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BPAL Madness!

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Powdery violet and iris against a marshy-green swamp, its background cypress boughs draped in moss.


This blend smells like images that have come up when I've searched for swamp cypress roots, with the addition of chalky, blue-purple flowers.


In dry-down, I also find a pine dry enough that it smells ready to immerse in flames at the slightest spark.


Overall, this blend is like a swamp in an off season, a driest season of the year, when the water is lowest and exposes the pale bones of the roots and any vulnerabilities.

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I get a blast of cypress and pine from this at first, but it quickly calms down and makes way for the floral notes, with a bit of moss and sandalwood behind those. I get more violet leaf with it at first, but over time, the iris becomes the dominant note, and it is sharp and perfume-y on me. There's still a bit of moss and dusty sandalwood beneath the iris, but the evergreen notes are nowhere to be found once the iris takes center stage.


This was a scent that was frimped to me, and I am glad that I got to try it and enjoyed that initial blast of cypress, but sadly, the iris had other plans for me. :( 

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