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BPAL Madness!
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tea---yom yom yom

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OK...got a package ready yesterday for someone buying imps and decided to wait until today to stuff some of my magic tea...YOM YOM YOM!


also, am working on a swap with some of my imps --- i have too many. :)


what else?! FUDGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE totally forgot to pay for my b-movie bottle...gotta email her. friday - new payday so i will pay her then, CALMNESS but it would be nice to sell something. i havent sold much lately and i need to rumble up some dough for a few bottles, itd be nice to have a little "discount" at least thats how i look at it when i have dough in my paypal account. ha.


anyway --- work and school --- pm me if you need me.. MWAH

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