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    I'm fanatical about my love for LOST, but also love BSG, Dexter, Doctor Who (both new and old), Pushing Daisies, Family Guy and Chuck. <br /><br />When it comes to reading I have read everything Stephen King has put out and love a good horror novel. I also enjoy Ray Bradbury, Jules Vern, H.G. Wells, and anything that can keep my interest past 100 pages. <br /><br />I love ceramics and have started to do my own mugs and bowls using both slab and the wheel (though Im not very good at the wheel yet heh) <br /><br />I'm also a huge tea fanatic!
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    I'm a Virgo though I lack one of the key virgo personality traits in that, I am a very messy person, not dirty like food everywhere, but messy in like everything I own is all around the house. I am very much the critic and have learned to embrace that side of me, as well as practical, responsiblie and a little of a perfectionist. Though I do agree that I am very much an earth sign
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  1. Kabooki

    White Chocolate and Strawberry

    This is such an amazing scent that I am constantly blown away whenever I get a whiff of it. Its like the best richest White Chocolate out there, on the ripest, freshest strawberry. SOOO true to what they say it is its unbelievable. NEED MORE!
  2. Kabooki

    Huesos De Santo

    In the imp this is pure cake. I mean I was seriously swooning over this in the imp On my skin its less cakey and more orange, with a hint of spice? My hubby seemed to like it more then I did at first, but it seemed to morph even HOURS after I put it on into something nice and light and cakey and sweet. the jury is still out on if I need a bottle of this but I LOVE the unonmesmell of it
  3. Kabooki

    Fearful Pleasure

    This is like a rich apple cider on me. I called my mom who isn't even into perfumes to tell her how wonderful I thought this was and how I wanted to get it for her for her birthday. This is the most perfect autumn/holiday scent ever My only complaint that it seems to fade really fast on me, but I am going to give it another go before I see if thats a deal breaker (from one bottle to two ;D)
  4. Kabooki


    This smells like a bowl of peaches and cream on a warm summer day. This is a nice girlie scent, and I think would be something perfect to wear during the spring as the blossoms are starting to come out In short this is a very happy scent for me
  5. Kabooki


    There isn't much I can say about this one. It starts off wine and honey and over the next hour does nothing but fades I can still get light whiffs of it when I really put my wirst up to my nose, but this really isn't something that made me go "yippie"
  6. Kabooki


    This is one that doesn't change at all on me, it starts off as a nice clean Rose WAter and thats how it stays, and let me tell you when I say this stays, this STAYS its been nice a strong all afternoon long. Such a pretty scent
  7. Kabooki

    Hellhound on My Trail

    WHOA Howdy on the booze when I first put it on, as it dries down it turns into a spiced boozey floral mix and honestly it doesn't change much from this. I'm not to sure how I feel about this so far, I like it okay, but is it something I can see myself wearing again in the future? I have a feeling it will end up in my swaps before the end of next week :/
  8. Kabooki


    I need to come to terms with the fact that aquatics=soap on me. Not that this is a bad smelling soap but soap none the less. Its a refreshing citrus soap that I think would work great as a body wash (or a bath oil!) but as for a daily wear, its just not me
  9. Kabooki

    Sticky Pillowcase

    oh my GOD is this scent some kind of wonderful?! Its Candy Strawberries, mixed with Candy Corn and just wonderful sugar overload that brings back all the memories of dumping the pillowcase full of candy on the ground and gorging myself into a candy coma! I am so going to need another bottle before this one is gone forever
  10. Kabooki

    The Ghost

    The ghost is the perfect name for this scent. It went on so light that I could only get a small whiff of it and then disappeared so soon that I wasn’t sure if it was ever there at all ;D
  11. Kabooki


    I tend to amp florals like whoa, and Desdemona is no different. On me its like a spicy water flower that has some amazing throw (which I do like!). It never really morphed on me, and honestly I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, that was until my husband told me he really liked the scent on me . This is a very nice scent and one that I am sure works well on other people, but for me, my single imp is all I need
  12. Kabooki


    I really wish this had more throw to it, I am "one of those people" who like to really smell up the place with my perfumes ;D so that is really my big complaint about it. Other then that though, realy this reminds me of a not so honey, more manly Hay Moon.
  13. Kabooki

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    Sassafras, vanilla extract, oak leaf, CO2 butter extract, and onycha. It smells like plastic rootbeer and vanilla (and there is something in here that is seriously making me cringe) I had wild dreams about smelling like a rootbeer float (one of my most favorite things in this world), but right now this just isn't my thing. Breaks my heart it does
  14. Kabooki


    This smells a lot like the drydown of the snakes I have tried from the snake pit (which since they have all smelled the same I have begun to assume is snake oil ;D), just not as sweet if you will, and looking back I see others have gotten that same feeling, I feel like I would like this more if it was a little stronger, maybe since the imp I am trying is rather aged that might be the case. this just isn't a me scent
  15. Kabooki


    It smells like flowers and perfume. Maybe a little green as well, but for the most part it reminds me of my husbands generic bath stuff. I kinda liked it at first, but as it has worn down on me its becoming more and more...not me. Though I will give it this, it has amazing throw and lasting power! I can see this being a good scent on someone that this agrees with