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    Notes I like: cream, vanilla, honey, jasmine, tonka, lily, lots of others! Love's Philosophy, Tiger Lily, Perversion, Smut, Khajuraho, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, MB Closet, Eat Me, Drink Me, Wolf's HeartBoomslang, Snake Oil, Hunger, Peitho, Snow White.

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    Roller derby, traveling, languages, books, pottery, knitting, wine, music, sports, animal rights and the environment.
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  1. Saya


    This was one of those blends that didn't really sound too appealing at first. After giving it a few tries, I love this. It's soft, sweet, somehow creamy with just the perfect amount of olive blossom and amber. This bottle is a keeper.
  2. Saya

    Mr. Qubit

    This is definitely a metal/ozone scent but it doesn't go sharp as most metals do on my skin. Very masculine, smells like an aftershave, starts off with medium throw and then fades within a few hours. Interesting, but not something I'd wear. Pass.
  3. Saya

    Det. Patrick Gleason

    I love, love, love this in the wet stage. Once it dries the sweeter elements of the blend die down and it becomes more masculine. The leather in this scent is quite good and I'm not getting any gun shot residue. I typically don't go for masculine blends, but I like this one. I think I'll keep the imp.
  4. Saya

    The Curator

    Resins, almost completely resins. It's got a spicy note to it, makes it more complex and totally sexy. I thought I'd hate this one because anything with 'dust' in it tends to turn on me, but this is really nice. I don't think I'll get a bottle but I'll definitely keep the imp.
  5. Saya


    This is a very bright, pretty floral scent. I'm not getting any vetiver which is good. Lots of throw and very long lasting. I like the scent quite a bit, but I don't think I'll end up getting a bottle.
  6. Saya

    Bette Noir

    Given the description I thought I'd love this blend, unfortunately it just isn't working for me. Starts off really strong, it's one of those in your face scents that would be pretty if it wasn't so overwhelming. After a couple of minutes something makes this blend turn for me. I'm not quite sure what not it is (right now I suspect the 'smoky' part of the amber), but this just isn't as wonderful as I would have hoped.
  7. Saya


    This is mostly leather, eucalyptus, and mint. Starts off very strong, almost like a punch to the nose but fades quickly into a more manageable scent. Pretty masculine on my skin I'm not getting any lime at all which is what I was hoping for. I'll pass this imp along.
  8. Saya

    Bat of Health

    This starts off incredibly sharp and medicinal. It's pretty bitter and I'm not able to pick up the sassafras or fig notes. A couple of hours later the medicinal smell wears down and I'm left with something sweet. The bitter notes are still lurking in the background, but overall it isn't bad. Since I don't want to wait a couple of hours to get to the good smelling portion of this blend, I'll be passing this imp along.
  9. Saya


    When first applied this is heavy on the lilac, but that's fine by me I love lilacs. It's a true, fresh lilac that is pretty nice. After an hour or so the lilac disappears and it becomes a generic floral blend with a touch of greenery. Pass.
  10. Saya


    Spicy, smokey, dark and thick. This is a heavy blend that is too much for my nose. I'll be passing this imp along.
  11. Saya

    Eau de Ghoul

    The clove, leather and dirt are the main elements in this blend to my nose. Surprisingly the dirt note isn't completely taking over like it usually does. There's a bit of spice here almost giving it the scent of a dirty aftershave, quite masculine. Interesting, but not my thing, I'll pass.
  12. Saya

    La Vague

    I'm not a big peach fan, but I thought I'd try this blend anyway. The peach is on the lighter side and well balanced with the florals, the cream smooths everything out and adds just enough to keep the blend interesting. If I was ever going to wear a peach perfume it would be this one.
  13. Saya

    The Ghost

    A really soft, delicate floral blend. It doesn't have a ton of throw or last very long. I'll pass on this blend.
  14. Saya


    Fairly generic floral blend. It's soft and pretty, but not amazing. I'll pass this imp along.
  15. Saya


    I really like this scent. It starts off lemon with a touch a sandalwood, very fresh and very clean. After a bit a hint of vanilla starts to give the blend a little bit of depth. It's definitely something I'd wear during the summer time. I'll be keeping the imp and will spring for a bottle once it's empty.