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BPAL Madness!

Carved Wooden Railroad Station

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before i tried this one, i was afraid i might be boarding this train with a one-way ticket to maplesyrupsville.  happily, this is not at all the case.  for me there is just a note of generalized woody sweetness that doesn't speak of maple at all. i'm definitely tracking that kind of industrial machine oil smell as well, especially in the opening... which is much more pleasant than it sounds, and pretty neat really.  there's a touch of cologney-ness to it, which might be the rust, as metal notes tend to skew that way with my skin chemistry and perceptions. as it warms up, the whole thing gets nicely smoky too.  i really can catch all the notes listed. 


as it settles into my skin, it mostly gives me an impression of lightly smoky wood, with a hint of an industrial vibe.  i think it could make itself right at home in the steamworks line. 


this is not really my jam, but it was fascinating to smell and i think i'd find it quite pleasant on someone else.  like a hot-ass grease monkey who does a spot of wood carving in his spare time. 

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