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About Me

I am a stay at home mom, working on my writing :)


My home is full of all sorts of figures - Star Trek, Warcraft, Marvel, She-Ra, Sailor Moon, Bioshock...all sorts of fun stuff. 

I'm a gamer - I'm a HUGE Blizzard fangirl, and play WoW (for the Horde!), Diablo, and Hearthstone...when the kids allow, that is! I'm also very into Bioshock, Portal, Golden Sun, all things Mario and Zelda, Quake, Myst, and the old time Sierra games (Kings/Space/Hero's Quest (yes, I know it had to be changed to 'Quest For Glory'...but I still call it Hero's Quest most of the time!). I've also been known to dive into Kingdom of Loathing now and then, though I haven't in quite a while.

I love pretty much all things rainbow, faerie, and geeky, with a smattering of goth.

I'm also an avid reader. I pretty much stick to sci-fi/fantasy, my favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Neil Gaiman.  Love the Harry Potter books, too.  I'm on a big YA kick right now, and I subscribe to Owlcrate.  I've read some AMAZING books this year, and it's really gotten me back in the habit!

My music tastes run all over, but my favorites are Voltaire, Abney Park, Solace (the belly dance group), Pentaphobe, Wardruna, Amanda Palmer (fabulous and so inspiring), Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, John Williams, Beach Boys, The Chieftains, and pretty much anything Motown.  I also love Disney music, and video game soundtracks.

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    Pirates, glitter, making art, inhaling books, making cloth monster dolls, faerie, video games in general (all time stand outs are WoW (and Diablo, and Hearthstone...okay, I'm a Blizzard fangirl), the old Sierra 'Quest' series - Hero's, King's & Space, Quake, Bioshock, Myst, all things Mario, Zelda)...to name a few ^_^
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    Rainbows & Magic


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    TKO!!, Follow Me Boy, French Vanilla, Anne Beany, Sprinklecake


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