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  1. magikalbrownies

    YES -- im here and breathing

    man - it has been busy for finals then for starting massage school. exams everyday. its crazy hard -- and requires much more from me than i'd expected. i feel runover by a dump truck. wah! i will leave feedback for everyone in my decant circle asap. apologies for the delay, life has taken over and made me lose my damn sight of everything. -tear <3 fern
  2. magikalbrownies

    my birthday!

    well -- birthday! i won an auction for gluk for like a bargain of 10 bucks. couldnt pass on that one. and well...today i hand with the family and grab me a few gifts. WILL BE NICE. hope your sunday's are all fantastic! i have successfully --- well, ive tried ---- to stay away from the sales forum. YAY. havent bought anything but a bottle in the past two weeks. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? <3 fern
  3. magikalbrownies


    oh geez -- it has been so busy. finally finished my decant circle and well, im proud of myself but im not sure i'll ever do it again! ha. it was work. a lot of thought putting each package together and i just...wow, i cant. so i hope everyone enjoys their packages. on another note -- my birthday is next week and i soooo want velvet panther so i will be ordering that and a few other velvets. nothing spectacular for my 32nd year of life but i guess thats how it goes right? oh you can follow me on twitter, www.twitter.com/spanish_bomb --- its seems the only way to get a hold of me anyway.
  4. magikalbrownies


    this has quickly become my favorite. its soft and yet spicey with not an overly done carnation. it does turn slightly powdery on dry down but its nothing that really impairs the scent. overall: love it.
  5. magikalbrownies

    for my sanity

    i have to jot down what ive yet to review but here's a list of pending scents i have tested that i havent put up just yet... bon vivant - good but not wearing everyday velvet nudie - um yuck velvet panther - AMAZING velvet tiger - sort of grows on you doc constantine medicine show - spray - smells yum on my pillow midnight on the midway -- smells yom yom but i havent worn it. samhainophobia - havent smelled yet anxious to smell my champagne bottle though --- im sure it smells yom yom yom anyway --- busy and ready for my decanting to be done!! still waiting on the order and im sort of ready for it anyday but i havent received the click n ship thing so im thinking any day now? gonna email to make sure. starting to get weirded out...11 days since payment or is this the norm? <3 <3 it'll come soon
  6. magikalbrownies

    my nudie wasnt not what i wanted it to be

    okay mission not spending money is going OHKAY --- sort of. i falter for maybe a bottle or two and begin again. i received my velvets and the ones i thought id like -- YUCK... nudie is sooo not on my favorites but panther is lustable...that is a definate SI SENOR! what else??? not much -- i did peruse ebay and i wondered if i should bid on underpants until i saw it went for like 100 bones...UH NO but anyway--im waiting on my other velvets to see which bottles im gonna get. <3 n lemondrops shugah!
  7. just kidding, i cant name my firstborn after you...i already have one har har. DUDE --- whoever you are...know that i need you BADLY. you can be the PB to my J if you do this for me... I WILL SEND YOU MONEY and YOU CAN BUY ME STUFF and I WILL PAY YOU EXTRA to like DO IT and like .... i'll send you a youtube of me playing air guitar and slathering it all over my arms and gnawing them off... IT"LL MAKE FINE FAMILY TIME! let me know --- oh and please have feedback on here mang...cause like -- i'll be a paranoid weirdo otherwise. <3 <3 <3 & Lemondrops Fern
  8. magikalbrownies

    birthday t-minus 2 wks

    bpal universe! im not doing well staying away from your precious... in fact, im doing disappointingly bad. hah. i tallied up a huge order and am going to conquer it for my birthday next month OH YES...may 3rd... IM BUYING ALL THE VELVETS I WANT AND NO ONE CAN SAY NADA ABOUT IT! muahahahahaha... anyway -- all is well, still keeping the wallet close to save up for that $200 order. SUE ME. unless i see a bottle of sugar slathered candied apple, glowing vulva, or black lace come up..im not spending on squat... except for khrysee, philo, & morpho.. ha. ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS ....till tomorrow <3 & lemondrops --- fern
  9. magikalbrownies

    tea---yom yom yom

    OK...got a package ready yesterday for someone buying imps and decided to wait until today to stuff some of my magic tea...YOM YOM YOM! also, am working on a swap with some of my imps --- i have too many. what else?! FUDGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE totally forgot to pay for my b-movie bottle...gotta email her. friday - new payday so i will pay her then, CALMNESS but it would be nice to sell something. i havent sold much lately and i need to rumble up some dough for a few bottles, itd be nice to have a little "discount" at least thats how i look at it when i have dough in my paypal account. ha. anyway --- work and school --- pm me if you need me.. MWAH
  10. magikalbrownies


    i got the same as the poster above me... rose and tons of chamomile. not really my thing... overall: no
  11. magikalbrownies

    Tavern of Hell

    im smelling loads of lavender and tobacco on my skin...seriously antiseptic and STINKY at the same time... ha i dont know how to explain it. overall: if i had to classify this itd fall into the incredibly odd scents...not buying it
  12. magikalbrownies


    ugh..OK i love indian food but this seriously reminds me of a plate of chicken biryani... NO..just no... dunno if its the nutmeg and myrrh mixture but this is done before it even started... overall: didnt even get to my skin...
  13. magikalbrownies

    The Queen of Hearts

    in the imp it smells like lillies with cherries on my skin---nothing but sweet with lillys and cherries. overall: love this...GONNA GET IT~
  14. magikalbrownies

    Blood Lotus

    sweet...sweet lotus..like it was drizzled with syrup. only slight hints of dragons blood but seriously this smells like air freshner..the plasticy kind. overall: it wears a long time -- and i do like it...ITS GROWING ON ME, ok? on the wishlist.
  15. magikalbrownies


    im discovering that these two blended together have to be one of my favorite smells thus far on bpal.. its deep. it has a very "old" smell to it...comforting like the occult bookstore i go to. overall: i wouldnt turn down a bottle -- putting it on the wishlist but not an immediate need.
  16. magikalbrownies

    The Blood Garden

    very sweet in the imp and its amazingly aweesssommmeee.. this reminds me of miller vs california but with a different spin. smells like cherry flavored benadryl...at least that's what my daughter says... overall: on the wishlist
  17. magikalbrownies

    Leanan Sidhe

    smelled so nice in the bottle...herby and green - sort of with florals.. now i smell like soap LOTS of dove soap.... overall: no
  18. magikalbrownies


    too much patchouli and moss for me... i smell like decaying wood with HEAPS OF DIRT... overall: no way
  19. magikalbrownies


    hello CINNAMON!! i dont smell anything else...no florals...nothing... i feel i just bought a bottle of cinnamon bark essential oil...this stuff is potent. overall: no...this is too holiday'ish for me.
  20. magikalbrownies


    smells like spearmint gum...hah like ABC gum... has a headachey aquatic where its overwhelming but the mint makes it like spearmint gum... overall: no..not putting this one anywhere.
  21. magikalbrownies


    lillies..Like a yard full of them and wood. dunno, it comes and goes...sort of fleeting scent. very feminine and definately something that i'd try to wear year round IF ITD LAST...the lillies fade out and leave wet wood in its wake. overall: probably not
  22. magikalbrownies

    Belle Époque

    slightly spicey --HEY SANDALWOOD... i think in this instance, the sandalwood sort of mellows out the overabundance of floral cause BOY can i smell the lilly. smelling the mandarin as soon as its applied and i smell slightly like bath and body works scents... overall: like it...i do ... even if its turning slightly powdery on me. on the wishlist of gc's.
  23. magikalbrownies


    i smell like irish spring..soapy and powdery when applied. this is definately for a dude. overall: no...
  24. magikalbrownies

    Jolly Roger

    im smelling some aquatics in this one...but overall the leather grounds it. and im a sucker for leather and rum scents... this one is exactly what youd think you'd be smelling on a pirate ship. very masculine. id gnaw off my boyfriend's neck if he wore this but...its slightly feminine. maybe an andro. scent...it works both ways and i definately will keep it around and not add it to the wishlist just yet but i'll wait to see if it grows on me even more. overall: mixed
  25. magikalbrownies


    honeysuckles...yummy honeysuckles on my skin with the cinnamon and myrrh on equal footing..this comes off spicey honey and awesome. this definitely is going on the wishlist. its the perfect winter scent...