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BPAL Madness!
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for my sanity

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i have to jot down what ive yet to review but here's a list of pending scents i have tested that i havent put up just yet...


bon vivant - good but not wearing everyday

velvet nudie - um yuck

velvet panther - AMAZING

velvet tiger - sort of grows on you

doc constantine medicine show - spray - smells yum on my pillow

midnight on the midway -- smells yom yom but i havent worn it.

samhainophobia - havent smelled yet


anxious to smell my champagne bottle though --- im sure it smells yom yom yom


anyway --- busy and ready for my decanting to be done!! still waiting on the order and im sort of ready for it anyday but i havent received the click n ship thing so im thinking any day now? gonna email to make sure. starting to get weirded out...11 days since payment or is this the norm?



<3 <3 it'll come soon

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