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BPAL Madness!

Cacao, Leather, Oakmoss, and Black Oud

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Y'all. How is this blend so freakin subtle? I spot tested it for two days after receipt, and still could not believe my nose, so today it is SOTD. Try to hide your tricks now, you sneaky sneef!


This is unbelievable to me for two reasons: the leather/oakmoss combo, and of course, the black oud. The Empress and The Chariot from Liliths '21 has a kickin' leather/oak bark combo that has settled since release but is still revvingly noisy. Non Vider from this year's main batch of Lupers (review forthcoming) might still need some settling, but she has got some things to say! aaaand I guess black oud just has a bad rap. I love to smell all the wild weird ouds, but this is not one of them. Last year's Cacao/Black Leather/Incense was a no-go for me, and I almost skipped testing this one.


But! I'm so glad I didn't, and here we are. Slinky sexy and subtle. The dark, cacao-dusted leather jacket scent of my dreams. Unisex, and doesn't even really skew masc to my nose, but everyone will have their own opinion on that. I want to smell like this, and I want other people to smell like this, and we will all be the sexiest chocolates in the box, ok? Ok.

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In the imp, this is a blast of wet chocolate. No dry cacao here! Chocolate is what continues to throw with this scent; as I was driving it was just wafting up. Closer in I got an initial hit of leather, and then it dried down to an oakmoss and...something. I wasn't able to pick the leather out, and the oud was behaving nicely. It wore off more quickly than you would expect for the notes. Definitely a keeper!

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