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  1. friendthegirl


    I really, really wanted to like this one, but at first sniff, it smells like some sickly sweet candy to me, though I can't put my finger on it. I think anything with fruit I really need to stay away from. I do get some hints of cherry, though I wish the amaretto would come through more. Maybe that is actually what black currants smell like, but I've never smelled them so I can't be sure. Fruity and sweet scents just don't work out for me!
  2. friendthegirl

    White Rabbit

    When I first put this one, I got a little jolt of spice, but it quickly calmed down and became a sweeter and softer scent, almost floral like. Now, on subsequent sniffings, I can smell the tea and really, all I can smell is the tea. There is no more spice or sweetness to the blend. Just tea.
  3. friendthegirl

    Mi-Go Brain Canister

    In the bottle: light tropical and fruity scent. On my skin: A jumble of fruit, for some reason, I feel like I can slightly smell pear, but I'm not even sure if that's in the blend. It isn't as juicy as other fruit blends and looking at the list of what's in it, I would contribute that to the musk which mellows out the fruit. Even though it has pomegranate in it, it's not overwhelmingly juicy. I think this is a fruity scent that I could wear.
  4. friendthegirl

    Silk Road

    I get a very faint spicy scent that is similar to Old Morocco, but not quite as strong. It's also a bit powdery and I don't know if I like it as much as Old Morocco.
  5. friendthegirl


    Right away, I get a mint smell from this. When I sniff it directly on my skin, it's not overwhelmingly minty, but it does seem to have an "after scent" where I can smell the mint much more strongly. It seems to be mellowed out by something else, which isn't why I get the strong mint smell like I do with Pain.
  6. friendthegirl

    Leanan Sidhe

    I get a slightly aquatic note from this, though it's not so overwhelming that it's turning me off. It's slightly sweet and has a bit of floral though I can't detect any particular notes. It is a bit too perfumey for me.
  7. friendthegirl

    Gingerbread Poppet

    I get the ginger smell very strongly, but also lurking in the background is a doughy smell, whichs really makes it smell like gingerbread. It's a very warm and comforting smell and not too foody at all. It does make me want to bake cookies, though.
  8. friendthegirl

    The Hanging Gardens

    This smells very juicy and sweet on me. It actually reminds me greatly of Persephone and I think that might be the Pomegranate, though the oil is blended so well that I can't really pick out any individual notes. I thought I wasn't going to like it at first, I'm not a juicy sweet kind of girl, but when it's faded a bit, it's not so overwhelmingly juicy.
  9. friendthegirl


    I hadn't looked at the notes when I first applied this, but I was getting a hint of mint. I also detect a bit of orange, but it's mostly mint, with something that is a little herby. It's an interesting scent, which is why I'm sad that it's gone.
  10. friendthegirl


    Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the Father of Masochism and sexual surrender, had planned on writing six volumes of erotic literature entitled The Heritage of Cain. Only the first two volumes were completed, the more famous of the two being the notorious Venus in Furs. This novel tells the tale of a man, Severin, that enters into a relationship of slavery and increasingly debauched degradation with his mistress, Wanda. Dry black teas, Earl Gray, and leather. This smells exactly like a glass of iced tea with the addition of a little lemon and a bit of sugar to add a sweet edge.
  11. friendthegirl

    Lady MacBeth

    All I can really smell with Lady Macbeth is strawberry flavored bubble gum. The other notes don't seem to come out or they are barely there. I'm hoping that it will morph a bit and smell a little deeper soon.
  12. friendthegirl


    After reading all of the reviews here, I was afraid Alice was going to be way too sweet for me. In fact, I don't find it to be overwhelmingly sweet at all, at least, not in the way that Dana O'Shee was for me. The prominent note is the rose, but it's softened by a creamy smell which I'm guessing is the milk and there is a hint of the carnation in the background. I can't smell any of the honey, which is probably good in this case, since I think that would make it too sweet.
  13. friendthegirl

    Frost Moon

    The chill, crystal-bright Full Moon that is harbinger to the death of the year, and a monument to the snowy, dead months to come. A blend of traditional lunar oils frozen with winter mints, shivering eucalyptus, clear lotus, a gust of wind, and a midnight aquatic note. I finally got my bottle open and I can finally try this. The scent that I'm getting most of is mint, but it's not terribly strong the way envy was. I think I also smell eucalyptus in the background. This has the same "winter flower" smell that I pick up in Ice Queen and Snow White. I'm still waiting for the drydown period for this, but with the mint and the light floral smell that I'm picking up, it feels very cool. So far, I like this, mostly because the mint isn't overpowering.
  14. friendthegirl

    Ice Queen

    A majestic blend of precious pale musks, brittle winter blossoms, spruce, and frozen winter fruits. I tried this one first out of my Yule LEs. I can smell the fruits, but Ice Queen isn't sweet at all. They just add a nice background. I think my nose can also detect the musk, which blends nicely with the fruit to create a chilly fragrance. My nose isn't highly developed, I guess you could say, so that's all I can really smell.
  15. friendthegirl


    This is the perfect honey note that I've been looking for. Most of Beth's honey blends that I've tried have been too sweet. The single note, however, smells like dark golden honey. It has an underlying sweetness, but it's not overwhelming.