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  1. larsipoo


    These are the bottles/imps that I currently have! Not interested in swapping, and I'll have a wishlist up eventually (once I trim it down from, oh, EVERYTHING!). LE BOTTLES Berry Moon Hellhound on my Trail June Gloom 2009 Lilith & the Jarocho Smoky Moon 2009 Stardust 06 DECANTS -- LE/UNIMPABLES 13 (2/13/09) 13 (2006) Bilquis Egg Nog 2007 Huesos de Santo Monster Bait: Bigger Critter Pumpkin Patch 5 (2007) Sticky Pillowcase GC BOTTLES Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener GC IMPS Amsterdam Antony Bayou Black Cat Bon Vivant Brisingamen Burial Dragon's Claw Eat Me Hell's Belle Lear Lilith Lust Magdalene Queen of Hearts Snake Oil Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener Swank The Bow & Crown of Conquest The Deep Ones The High Priest Not To Be Described The Scales of Deprivation Ulalume Viola Whitechapel Wilde PURCHASES IN PROGRESS Raven Moon 2009, Cake Smash, Pa-Pow [bPAL; ordered 10/02/09]
  2. larsipoo

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    paperrose -- those all sound like great suggestions! thanks so much! really liking the idea of Lust. ... bwahaha.
  3. larsipoo

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    I'm not a bride-to-be, but one of my best friends is! I was at work today thinking... "gosh, I should really try to find something to wear specifically for the wedding, shouldn't I?" Of course, I'd love to use it for other occasions, but I really like the idea of finding something with the wedding in mind, especially since I'm a bridesmaid! And since I'm new to BPAL and am not as good at figuring out what would work well in different situations, I thought I'd come as you all. The wedding is September 12, and it will be outdoors at a fabulous state park here in Wisconsin. Weather could either be hot & humid or cold & rainy -- there's just no telling in the middle of September. The guys are going to be in kilts (or so the groom said last I talked to him), and us bridesmaids have brown dresses. It'll be very very outdoorsy: the idea right now is to have a 'picnic' sort of theme with the reception, and a lot of us are going to be camping there afterwards! I don't want to overwhelm anything with scent, so maybe something subtle? I lean towards things with sandalwood, musk, heavier scents like that, or fruity & citrusy (although I'm not sure how well citrus would work for mid-Sept) or foodie. Earthy tones? I'm sort of leaning towards something earthy, but I really like Swank so something that makes me want to party would be fun, too. Or something SEXY, since there will be single gentlemen in attendance. Basically, something that seems outdoors-y and autumn-y to you? I just need some ideas and some direction!