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  1. RockstarGirl

    Queen Alice

    Found this when I went spelunking in my BPAL box, and since I've recently discovered my skin chemistry is having a torrid love affair with amber notes, I decided to give it a try. Wet: Floral, fruity, sweet, and spicy. Drydown: Warm, still a little spicy (carnation is lovely on me), still fruity (the wine?). Not as floral as it was wet, which is okay with me - too much floral tends to go powdery on me. Not sure I can pick out anything that would be the treacle, and at this point the amber isn't as strong as it is in other blends with amber (Machu Picchu is ridiculously amber on me, and I amp the amber in Elf as well). Although, I suspect that in a few hours, the only note left on my skin will be amber. Verdict: I like it... I like it a lot. I will almost definitely be investing in a bottle of this. (It gets bonus points because I am slightly obsessed with any and all things Alice in Wonderland.)
  2. RockstarGirl


    Shimmering celestial musk with vanilla, white honey, acacia, and sugar cane. Wet, I immediately got "sweet" and "floral. Dry, I got more of the musk, and something sweet (which could be either the sugar cane or the honey) - the problem is, it tried really hard to go baby powder on me. I actually quite like this one, provided it doesn't turn to pure baby powder, and I've found that it's perfect to lessen the masculinity of Ranger enough that it's something that I feel comfortable wearing. They're beautiful together.
  3. RockstarGirl


    Wet, it was very much pine - not in a pine-sol way, but more in a fresh-cut pine tree way. Not unpleasant at all, really. Dry, I got a very low-key leathery smell, which I assume is the buckskin, along with a tiny bit of that pine sticking around, and very very woody. It smells a little too masculine to be something that I wear regularly or buy a bottle of, but I think it would be great inspiration if I were writing a Ranger-esque character, or if I needed to get into character for a DND session. That being said, as an atmo or a candle, I would buy a dozen. (However, layering it with Good has turned it into something I would wear - frequently. I'm thinking Elf's amber notes might make this even more perfect.)
  4. RockstarGirl


    When it was wet, the only thing I got was "Vick's Vapo-Rub." However, I've learned not to judge a scent before its drydown. Once Elf was dry, I smelled woodsy-leafy-foresty with a slight fruity note (the wild berry, I'm guessing.) A couple of hours in, I smelled slightly fruity amber, which eventually became pure amber. Which I am perfectly happy with, as my skin loves amber, and amber loves my skin, as it will last for hours on me - which is impressive because my skin eats lots of scents.
  5. RockstarGirl


    In the bottle: Green, cool, and wet. On my skin (wet): Sharp and green, with a slight bitter note (possibly the incense) - not really digging the bitter note, hoping it fades. Not getting the orange or plumeria at all (and I LOVE plumeria. Boo.) On my skin (dry): The sharp notes are gone, and it's morphed from cool to warm. The bitter note has mellowed out, and there's something sweet now. I'm still not getting the orange or plumeria. Verdict: On me, this one smells a little too masculine. I like it, but I don't love it and I wouldn't wear it.
  6. RockstarGirl

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    Decided to give this one another shot before I put it on eBay. In the bottle: Definitely pumpkin. A little vanilla. Something spicy (probably the ginger) and a slight fruity tang (lemon and blood orange) On my skin (wet): All pumpkin and creamy vanilla, the other notes sort of get lost. On my skin (dry): Still a lot of vanilla going on, with a little spice. The pumpkin's almost totally gone, and something has gone powdery - neroli, probably. A lot of notes derived from botanicals tend to go powdery on me (rose is the absolute worst, which sucks cause I love rose. It just doesn't love me.) Verdict: While I love the scent in the bottle, I'm not going to wear it - Spicy vanilla powder isn't something I particularly want to smell like. I'd love it to pieces in a warmer or a scented candle, but it's not a wearable.
  7. RockstarGirl

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thank you both so much!
  8. RockstarGirl

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Which year my Pumpkin V is from. I'm cleaning out my stash and wanted to list it on eBay, but I can't remember what year it's from and it doesn't say on the label! It's this label, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I don't want to list it as the wrong year. Thanks so much in advance.
  9. RockstarGirl


    I had really high hopes for this one, but within just a few minutes of putting it on my wrists, I had an absolutely screaming headache. Some scents do that to me, and I don't know if it's the Vanilla Orchid or the Ginger Flower that's doing it. So I don't know what this one was like on drydown, because I had to scrub the stuff off within five minutes of putting it on. Poo.
  10. RockstarGirl

    All Night Long

    I got this as a frimp with my last lab order. In the bottle: CINNAMON! Woohoo! I LOVE cinnamon like whoa. On, Wet: Still very very cinnamon, with a bottom note I can't identify. On, Dry: Found that bottom note. Cedar. Cinnamon + cedar? Iiiiiinteresting... About an hour later: Much less cinnamon, still cedary. After a few hours, it goes just a wee bit powdery, but not overwhelmingly so. A couple of my friends tested this one with me (All cleanly, of course...I keep a handful of beheaded q-tips in my BPAL box) and on Ty it was cinnamon with a citrusy undertone, and on Kelly it was a thick, sweet, creamy cinnamon. (Kelly couldn't stop sniffing herself...after every sentence she said she had her wrist at her nose again. Ty was the same way, but he wasn't quite as bad as her.) Both of them now want me to order them each a bottle of this one. Enabling is a beautiful thing
  11. RockstarGirl

    Rangoon Riptide

    Whee! I got my order with this in it finally...my imp pack got tossed to the side (for now...there's an imp of Shattered in there that I'm dying to try) in favor of this one. The description screamed "Buy me!" when I read it the first time. So I listened. Thankfully! I LOVE it. In the bottle: Very rummy pineapple. A drunken pineapple, if you will. And thickly sweet...I guess that's the rum. On, wet: Loses some of the thick sweetness and goes very tropical fruity. I smell like...something...familiar...oh what IS it...Oh!! Hunch Punch! (tasty stuff, one glass will have you drunk as hell, at least the way I make it...PGA is a beautiful thing ) On, dry: It's still got some of that Hunch-Punchiness, but that thick sweetness is starting to come back. Not bad at all. I can't stop sniffing myself. About an hour later: Mostly that thick sweet smell now, but it's mellowed into something less heavy and more light and creamy sweet, almost vanilla. I just love the way these scents morph once you put them on!
  12. RockstarGirl

    Virgo 2007

    I found a bottle of this through an ISO post...I'm a double Virgo, so I HAD to try it. In the bottle, it smells like some awapuhi incense I had once. Which is a good thing, because I loved that incense. When I put it on, it turns a little more incense-y, but not unpleasantly so. My skin loves this stuff, and one of my friends smelled it and said it just smelled like me. I'm SO glad I found a bottle...I may have to look for another one...
  13. RockstarGirl


    I can't pick out any specific notes on this one, but it smells so fresh and so clean and just so amazing. What's even more amazing than that is this scent hardly changes on my skin. It smells almost just like it does in the bottle. I *adore* Dirty. I'm now the proud owner of a 5mL!
  14. RockstarGirl


    I got a decant of Spooky a long time ago...I really don't even remember where. But I LOOOVE it. I haven't worn it in a while, but here's what I thought of it. In the imp: Very minty, but smooth...I can smell the cocoa and the coconut. On my skin: After this dried, I smelled like a Mounds candy bar. I *LOVE* this. I couldn't stop sniffing myself...the only downside was it made me want candy
  15. RockstarGirl


    In the bottle: Wow! Pumpkiny. I love pumpkin. On, wet: Well, not so pumpkiny now, but it's a little spicy, and...apply? On, dry: This smells like Thanksgiving to me. I can catch pumpkin pie and apple pie. I love the spices, too. Pumpkin pie is like my favorite thing EVER, and I love the smell of apple pie. This smells yummy! A little while later: Oh pooh. This is one of those that fades on me. It's got good throw, but it's not very long lasting. *Sigh* One more for the oil warmer, I suppose.