle This Bible, The Eat Me High Priest Not to Be Described, The Lilith Morocco Obatala Philosopher in Meditation Scales of Deprivation, The Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener Sudha Segara Velvet Imps - GC Absinthe Akuma Alice Al-shairan Amsterdam Anne Bonny Anubis Arcana Arkham Athens Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo Ave Maria Gratia Plena Baghdad Bastet Belle Époque Belle Vinu Bewitched Black Cat Black Rose Black Tower, The Bliss Block Buster Blood Kiss Bloodlust Bon Vivant Brisingamen Caliban Cathedral Catherine Cobra Lilly Croquet Crossroads Czernobog Dance of Death Debauchery Deep Ones, The Desdemona Desire Destroying Angel Dian's Bud Djinn Dodo, The Dragon's Hide Elegba Embalming Fluid Endymion Envy Eos Euphrosyne Euterpe Fallen Fascinum Forbidden Fruit Gluttony Goblin Gomorrah Grand Guignol Grandmother of Ghosts Greed Grog Hades Hairy Toad Lily Harlot Haunted Helena Hellcat Hell's Belle Hemlock Himerus Hunger Hurricane I Died for Beauty Île de la Tortue Jailbait Jester Jezirat al Tennyn Juke Joint Juliet Kathmandu King of Hearts Kubla Khan La Belle Dame Sans Merci Lady Macbeth Lady of Shalott, The Lampades Languor Lightning London Loup Garou Loviatar Lucy's Kiss Lyonesse Lysander Madrid Magus Maiden Malice Marie Medea Morgause Moscow Mouse's Long and Sad Tale Music of Erich Zahn, The Namaste Nanshe Nosferatu Nuit Nyx O Obatala Osun Othello Oya Ozymandias Pannychis Peitho Penitence Perversion Phantasm Phantom Queen Plunder Port-au-prince Prunella Psyche Queen Gertrude Queen Mab Queen Of Hearts, The Rapture Raven, The Rome Rosalind Rose Cross Salomé Santa Eulària Des Riu Santa Muerte Santo Domingo Scarecrow Shadow Witch Orchid Shoggoth Slippery Poppy Tincture Sri Lanka Sundew Swank Tavern of Hell Tempest Tenochtitlan Thanatopsis Thanatos The Temptation Titana Tombstone Troll Tweedledee Twilight Ultraviolet Urd Vechernyaya Velvet Versailles Vice Vicomte De Valmont Viola Whitechapel Windward Passage Yemaya Yerevan Yggdrasil Y'ha-nthlei Zephyr Zorya Decants - LE/Unimpable Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil, The Bakeneko Bat of Good Death Bat of Health Bat of Longevity Bat of Virtue Bat of Wealth Candy Butcher, The Cytherea Daiyu Dia Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal Gwyneth Hellion Hessian of the Hollow Illustrated Woman, The Kataniya, The Clockwork Woman Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills Lump of Coal Lurid Library, The Marianne Marshmallow Poof Midnight Mass '08 Midway: Original Monster Bait: Underpants MVJBA: Dog Days of Summer Parliament of Monsters Parthenope Pickled Imp Reindeer Poop Rose Red '08 Splatter Comedy Sugar Skull '08 Tell-Tale Heart, The Usher Velvet Clown Velvet Cthulhu Velvet Nudie Velvet Panther Velvet Pink Kitty Velvet Unicorn Sniffies/Empty Imps: Serpents with Glittering Eyes and Forky Tongues Agape Lady Lilith Two, Five, Seven Pending in swaps/purchase/decant circles: The Antikythera Mechanism (5ml) - purchased Banana Peel in a Graveyard (5ml) - purchased Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (5ml) - purchased
  10. spoilsofwar

    My Wishlist!

    Whew. This is a LOT. Italics: What I really really want. *: In bottle form LEs: All Saints' (any year) Allison Gross Aperotos Eros Berry Moon '09 Buck Moon The Candy Butcher * (have a decant. <3 decant) Dissipation (discontinued: 10/27/04) Door 13 - (would like to try decant; ozone sort of scares me) Hungry Ghost Moon (Want to try to see what the fuss is about!) I Married a Vampire from Planet X Lawn Gnome * Labores Solis Maelstrom: The Masque Season of the Inundation Sluggard, The Snowblind (Original or Resurrected) Stinky Storm Moon Sugar Skull (any year) Underpants (HA HA HA) Usher * Yerevan (have an imp; LOVE the imp) GCs: Absinthe All in the Golden Afternoon Amsterdam Bliss * Buggre Alle This Bible (decants for my bottle!) Crowley * Cthulhu Dirty Dorian Dream Formula V: Somnus Embalming Fluid * Ether Gluttony Hairy Toad Lily * Hollywood Babylon How Doth the Little Crocodile The Illustrated Woman * Imperious Tiger Lily Jailbait * Midnight on the Midway Miskatonic University * Mr. Ibis * Namaste * O * The Parliment of Monsters * Peitho * Penny Dreadful The Phantom Calliope Phobos Priala, The Human Phoenix Snake Oil * Tamora Versailles * Villain Whitechapel Wilde Wulric, The Wolf Man Zarita, The Doll Girl Zephyr PENDING: The Antikythera Mechanism * Banana Peel in a Graveyard *
  11. spoilsofwar


    In the Bottle: Cocoa, cocoa, cocoa, coooocoa! Mmm. Yum. There's a hint of some other sort of flavouring, perhaps something in one of those expensive brands of hot cocoa -- like hazelnut, amaretto, etc. Can't QUITE place it, but YUM. Wet: MORE of the same, and goodness, this smells like I poked my head into a giant tub of hot cocoa mix, and not the cheap kind. It starts to warm up, which I assume is the amber. Dry: Dry-down is EXACTLY the same as it is wet. GOOD LORD, I want to eat myself.
  12. spoilsofwar

    The Scales of Deprivation

    In the Imp: The frankincense is really noticeable, and I've come to realize how much I love the smell of frankincense and myrrh. I can also smell the sandalwood, which I also love. I was really unsure of the vetiver, but I also knew that all the scents that had labdanum in them, I'd fallen in love so I was more than willing to give this one a shot. In the imp, it smells a bit masculine, definitely, but not overly so. Wet: Oh wow. I am in love. The frankincense really comes to the forefront, and the sandalwood cancels out anything lemony in this, which I think is good. Citrus might dilute this, and I love how lush and warm and thick if smells. Dry: The throw on this -- for me -- is amazing. Everything that I loved about it wet is still there dry. And I can smell the lemon peel just a smidgen, which actually doesn't detract because the sandalwood has come out even more. YUM. Definitely buying a bottle of this! Like it's companion The Bow & Crown of Conquest, this is sex for me.
  13. spoilsofwar

    Graveyard Dirt

    In the Bottle: Definitely dirt. Wow, and I don't think of anything but a graveyard for it, but that could just be my own preconceptions. Wet: The SECOND it touched my skin, the dirt gave way to flowers and something minty. It's interesting, the combination. Dry: It dried very quickly, and I have a feeling it's not going to last as long as some of my others, so I'll have to slather it on, but WOW. I really do love this. It smells like fiddling around in a flower bed with cared for soil and plants after a good hard rain. I really enjoy this, and will have to test it out in public.
  14. spoilsofwar


    In the bottle: Mmm. Sweet enough to eat. I won't, but I want to for some reason. Mouth-watering peaches or something other juicy sort of fruit like that. Not citrus though. Wet: More of the same, but now I can smell the carnation. I never thought I liked the smell of carnations that much, but I'm finding more and more that I DO. Pretty much everything I've tried that has carnation in it, I've loved. Hmm. Something to ponder. And now it smells a little like... you know how at carnivals and fairs, you can get shaved ice? And the scent of all the flavouring? It's like that, only less sugared. Mmm. Dry: It's mellowed quite a bit, but it still reminds me of shaved ice in the best possible way. Definitely among my faves.
  15. spoilsofwar

    The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

    In the bottle: Whoa carnation & rose. You are dewy and lovely, but I don't know if I should wear you. Wet: Y HALO THAR TEA ROSE. My imagery is definitely a wet meadow filled with spring flowers, and I love it. A bit overpowering, and I hope I don't make anyone's nose and eyes water. :| Dry: Nearly eight hours after I put it on, it's still powerful, but it's soft and feminine and floral and wet and green. Now, I'm not usually really keen on florals, just because they smack too much of "normal" perfume, but for some reason, four people who don't talk to each other have all said this smells like sandalwood to them. That's amusing, obviously, since there isn't any sandalwood in it at all. Either way, it's one of my favorites, despite the floral.