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  1. isentropic


    I'm really glad others liked this scent because it smells awful on me. I don't even know what it is, because I do so well with resins, normally -- just ugh. How depressing
  2. isentropic

    Vampire Tarot: The Fool

    This was a toughy for me. I really wanted to like it! I opened it and got a mint vibe, which was very exciting but when I put it on, it just went to plant. Dirt and plants, very much like garden mint. I like the smell, but there's something about greenery that I just can't stand wearing :\ Will probably end up selling/swapping, though I'm not sure if I want to give up something so hard to come by!
  3. isentropic


    In the imp: Surprising; very coconut fruit, almost has a juicy smell about it that I'm unsure of On, wet: The tobacco I was nervous about makes an entrance but it's so nicely blended into the vanilla tea that it isn't unpleasant. Throw: vaguely fruity, floral vanilla with a bisk of huskiness Dry: All pale vanilla and tonka with lingering florals. Conclusion: Not super unique, but very pleasant smelling. Quite enjoying it.
  4. isentropic

    Cobra Lily

    Cobra Lily -- frimped to me by hipslike___cinderella Imp -- green, floral. I don't like greens, but I'm willing to try it out Wet -- amazing... it reminds me of another bpal I have and love but I can't put my finger on which. Dry -- dries down quick and loses a lot of the throw, which is a shame. It's still really lovely. I'm quite a fan! A little Later -- the floral has amped back up! yay! It's getting much stronger. I figured out that it smells like Kurukulla to me, which is odd because that is lotus and rose, not lily. Later -- Stayed nice and florally till the end and died down after about 5 hours. Overall -- Really beautiful. What a great frimp!
  5. isentropic


    Faustus ---- First impression: wet, spicy, very fall, something that reminds me of the spice in event horizon. rich, masculine, maybe cinnamon After dried a bit: getting a potpurri vibe kinda, a little too sweet -- probably the violets. not really digging this. Two hours later: softened way down. potpurri-y still but its not bad. very violet and frankincense and fake cinnamon. its not unpleasant, but nothing to get excited over, imo Lasting power: began fading about 2.5 hours after wearing. Overall: Not bad, but probably won't wear it again unless I put it in a sent locket.
  6. isentropic

    Event Horizon

    How in the HELL have I not reviewed this yet? Event Horizon is my single most favourite BPAL ever, and the reason I even got into it for more than a couple month fling. It was my first bottle and will always be my last love :] ANYWAY. There is something rich and powerful and heavy (in the most glorious way possible) about Event Horizon. It's the warm, palpable air of a hookah den, spicy and delicious and ... I don't know. Perfect. Incredible. Need more bottles.
  7. isentropic

    Mata Hari

    Oh Nelly. When I first opened this imp, I grimaced, closed it immediately, and shoved it back in my imp box. A few months later I finally got up the nerve to take it out and try it on. Dab, dab. All I can smell is the most foul stale coffee smell I have ever had the misfortune to headache through. Open reference page. Angrily click review link. Knowing sigh of relief after first interview. I'm still not a big fan after the drydown, but it <i>definitely</i> improved compared to that original, godawful coffee. The rose still smells a bit stale, but its a comfortable floral. I am getting a light headache, though, so I think it will stay in the swap pile.
  8. Hahaha my first thought for Umbridge is Jailbait (Sticky pink bubblegum and the thick, sweet scent of orange and cherry lollipops smeared over a breath of heady womanly perfume), which is a rather disturbing image, to be honest. Mrs Norris should, I think, be Humbug (Vanilla licorice)
  9. isentropic

    Jolly Roger

    How have I not reviewed this yet! Jolly Roger is both my most loved and most hated scent. That's because the imps I've gotten (haven't yet braved a bottle) are either super aquatic (yay!) or super leathery (boo!). The super aquatic batches are glorious; it's like breathing in great gulps of (sweet, not salty) ocean air. It smells almost juicy with its freshness and warmth. I could wear it all day if I could find more of an imp of this 'batch.' The super leathery batches are the bane of my existence. It seems that everytime I try to get backup imps, I get one of these. The leather is so strong it is bitter, dirty, almost peppery, and it burns my nose. Bleagh is the best I can say to that. So, Jolly Roger is really hit or miss for me, but when it hits, it hits so well that I'm suffering through the leathery imps for what I'm sure will be another delicious aquatic.
  10. isentropic


    I normally hate fruity scents, particularly apple, but I've been a glutton for the Ars Draconis scents ever since Dragon's milk. This was one of the most pleasant surprises I've ever had. Any 'fruitiness' is tempered by the warmth and boldness of the dragon's blood, making this is a succulent, sweet, oomphy scent that I am determined to get a bottle of. Imp: A bit too fruity, reminiscent of spiced cider Wet: Cider cider cider; very cinnamon, very apple. Dry: Dark, rich, slightly aged and musky apple peel. Perfection.
  11. isentropic

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Same here with a bottle of Aeval. I wish I'd put it away and aged it. I ended up getting rid of it because I couldn't stand how soapy it was, even when I touched the bottle I got the horrible smell on my fingers.
  12. isentropic

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Thank you! That is really interesting, and I actually DO like that different ones smell differently -- there's just the two that I've had a hard time finding duplicates of. Maybe I'll start asking about the labels and see if buying ones with the same labels makes a difference.
  13. isentropic

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    This is the part that makes me sad! I have the same problem with Jolly Roger -- sometimes its aquatic heavy (which I love) and sometimes its leather heavy (which I hate). I do love how organic the different batches are, since it means every scent is unique... but at the same time I pout that I can't find my favourite imps again!
  14. isentropic

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I hope this is in the correct location! I've been desperately trying to track down two imps of Aeval that smell the SAME to me. I was frimped one some time last year and it is the most beautiful effing thing I've ever smelled. Then I bought a bottle and it was so soapy I almost retched. I just received an imp and bam, yet it is completely different from both the first imp and the bottle. So I'm trying to do some logical analysis of why they might be different (blame the scientist in me) and I'm wondering if it is an age thing. Almost all of my imps have a tag on the end of the label that say "http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com" (including my newest Aeval imp) -- whereas my old, favourite, Aeval imp has "Perfume Oil Blend" and no URL. Veteran BPALers -- what's the difference? Are the labels random or did they switch over a certain amount of time ago? Maybe if I age my newest imp it'll smell like the other one? Help a newb, please!
  15. isentropic

    Katrina van Tassel

    Easily one of my favourite BPAL scents of all time. I love Katrina and have been trying to get a bottle since I bought this scent randomly in one of my rose sprees. This scent for me is a perfect blend of innocence, warmth, and delicate sensuality. I love rose in all forms, and it absolutely shines here, fresh and vibrant contrasted against the smooth warmth of honeyed cream. It is a breath of the garden over a young woman's skin. I can't even articulate how delighted I am every time I slather this on (and, unfortunately, it is necessary to slather as it is a subtle enough scent that to get a proper noseful I need quite a bit). I haven't used it in a while because my pathetic imp is running low, but if I ever get a bottle I am certain I will never wear much else for a few weeks :]