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Recommendations for simple blends

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Returning to BPAL after 13 years working/living in a scent-free environment, and I'm not sure what to order. Somewhere along the way I've developed some scent sensitivities (sinus pressure/headache), and I'm not sure what the problem notes are.


I want to shot-gun test my sensitivities. I'm looking for a couple imp packs that would help me sample a broad variety of common BPAL notes but each in a simplish blend for ease of isolating later. I am not looking for a new favourite scent - that will come later!


I am suspicious of: spicy scents, evergreens/woods, and florals. My man-friend also thinks he gets headaches from vanilla.


Rose red 2008 was fine. Red moon 2007 and Brides of Dracula were not. Samhain 2007 and 2008 give me a headache sometimes.


(Mods, I hope this is ok here and not in the allergy thread).


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Several of the imp packs the BPAL has put together are available on the site again, but you might also have luck looking for second-hand samples of duets and menages from the last couple of years.


A few simple (i.e. 2-3 listed notes) GC scents that come to mind are:

There are several GCs that are rose and like one other listed note: The Rose, Persephone, Whip, Harlot

Kumiho (ginger & white tea)

Carnal (mandarin & fig)

Darkness (Blackest opium and narcissus deepened by myrrh)

Depraved (black patchouli & apricot)

Neutral (skin musk)

Rogue (leather, hemp,  & rosin)

Shanghai (green tea, honeysuckle, & lemon verbena)


Definitely not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it's helpful.



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Great list, @a_bear! I would add:

Haunted — black musk and amber 

Penitence — frank and myrrh

Sloth — vetiver and myrrh

 Dirty — clean linen

 Squirting Cucumber

 Anne Bonny - Frank, sandalwood and patch (unless sandalwood and patch count as wood)



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Here are some ideas, I  have included items with  4 notes or less that I have personally tried.:


  • Hope and Faith: Sugared Rose & Sugared Violet respectively.
  • Constellation (bottles have to be bought through Haute Macabre, but I could send you a decant if you want to test it.): Egyptian Amber and sugar-spiked clove.
  • Owl Moon and Silky Bat (Have to be bought through Blood Milk Jewels, but again I can send samples): Honeyed Patchouli and Sugared Patchouli, respectively.
  • D'jed (Bought through Blood Milk Jewels, but I can send a sample): sandalwood, sweetgrass, white sage, sand.
  • High Strung Daisies:  Daisy, pink carnation, pink pepper, and sugar.


I have some others that aren't available on the website anymore, but could possibly help you figure out notes that are doable. Happy to send samples:


  • White Chocolate, Pink  Carnation,Coconut Cream, and Clove
  • The Air and the Ether: amber, ambergris, and lavender
  • Black Cherries, Vanilla Bean, Champaca--might help with testing vanilla?
  • Ghosts at Aldershot: Lemon Peppermint boiled sweets and Marshmallow



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