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  1. judas_kiss

    Silkybat Hair Gloss

    This is a wonderful hair gloss (I'm a hair gloss/hair oil addict) that comes out clear, has great slip and does not dry out my very curly, frizzy hair. It is light, not at all greasy and absorbs well into the hair, leaving it shiny and sweetly scented. The scent itself is amazing. I adore scenting my hair and this is the perfect way to do it. Much like Goblin in the GC of BPAL, this is a sweet patch. It is also, however, a very sexy patchouli. It is, as another put it, more airy and light, but it is still grounded. Definitely not your zany hippie aunt's patchouli, this one is special and fab! I wish it was a permanent selection because I would buy it all the time.
  2. judas_kiss

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    Got this from the Lab as a frimp and boy am I stoked. This is amazing on my boys (ages 8 and 6). It's a very silly, fun-loving scent that is just all sweet, spicy and adorable on them. I adore the entire collection as it's just genius. This will be a 5 ml for the boys to share. They love it and the name cracks them up every time.
  3. judas_kiss

    Sed Non Satiata

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot believe I did not try this before. This is pretty much the same in all stages, it only varies in intensity on me. It is a gorgeous, powdery soft, musky scent that edges on the sweet without being cloying. It's sensual without being lurid and it has just the right amount of throw. I've said it before, but I think this could be my signature scent for good. Amazing.
  4. judas_kiss


    Got this for my husband, although we ALL know I HAD to try it out RIGHT when it got here. About 2 seconds on my skin, I KNEW this was HIS. It is a FILTHY as fuck patchouli. But, by "filthy"? I mean furtive, desperate groping in a dark alley behind a protest or the filth of cheap printer ink stained on your hands after writing a piece that the feds will take note of. This is dark, dirty and deep. This scent is sweetened up only SLIGHTLY by the other notes. I feel that this sweetness has a very "skin" quality...like skin that has just been rinsed off. I could see Jack Kerouac smelling like this, or perhaps Bob Dylan in his heyday. This has a sexy insurgency to it, along with a certain urgency...it's brilliant. We'll be buying another bottle this week, or maybe even two if finances allow. This is something I don't want him to run out of anytime soon. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
  5. judas_kiss

    High-Strung Daisies

    Daisy, pink carnation, pink pepper, and sugar. I bought a bottle of this for my daughter for her 11th birthday. It is her first bottle of "Real Perfume". So, this review is written from smelling from the bottle and then on her. In the bottle: Sweet, sticky, and PINK...but something green beneath. Like a young girl twirling pink cotton candy on her fingers while sitting in the grass. On, Wet: Sugar and carnations, with a pleasantly soft "grassy" note (likely the daisies). On, 2hr: The sugar has backed off a bit, and she smells like a fresh-cut carnation bouquet. Very sweet, still; but the scent gets a bit lighter. On, end of school day: Powdery carnation, with a hint of daisy and grass. This was absolutely lovely on her. She's so happy to have it, and I'm so glad I just let her at the BPAL site to pick out what she wanted as I would likely have just bought her Dana O'Shee, The White Rabbit, or Alice. This is a "youthful" scent. It's just darling and something she'll cherish (and likely horde, if she's anything like Mum).
  6. judas_kiss


    Okay, it has been a long time since I've written a review, but here goes: In the imp: sweet musky goodness. I was a bit afraid of this scent straight from the imp, as I feared it would be slightly too sweet for me in a bad way. Fresh on: sweet, powdery skin musk with just a whisper of a throw. You know, the kind of perfume you smell slightly on the wind of someone's passing. This is NOT a "crazy throw" scent that will come around the corner before you do. Also, what I like about this is that it is lightly feral. Like a feral kitten. Sweet, fuzzy and adorable, but believe me the woman who wears this has claws and WILL use them if/when necessary. Dry down: more of the same, only a bit "cleaner". The skin musk is very strong now, but it is "hazy", not piercing. I think this scent definitely has captured my favorite alignment to play (Neutral, of all varieties) because it is sweet, yet feral and totally wearable. It is the type of scent that I myself will buy a bottle of and definitely enjoy due to its simplicity. I'm not sure I would layer it as my body amps the CRUD out of some musk. I will likely wear it solo and feel simultaneously demure, yet ferocious. Rawr.
  7. I'd go with Dana O'Shee, it's very sweet, creamy, slightly green and liiiiight. I wore this when my youngest was a newborn so I did not upset his little nose. Another to consider that is very light, and clean? Water of Notre Dame. Veeery light and watery.
  8. judas_kiss

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    Gonna second/third/fourth the Sin. Very dark, spicey and smokey on me. Hubby loves darker, more sinister patch and he wore Sin a lot for that reason. Sin reminds me of a "younger" version of something like Opium. It's all the spice and earth of such a fragrance without being overwhelming. Anne Bonney was very "bright" Red Patch on me, and Snake Oil was more sweet spices and vanilla with just a hint of patch. Snake Oil was my sig scent for a while, until I got into hubby's Tezcat. I did note the patchouli did come out more as it aged, however, and it was a darker patchouli scent.
  9. Czernobog in the Excolo collection is VERY animalistic and crazy dark. Also, you might want to give Scherezade a shot. It's not dirty, rather sweet, really. But, it is not what I would call "clean". It's a womanly musk that even smells quite sexy on the boys as well. Satyr is heavily animalistic as well, as others have said so I'd recommend you pick up an imp of that as well.
  10. judas_kiss

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Thank you, beautiful! Also, hubby liked to wear Dirty, for some reason. He's a bit of a silky boy, though, so It smelled rather nice on him. Like "guy just put on clean clothes after a shower". Had the clean smell of freshy showered boy with a wee bit of a sweet smell, like sheets left out to dry in the sun. Was nice. So, while some scents are "classically" male, like the Vicompte...some might be appropriate for men even if they are not screamingly male. I also would highly suggest Snake Oil for the same reason.
  11. judas_kiss

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Things that smelled best on Hubby: Dracul (my fave), Tezcatlipoca (MINE now), Dead Man's Hand, King of Clubs, Magus, Cathedral, and sometimes Dorian (too sweet for me some days). ETA: Nero is amazingly chilly and very sexy. I cannot believe I forgot this one. Very good for the man who wants to smell expensive and be taken seriously.
  12. I wear B&BW Sensual Amber layered under O and that really works well. The honey chills out quite a bit and the Amber gets amped.
  13. judas_kiss

    Looking for a Gardenia scent

    You know, I get a lot of gardenia from Morgause. However, it is well-tempered with the berries and sweet incense.
  14. I'm going to second the Death Cap. Very dirrrty.
  15. judas_kiss

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    Is it just the patchouli that throws them off, or scents with too much throw entirely? The first scent which came to mind was Tezcatlipoca as the patchouli in that blend is very understated, but still has enough kick for the patchouli lover to enjoy. However, it does have quite a bit of cocoa-leather throw for the first hour or so...