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BPAL Madness!
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it's good to be back!

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it's really, really good to be back. i didn't do much during the downtime. oh, except deciding to buy this...




expect lots of home-related rambling and pictures over the next few weeks. hehe...

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Lynne, did you disable comments on your blog?


hehe...it would appear that i did not.



Yay on the house, by the way. I slack with the comments these days.

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Ooo! The house looks loverly!! Do you know the history of the house?


I can't help it that I've been addicted to home improvement shows since I was six. :smile:

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so far, all i know is that it was built in 1924. chicago has tons of bungalows, and they were mostly designed as obtainable single-family housing for immigrants, the middle class, etc. the city has lots of good programs related to bungalows, and one of them is for researching the history of your bungalow, so i'm definitely going to go to that lecture.

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Hi from Lycanthrope. Good to see yer blog on the forum.


You'll have to let me know what your decorating scheme is... perhaps at a future Chicago meet and sniff I'll have a little... housewarming... present for ya. Heh heh.

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