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  1. sophie-au

    Blueberry Cream Pie Hair Gloss

    I've never had a blueberry cream pie, so I don't know how true to life this is. Using 4-5 sprays of the well-shaken decant, I get a powerful blast of juicy, sweet blueberry pie filling... which disappears in a matter of seconds. The dry crust smells very nice, and lasts a few hours, but without much throw, and the blueberry scent doesn't return. I had to re-spritz to experience it again, and again, it only lasted seconds before vanishing. I'm not having much luck with the Pie Debate hair glosses.
  2. sophie-au

    Peach Pie Bath Oil

    This is the first of The Great Pie Debate bath oils that I've used, and I was hoping for a better experience than many of the Pie Debate hair glosses I've tried. I tried my decant of this both in the bath and as an after-bath moisturiser. In the bath, this lasts and lasts, which was a nice surprise, as the fruit notes in the Pie Debate hair glosses all vanished on me very, very quickly. There is no pie crust I can detect, just sweet, fresh peaches that have been marinating in their own juices. Used on the skin, I can detect the spices, though it becomes faint very quickly and even the peaches don't have much throw. However, it's the middle of winter here in Oz, so I expect this would do better when used in the warmer months of the year. I think this is my favourite of the Pie Debate, and I'm definitely going to seek out the Peach Pie hair gloss and perfume oil. I'll have to try this again at a later date.
  3. sophie-au

    Bone Orchard Atmosphere Spray

    So I've yet to actually spray this one, because I had a hard enough time even handling Bone Orchard for my decant circle. A bit of background: I can't stand mushrooms, because they smell and taste like rot and dirt in the worst possible way, and I'm not keen on gardening because of the moist, yucky side of it, (and my intense dislike of creepy crawlies.) I only wish this smelled like dry, white sandalwood and purple fruits! Instead, all I detected was rich, rotting, stomach-churning soil. Even just opening the bottle was a horrendous experience for me. I'll give it some time and try again another day, but I'll almost certainly be swapping this one away. If you can't stand the smell of soil, STAY FAR AWAY from this one! <insert vomiting smiley>
  4. I think this is the first Dead Leaves scent I've tried both from the Lab's and the Post's offerings, and if this one is typical, I'm definitely going to seek more out, I just don't know if I'll try to get more of this particular one, because there's so many I want to try. To me it smells like a Dead Leaves single note, as there is only the merest hint of any other notes. That said, this is totally not what I expected, which was a dry, brown, crunchy leaf scent. Instead, this is a very green, almost juicy fragrance. It's dead leaves only because they've just been snapped off and thus are no longer attached to the living tree. It's a vibrant, leafy green scent, and I can see how some people get a cologne vibe, because I get that also, except... I love it! Fresh, green fragrances which may come off as traditionally "masculine" are *totally* my thing. It's possible I'm getting something different than others have, due to having a decant, but I've been shaking it well before each use. (I have thick, long, dry hair, so I use 4-5 sprays each time.) This has moderate longevity (I estimate 3-6 hours,) but not much throw, so after about an hour I can only smell it if I bring my ponytail up for a sniff. In summary: Dead Leaves, White Cedar and Cinnamon Incense Smoke is a divine, leafy green cologne for your hair, and if that's to your taste, give this a try!
  5. sophie-au

    Numerikawa No Bobo-Dako Bath Oil

    When I saw the description mentioned cucumber and blue musk, and reviews made references to spas and Roman baths, I jumped at the chance to get a decant of this because I love aquatic fragrances. When this arrived, I'd forgotten it was a bath oil, and because it was mislabelled as a hair gloss, I slathered it in my hair, wondering why it felt heavier than the previous glosses. Oops. So when the scent disappeared quickly, I just figured it was because I was using it wrong. Then I tried using it as a body moisturiser on dry skin, and again, it faded very quickly. After that, I tried using it in the bath, and it definitely needs the heat to intensify the release of the scent. Sadly, i got mostly sweet almond and blackcurrant and a hint of something else. I tried pouring more in the bath, but no joy. Finally, I slathered it on post-bath to see how it went, but it was still primarily sweet almond with a hint of blackcurrant. Again, it faded quickly, though using it during and after the bath meant the longevity was a little better, but not by much. I really tried with this one (and each time shook the decant really well) as I really wanted to experience the spring-like, watery scent the other reviewers got, but no such luck.
  6. sophie-au

    Marshmallow Cookie Pie Hair Gloss

    I've never had a marshmallow cookie pie, so I don't know how true to scent this is. Despite the presence of chocolate and marshmallow, the coffee note in here dominates them, and I don't detect the marshmallow at all. My decant ends up smelling more like coffee and chocolate chip cookie pie base. This lasted several hours. The throw alternated between moderate and faint. Every so often I would think this had faded, then I'd catch another whiff of this. It's pleasant, but I think the coffee note prevents this from being the spectacular foody scent I was hoping for. I prefer Banana Cream Pie HG to this.
  7. sophie-au

    Banana Cream Pie Hair Gloss

    I've never had a banana cream pie, so I don't know how true to scent this is. Nevertheless, it starts off with a delicious blast of sweet, almost caramelised, banana, though sadly, that note only lasts a minute. After that the cream comes in and soon gives way to the foody, sweet, golden crust. This lasts several hours, though the throw is only strong for the first few minutes. After that it gives off moderate sillage. Despite the banana disappearing so quickly, I love this, and it's my favourite of the The Great Pie Debate Hair Glosses, so far.
  8. sophie-au

    Exhibit Hall Fatigue

    As other reviewers have stated, Exhibit Hall Fatigue is a working or an aromatherapy type oil rather than a perfume one. It's very invigorating, and I often swipe this on my wrists, neck and the soles of my feet when I'm tired and need to stay awake. I do wish it lasted longer, but citrus tends to be very fleeting. I'd initially bought this from etsy as it's full of citrus notes that I love. Sadly, the peppermint drowns them out. But I still love its effects and would buy more if I could.
  9. sophie-au


    Like Mattie, I bought this to use for anointing my Absolution conjure bag. I wish I had bought this years ago! It's a lavender-dominant scent and the variety of lavender used is light, soothing and calming, rather than heavy and soporific, (though this could well be used as a sleep blend if one is tightly wound up and can't sleep.) There are some medicinal herbs underneath, possibly chamomile? Definitely something camphorated, but that could well be the lavender. I'm definitely going to enjoy working with Peace.
  10. sophie-au

    Key Lime Pie Hair Gloss

    I only have a decant, and despite shaking it thoroughly prior to use, every time I try this, all I get is the smell of dry pie crust. Nothing else. Even with slathering this on, I don't get any lime, and the whole scent fades very fast when other hair glosses last hours on me. So disappointed as I was really looking forward to the limey lusciousness everyone else gets.
  11. sophie-au

    Rose Petals and Champa Hair Gloss

    I'm glad I've only got a decant of this. For me, this is almost a single note, old-fashioned rose scent, as everything else stays in the background and somehow intensifies the rose. The rose is heavy, rich and thick, and reminds me of Turkish Delight minus the chocolate coating, (and I'm not a fan of TD.) It has moderate throw and lasts for almost 12 hours. (I have long, dry hair and dry skin, so I use 4 or 5 squirts of the hair glosses.) I'm not sure I'll be keeping this as it's not really me.
  12. sophie-au

    What Scent Is This?

    I received a decant of a mystery oil sunqist received when she ran a BPTP decant circle in 2016. It's called Karen's Mystery Oil. http://www.bpal.org/topic/88042-pie-its-sunqists-pie-decant-circle-shipped-16/?p=2592654 Anyone know anything about it?
  13. sophie-au

    Peach Nectar and Vanilla Orchid Hair Gloss

    I have a decant of this I acquired secondhand. It's a rather sweet and syrupy, peachy floral, and sadly i couldn't detect the hay. I don't get any vanilla from this either, not that I've ever smelt a vanilla orchid. Like Phox's experience, I think the dried rose is giving me the impression of canned peaches, instead of fresh, juicy ones, and it does become a bit cloying. I found this hair gloss to have incredible staying power and decent throw. I can easily detect the scent even without smelling my hair directly, and it lasted more than 24 hours before it faded away. I won't seek out more of this, but I'll probably hang onto my decant.
  14. sophie-au


    I first used STFU about ten years ago, when I was being bullied at work by someone who felt threatened by me and was determined to drive me out. In a different state, away from family and friends for support, I was miserable and heavily used Anthelion to help me get through it. I don't remember what I did as my ritual as it was so long ago, but I do remember anointing the chair and keyboard of the person bullying me, and to a lesser extent my colleagues to get them to stop being so negative towards me. It worked, though it took some time. The bully was being "performance managed" out of his job and took a job somewhere else. I found out he later regretted leaving and asked to rejoin our organisation and the management, not surprisingly, refused. Ten years on he is divorced (again), doesn't see his kids much and has had a relatively poor career trajectory, whereas my bosses have always been sad to see me go and I'm happily married with two kids. STFU helped to keep a lid on his mouth and to stop attacking me directly and my colleagues refrained from joining in his BS. I had a much better relationship with them after he left. And rather than quitting in despair, I left on good terms at a time of my choosing to move interstate with my husband. IIRC, STFU has a cool, almost citrus scent to it, though I'd need to dig out my decant and retest it to be sure.
  15. sophie-au


    If I could only choose one TAL for the rest of my life, it would be Anthelion. I would even forgo all my BPAL with the exception of Whitechapel if I had to (though I’m glad I don’t.) Anthelion is just that special. Anthelion has helped get me through some dark days and tough times and makes me feel like the universe has just given me a big, comforting hug to try and soothe me of my worries. I often use this before going to sleep. I was going through a period where I was being bullied at work on a daily basis by someone who felt threatened by me and was determined that they would drive me out. Not a good way to start a new job, especially when you’ve moved away from your family and friends. I used Anthelion daily to anoint myself and an amethyst crystal I kept in my pocket as a talisman. As the situation got more severe, I used it on a conjure bag I wore when at work. I ended up using STFU in a ritual on the bully’s keyboard and chair, and kept myself grounded, determined not to be driven out of my job, even when in the depths of despair. (Unknown to me, the management were on a path to “performance managing” the bully out of his job, but I didn’t find this out until much later.) Anthelion gave me the strength to hang in there, even when I was so distressed and wanted to quit. It gave me hope and support, which I sorely needed. (I finally did leave the job, but on a good note and on my terms, as my husband and I were moving interstate.) On top of all that, Anthelion smells amazing! The only things I can pick out are lavender and possibly clove. Like cinnamonmel noted, I am also reminded of Dove’s Heart (which I used for similar soothing purposes before I acquired Anthelion) but where Dove’s Heart is a soft white floral, Anthelion is creamy lavender and spice, with something that contains a bit of menthol. If White Light didn’t do it for you, or even if it does, get some. Seriously. Do yourself a favour: run, don’t walk to get yourself some Anthelion. Thank you so much Beth for creating it and putting it out there to share with us. (edited for typo)