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  1. Jessica

    Giant Vulva

    Sugary honey musk. This smells so good on the skin, I can't even describe it. For a bit after it is applied there is a fresh, sharp note (copal?) that is pleasant and lovely and fades after a bit of drying down. What remains is a warm, soft musk that is sweet with honey. A definite winner. Love!
  2. Jessica

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Coconut

    My first impression upon sniffing the bottle wasn't very hopeful. I didn't smell anything I expected except maybe a hint of chocolate in there ... somewhere. I decided to be brave and dabbed a little on my wrists. Wet ... it was still a sharp something or other with a taste of chocolate in the back ground. Dry down and beyond ... SWEET. Although I don't really pick up on the coconut, there is a sugary sweetness that smells like chocolate (more cocoa though) and marshmellows. It has a weak throw, but I am sure it will stay pretty close to my skin. Thus, my wrist will be plastered to my nose all day.
  3. Jessica


    I don't really get the orange blossoms, but I do pick up the amber and the vanilla. On the dry down, this is Buck Moon on me. Golden and warm with a slight bit of skin musk. Gorgeous and going into my favorites box.
  4. Jessica


    This one is all tropical sweetness. It is not aquatic at all like I thought because of the sea foam/seaweed. It reminds me of red fruit punch. It's very heavy on my skin and I'll have to remember to be a bit more frugal in my application. But it's gorgeous and fresh and tropical floral swirls. It has an excellent throw and is very long lasting.
  5. Jessica


    This one is so gorgeous. I was hesitant because of the ginger, but it is so light and just beautiful that I'm very happy with this blend. In the bottle it is a sweet vanilla with a taste of something sweet behind it. On the skin and after dry down I can smell the ginger coming through and it is light, sweet and pretty without being overbearing. I can catch a whiff every now and then, but it isn't a very strong blend and I imagine the throw is fairly weak. But that's okay, I don't mind sitting in my own little sweet smelling cloud.
  6. Jessica

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    I love this one. It smelled really bubblegum sweet in the bottle and I was a little apprehensive to apply it. But the dry down is amazing. There is still that hint of sweet candy bubblegum (which I think fits into this blend's "theme" perfectly) but moreso its a creamy spice that is gorgeous. This has a great throw without being over powering.
  7. Antique Lace is a very comforting, calming smell for me. I have a hard time reaching for anything else when I am in need of something soothing and light.
  8. Jessica

    How to make a paypal order.

    If it is tied to your checking account, when you make a purchase it will draw the money out of that count to cover the overage to your paypal balance. No need to make a manual transfer.
  9. Jessica

    Relaxing BPAL Scents

    Water of Notre Dame is a really relaxing scent. Lavender and subtle. I would love to be massaged with that oil.
  10. Jessica


    In the bottle Creepy smells warm and pumpkin-y with a faint undertone of coconut and apples. On the pumpkin sits on top at first and for awhile and on the dry down the coconut comes out. It finally settles into a nice apple which I love. A definite winner.
  11. Jessica

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    I haven't found any GC blends that really strike me with an apple scent. I will back up Creepy though, which has a beautiful apple linger on the dry down. I ordered Punkie Night as well with the hopes of smelling apple in the blend.
  12. Jessica


    In the bottle it is fresh and sweet and unique to anything I've sampled from the Lab. On the skin it keeps its sweetness, but it isn't over powering or heavy on any flowers. More like a melon but different from the melon in Fee. Overall this is a gorgeous blend and has an excellent throw and staying power.
  13. Jessica


    Dark dark vanilla with a spicy, herbal musky smell running as an undercurrent. At one time its sweet, almost sugary. It's a really heavy blend both in and out of the bottle. Fans of Snake Charmer and Smut would love this. I just can't get my wrist away from my nose.
  14. Jessica

    Top 10

    I tried adding this the other night, but I guess it was eaten by a hungry and greedy forum. My top 10 in no particular order: 1. Jack 2. Milk Moon 3. Antique Lace 4. Dorian 5. Kumiho 6. Snowblind 7. Midway 8. Miskatonic University 9. Honey Moon 10. Gluttony