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  1. Nox Eterna

    The Miskatonic Valley Yuletide Faire Atmosphere Spray

    OH yikes, I had such high hopes for this one....alas it has been banned from my house . I gave it to my sister who likes sweet foodie things.....it has also been banned from her house :eek: I kind of get a melted brown sugar smell...sprayed it three days ago and it is still lingering. So sad no love at the Yuletide Faire
  2. Nox Eterna

    L'Autunno Atmospheric Spray

    In the bottle this smells just like last year's October oil, (Which I LOVE in the bottle but does funky stuff on my skin) I sprayed my pillows with it about 3 days ago and every time I walk in the room the loveliness is still wafting around the room. Love this stuff and know what I'll be doing with that bottle of October.
  3. Nox Eterna

    L'Autunno Bath Oil

    OMG! I haven't taken a bath in this yet either, but I rubbed some on my arm and.... You know how the pavement smells after it rains? This is IT . Like walking on a damp sidewalk through a neighborhood where someone is having a fire in the fireplace and another house in the far distance is baking something delicious. Beth, this is absolutely AMAZING!
  4. Nox Eterna

    Long Night Moon

    LONG NIGHT MOON: On me this is a perfect cross between Stardust and Kindly Moon, which happen to be two of my favorites. I am so glad I bought 2 bottles.
  5. Nox Eterna

    Baobhan Sith

    That is why I HAD to have Baobhan Sith. We had the same tree in my front yard when I was small and I did the same thing. Magpiedee is spot on, this takes me right back to that house when I was 5 years old playing under that tree. I love this scent and amd SO glad it is back.
  6. Nox Eterna


    Shango In the imp: Banana Wet on: still banana with coconut coming out a little bubble-gummy Dry on: A giant fruit salad sprinkled with chili powder like they sell at flea markets, and a bit of muskiness. Over all: This IS what Summer smells like for me, fruity,warm and tropical. And it layers fabulously with Designer Skin's "Worship Me" suntan lotion. Off to order a big bottle.
  7. Nox Eterna


    This is the resurrected Saturn Let me start off by saying..... Saturn One of my ruling planets so I HAD to get it. In the bottle woody/smokey/earthy Imagine Satyrs and Nymphs dancing around the fire deep in the forest. Wet on my skin pretty much the same, then it morphs into the most glorious sweet, earthy, vanilla musk Already got a compliment from the male house mate. Is there really civet in this? If there is, then I have two civet loves...Saturn and Morella. All I know for sure is I NEED to find another bottle of this
  8. Nox Eterna


    Me too, mostly clove with a smokey undertone.
  9. Nox Eterna


    I had such high hopes....... In the imp....Chapstick, you know the original one in the black tube? Wet on: Still kinda Chap-sticky with a weird spicy undertone OK now I know the weird spicy undertone, it's, it's.....CURRY CHICKEN????? OH hell no! Soap and water my kingdom for soap and water!
  10. Nox Eterna


    I bought Morella based on andrabell's review so here goes...... In the bottle: Very green and herbal Wet on: citronella candles? Oh no.... Dry on: OK... HERE'S what she was talking about...soft and fresh very clean smelling, what I hoped it would smell like. Don't let the civet freak you out, this is lovely!
  11. Nox Eterna


    From the vial, to wet on, to dry on my skin this never changes. It seems to have strong throw, and be very sweet on me. On my skin it smells exactly like an Easter Lily. OK, but not really me.Glad I got to try it.
  12. Nox Eterna

    Red Phoenix

    The only review I can give Red Phoenix is one word..... PERFECT
  13. Nox Eterna

    Snow White

    In the bottle: Something green, just cut,like herbs or grasses. On wet: Calvin Klein's Obsession Dry: Still Obsession This never changes once it hits my skin. Not bad at all, just not me. I think I'll let my sister try this one. **EDIT** And now for something completley different.... I tried this again and have been wearing it for the past three days OK FINE!, I am even seriously thinking I should get another bottle. Calvin is no longer around. I obviously was suffering from temporary insanity before. Good thing I never handed it of to my sister.
  14. Nox Eterna


    In the bottle I can't really pick anything specific out. I can bearly smell anything. Once it hits my skin it slowly starts to develope into a soft spicey floral,this is very nice. I really like Beatrice and will wear her often.
  15. Nox Eterna


    I love this! I have been hoarding my imp for so long that I HAD to get a bottle First on it is very apricoty Then it blends into a fabulous scent of the apricot, musk, and orange blossom. None really stand out as overpowering above the others. I guess the best compliment was my Mother who said, " What are you wearing?THAT ONE smells like you" I put it on at 9 this morning and over eight hours later it's still going strong